Top 10 Best Patio Door Blinds that Actually Work!

Long night? Looking to get a good sleep? Even though it’s 12pm and the sun is shooting rays on your face through the patio doors or window. This will surely prevent you from getting proper sleep.

Install patio blinds! It’s the best option compared to regular drapes.

On this post, you will be given reviews on top 10 patio door blinds best for your home. The list consists of various patio blinds of different designs and fabrics. Each of them with their own benefits that could meet your spec.

Top 10 best patio blinds

1. Chicology’s adjustable sliding vertical filtering blind (white) review

Chicology Adjustable Sliding Panels best patio door blinds

Quality material

It is available in a variety of fabrics and naturally woven materials which offer elegance and privacy to your home. If you are after a more stylish touch, a woven material which is rich in texture will e the best pick. For the minimalist, a simple smooth fabric will do just fine.

Filters natural light

It is named a vertical “filtering” blind, meaning it filters the light that comes into your home. The material’s color would be projected onto the room. This tends to set the tone and improve the style of the room.  

Easy to install

It was designed with the strives of the customer in mind, so it is easier to install and can be used for various doors such as a patio, closet, and French. It can even serve as a room divider.

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The modern-day solution to previous designs

The fabric panels are wider and there is none of that distracting clacking sound that occurs when the blinds clash with the door. With these added features, this blind is the perfect modern day solution to vertical blinds.  You can check it out on Amazon hereOpens in a new tab.

2. NICETOWN Vertical Blinds for Sliding Patio Doors review

NICETOWN Vertical Blinds for Sling Door - Silver Grommet Top Blackout Window Curtains best patio door blind

Good design

It consists of a heavy triple-weave polyester fabric which has a very soft feel to the skin. On top of the fabric are 14 silver grommets which allow easy hanging and adds a modern touch to its style.


The blind’s triple-weave polyester fabric is key to its versatility. It’s thermal insulated, so it can block out UV rays and prevents heats build up in the room. The fabric is also a great noise reducer which goes well with its wide panels for protecting privacy.

Energy-smart fabric

The fabric’s triple-weave fabric helps to regulate room temperature both during summer and winter. The advantage of such a feature is the protection of valuables that can be affected by room temperatures, such as artwork and furniture. The triple-weaved fabric also helps to reduce your air conditioning costs.

Easy to wash and Durable

The fabric has good quality finishing which can withstand several years of use. It is machine washable. The appropriate temperature of the water has to be below 86degree Fahrenheit. It requires no bleaching, just a mild detergent will do. It’s best to iron at a low temperature.

Widely Compatible

NICETOWN’S vertical blinds are great for sliding doors, patio doors and any other large window in your home. They’re great value and be found on Amazon hereOpens in a new tab..

3. Mainstay light filtering vertical blinds review

Mainstay* 78 x 84 Light-Filtering Vertical Blinds white best patio door blind

Keeps it dark and Atheistic

If you are the type to stay up all night working or studying, mainstay’s light filtering vertical blinds will help block out the sunlight while you sleep soundly. The blinds are made up of smooth PVC louvers in which its shading can’t fade, crack or wrap. This keeps the room’s window looking perfect.

Easy to install and use

There are mounting brackets along with instruction manuals to make assembly a breeze. It can be mounted both outside and inside of a door or window frame. The vertical blinds feature a 3.5” slat that gives you the freedom to determine the intensity of natural light coming into the room. Check them out hereOpens in a new tab. (Amazon link).

4. RYB HOME’S Blackout patio curtain blinds review

Blackout Patio Door Curtain Blinds - Home Decoration Adjustable Energy Smart Thermal Insulated Vertical Blind patio review

100% quality, Durable

These curtains are made completely of durable polyester and super soft triple-woven fabrics. This combo offers you a modern style, privacy and blocks UV rays all at once. On top of the curtain are 14 rust-proof silver grommets that can fit most curtains rods available on the market. It’s also very easy to install.

Widely Compatible

Various style of RYB’s curtains are available for patio doors, large windows and can serve as room dividers. RYB has enough designs to choose from which will offer your window harmonious dressing that will make your home lively.

Saves energy

The triple woven polyester material helps to block light, insulate the room from the cold and the summer heat. You get to save lots of money on your home’s energy bill.

Easy to maintain

Both the front and behind the curtains are the same material so washing will be no problem. It is machine washable; non-chlorine bleach and warm ironing are required. Once done with washing, tumble dry low. They’re readily available on Amazon hereOpens in a new tab..

