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Should Kitchen Windows Have Curtains?

should kitchen windows have curtains

When building or remodeling your kitchen interior, more attention is typically paid to furniture, appliances, and other decorative elements.

Kitchen curtains are not thought of until most of the remodeling process has been done.

Nevertheless, it is quite important that you decide early enough whether or not you will use curtains on your kitchen windows.

In fact, you should decide before you start the process of setting up your kitchen interior, so you can choose colors, fabric, and patterns that will go along with your kitchen interior décor theme.

A lot of people struggle to make the decision whether their kitchen windows should have curtains or not, so in this article we will examine if curtain are necessary for kitchen windows, and also some of the factors that will affect your choice.

Should They Have Curtains?

Picking curtains for your kitchen windows may be as straightforward as it seems.

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Having curtains on your kitchen windows is largely based in personal preference and a few factors.

The first thing you to do when setting up your kitchen interior is to consider these factors and decide whether or not you want curtains on your kitchen windows.

The kitchen is one of the very few spaces in the home where curtains are optional, and depending on factors like lighting, privacy, and window position, you are allowed to choose or neglect curtains in your kitchen set up.

While personal preference goes a long way in choosing curtains for kitchen windows, there are some important factors that will affect the suitability of curtains for your kitchen windows.

It is quite essential that you consider these factors before you make a final decision.

Here are some of the factors to consider before deciding whether or not to use kitchen window curtains.


It sounds quite unlikely, but one may require curtains in the kitchen for privacy reasons.

This largely depends on the type of building you have and the neighborhood you live in, but if you would like to reduce or stop interaction with the outdoor from your kitchen interior, curtains can help you achieve that.

If you are not so bothered about the privacy of your kitchen interior or if your window location doesn’t significantly reveal your kitchen interior to the outdoor environment, you can as well let go of window treatments.


You would agree that the kitchen is one of the spaces where good lighting is very essential.

If you have inadequate artificial lighting in your kitchen, you should make the best of the natural lighting coming into your space by leaving the windows as they are.

On the other hand, if you there is sufficient artificial lighting to go with, you can go for curtains.

However, you should take care to select window treatments that will allow some natural lighting to get into the kitchen.

Thick opaque curtains are not suitable for kitchen windows as they will block out much of the natural lighting when they are closed.

Window position

The position of your window relative some kitchen elements can also affect you decision to use curtains or not.

To prevent and reduced the risk of fire incidents, avoid using curtains when your windows are located near your stove and cooking area.

Also, if your window is directly over your sink or working surfaces, you may want to opt out of using window treatments, so as to prevent disturbance to your kitchen activities.

If you must use curtains when your window is located in any of this position, you can use curtains that only come halfway down.


When you choose the right curtains for your kitchen window, they can add much needed detail to your kitchen decoration and significantly compliment the décor.

The need for aesthetics should be considered with reference to the other factors discussed, as aesthetics should only come after functionality.

All other things being equal, choose curtain shades that will brighten your kitchen interior.

If for any of the other reasons discussed, you decide not to use curtains on your kitchen windows, there are several other decorative elements you can utilize to make your kitchen interior more aesthetically pleasing.

Other Types of Kitchen Window Treatments

should kitchen windows have curtains modern how to choose

If you eventually decide to use treatments on your kitchen windows, there are number of other treatments you can consider apart from curtains.

Roman shades

It rarely happens that you’ll have to block out natural lighting, but when you have to, this is one of the best treatments you can use for you kitchen windows.

What’s really great about roman shades is that you can adjust the height of covered area through a cord mechanism, so you can always put the shades out of the reach of splatters if your window is around your working area.

Roller shades

The best window treatments for kitchen windows are those you can roll up or adjust the height, so you can get them out the way of splatters.

Roller shades are quite simple and functional.

They come in different color and pattern options, and will fit seamlessly over your kitchen windows.

Faux wood blinds and shutters

If your window is located over your sink or working surface, faux wood blinds/shutters are a couple of the best treatments you can use.

They are particularly suitable for kitchen windows because they are easy to wipe down and clean.

Woven wood shades

If your décor theme is in anyway related to the natural environment, wooden wood shaves will fit right into your kitchen décor.

Furthermore, they complement and soften the metallic effect of kitchen utensils and appliances on kitchen décor.


It is not compulsory to put curtains or any other type of window treatment on your kitchen windows, although they can serve some important purposes; aesthetics being one of them.

To a large extent, it depends on your personal taste and a number of factors.

Some of the factors that can affect your choice have also been discussed.

If it is your personal preference to have curtains on your kitchen windows, you should still consider the factors discussed above before you make the ultimate decision.