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Do Kitchen Appliance Brands Need to Match?

One of the spaces in the house where people concentrate on is the kitchen.

The kitchen is a special place in the house and it needs to be treated special.

Your kitchen style and design say a lot about the kind of person you are.

I guess that is why most people go out of their ways to bring their kitchens up to standard.

Asides tiling the floors and walls of your kitchen, installing beautifully-designed cabinets and getting lovely drapes for your kitchen windows, you can also standardize your kitchen by stocking it with the best appliances on the market.

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This is because appliances take up the largest space in the kitchen.

Hence, it is important to take note of their forms just as you are concerned about their functions.

One of the questions that pop up in the minds of many when renovating or updating their kitchen is if they should match their kitchen brands.

This question is a really dicey one and answering it depends one or two questions

How Wide Is the Brand’s Varieties?

Before you can decide to fill your kitchen with appliances with matching brands, research well if that particular brand has wide varieties of appliances.

I mean, if the brand produces all the type of appliances your kitchen might be needing in the style you desire.

It will not actually worth the stress if after purchasing one or two appliances, you discover the brand does not have the next one on your list.

Are You Ready to Forfeit Function for Brand?

Know that all brands do not offer the same functions.

Hence, it is really difficult and actually impossible to get all appliances from a brand having all the features you desire.

You cannot possibly like all of a brand’s appliances because they will all be equipped with different features.

A particular brand might produce wonderful grills and coffee makers with excellent features that you love but how sure are you that its microwave or blender will have the same features you desire?

Are You a Perfectionist?

kitchen appliance brands need to match fridge freezer gray colors

If you are one of those special people who strive for perfection, then you might not be satisfied with seeing different logos, handles and knobs of appliances staring right back at you as you enter your kitchen.

You should as well go ahead to match your kitchen appliances.

Matching Brands or Not, Which One Should You Go For?

I am certain you know the answer to this question already.

Matching kitchen appliance brands might not turn out good but if you are ready to sacrifice function for brand (which I doubt anyone would), then you can go ahead.

Not that matching brands is totally impossible, it is possible to match your kitchen appliance brands.

By the way, mismatching brands is also not easy at all.

Mismatching brands is worse than matching brands.

If you would mismatch brands, then you should be concerned about the following

Color Scheme

Certainly, this is one of the reasons people match their kitchen appliance brands – to achieve a uniformity in color.

A classy kitchen like the one you desire can only be really classy if the kitchen appliances match in colors.

If it is black you desire in your kitchen, then all appliances should come in black color.

If it is white, all should also be in white color. Kitchen appliances generally come in white, black and Stainless Steel.

If you are matching brands, it is easy to achieve this uniformity in color.

If you are not matching brands however, it takes extra effort, research and time to get kitchen appliances with the same color and shade from different brands.

The toughest task is even getting the same shade of color for all your appliances.

In this situation, you would have to visit the showroom to check in person.

If you do not do this, you might end up pairing kitchen appliances that have the same color but with different shade or shine; this will definitely spoil the uniformity you are trying to achieve.

Whether you are selecting white, black or Stainless-Steel appliances from different brands for your kitchen, ensure you check them out in person, do a close comparison of your preferred brands by placing them side-by-side so you can match colors and sheen.

This is even more difficult when matching Stainless Steel kitchen appliances from different brands.

Stainless Steel appliances have a whole lot of variations in color.

Kitchen Style or Setting

If most of your kitchen appliances do not stick out to your face, then you will not have to bother about matching brands, color shade, sheen and shine.

Having a style of kitchen where one or more of your kitchen appliances are positioned behind your cabinet doors, away from the glaring eyes of perfectionists will make you less concerned about matching brands.

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Appliance Style and Design

One of the things that make brands different is the difference in styles and designs of products.

You can possibly arrive at the same style and design for all your kitchen appliances if you are matching brands but when mismatching brands, it is impossible.

Some brands have their products looking sturdy and bulky while some other brands produce appliances with sleek look.

It is very important you pay attention to the details of the appliances you are buying.

Some appliances might be listed as “silver” but when they arrive, it might shock you to find out that they have gold designs on their knobs.


Matching appliances can be a bit hard but it is now made easier for homeowners as many retailers are offering bundle package which helps you get all matching appliances without sweating much.

Matching kitchen appliance brands has its own good and bad sides.

The good sides are that you would get a uniform look in your kitchen and a good deal on kitchen package.

The bad side is that you might have to sacrifice desired or preferred style and function.

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