5. GoDear Design’s deluxe Adjustable sliding panel review

GoDear Design Deluxe Adjustable Sliding Panel 51.5-86 x 96, 4-Rail, Natural Woven best patio door blinds

Natural, stylish and durable

GoDear’s curtains are made of a natural woven blend. It is 72% paper and 28% polyester. The natural woven fabric filters natural lighting gently and still provides sufficient privacy. On top of that, it is a lot easier to clean with a vacuum or duster.

Widely compatible

GoDear’s deluxe adjustable sliding panels are great for patio doors, closet doors, french doors, balcony doors, and large windows. There is a 4-rail track which is adjustable with 51.5” to 86”. each of the panels is 23” wide with a length of 96”.

Easy to use and install

Two control stacks options are available. The blinds can be slid from the right to the left with the use of a solid metal wand. Here’s a link to them on Amazon.

6. NICETOWN’S total shade patio door curtain review

NICETOWN Total Shade Patio Door Curtain, Heavy-Duty Full Light Shading Sliding Door patio door

Quality material

It’s made completely out of polyester. The draperies are constructed with 2 layers of triple weave blackout fabric. This is good for noise reduction, privacy and regulating room temperature to ensure you sleep soundly.


Nicetown’s total blackout curtains are one of the best in the market. Its unique design offers a series of functions to ensure you enjoy an uninterrupted and blissful experience.

100% blackout – the drapes are thick enough to block out UV rays and sunlight, as they are sewn in black liner blacking. This is sure to benefit you if you are one to sleep all morning and if you are looking to watch a movie without the interruption of sunlight.

Soundproof – NICETOWN’S blackout drapes have the specs to block out sounds from the outside by absorbing them. It absorbs sound a lot better than the 1-layered curtains. With this, you should be able to sleep soundly.

Ensures privacy – the curtains can be wide enough to cover up sliding doors, so be rest assured privacy will be maintained.

Easy to maintain

The curtains have good quality finishing which is sure to last long years. Mild detergents are best for washing. It is machine washable, the water to be used must be below 86 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s a variety of sizes available on Amazon hereOpens in a new tab..

7. Ambersonne’s modern curtains review

Ambesonne Modern Curtains Tree of Life Decor graphic nature best patio door

Top quality material

Ambersonne’s drapes are made from a blend of silky satin and polyester. It an aesthetic piece of work that will go great with most living room styles. On top of that, the fabric is environmentally friendly due to the lack of dye substances.

Great perspective

The bold and 3-D like graphics on the curtains gives the room more perspective. Most times it brings everything in the room together.

Easy to maintain

Ambersonne’s graphic curtains are machine washable. The printed graphic will not be affected as long as the wash cycle is cold and delicate. Make sure to hang dry. Check out the selection of graphics available at Amazon hereOpens in a new tab..

8. Rose home fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Patio door Curtain Panel

Rose Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Patio door Curtain Panel review

Quality material, Multifunctional

Rose Home Fashion has gifted day sleepers the perfect solution. Their drapes are made of heavy polyester mufti-layered micro-fibers that are sure to block-out both sounds and light. It will ensure sound and uninterrupted day sleeping.

Regulates room temperature

The material is thermal insulated. This means it is heavy enough to prevent heat or cold from escaping the room. For instance, while you sleep in your room during a hot summer, the cold provided by the air conditioner won’t escape the room. This will save money on cooling costs.

Easy to maintain

It is machine washable.

To see the variety of colors available, check them out at Amazon hereOpens in a new tab..

9. Chicology’s adjustable sliding panels (birch truffle)

Chicology Adjustable Sliding Panels, Cut to Length Vertical Blinds, Birch Truffle (Natural Woven) best patio door blinds


The fabric consists of a natural woven which made up of 60% paper and 40% polyester. The blend of those natural materials is less likely to get worn out fast compared to most cheap drape materials.


The curtains are great for most kinds of doors and windows such as patio doors, closet doors, french door and it can also be used as a room divider.  

Easy and quick install

With the instruction manual present and all necessary hardware in place, installing should be quick and easy. And you are feeling a little bit lazy, then tutorial videos are available on YouTube.

Worth the money

Looking at its durability, versatility and easy installation the price tag on the product is a definite steal! You can check it out at Amazon hereOpens in a new tab..

10. Chicology’s Adjustable sliding panels (urban white)

Chicology Adjustable Sliding Panels Cut to Length Vertical patio Blinds, Up to Up to 80W X 96H reviewThis is another product from Chicology which offers about the same functionality as the other products mentioned in this post. It is durable, great for most doors and windows, filters light, ensures privacy and it’s easier to assemble.  

Easy installation and there are four panels to block any light coming through. Check them out at Amazon hereOpens in a new tab..


So there you have it… these are the best patio doors we recommend for your home.

The common feature will all of the products mentioned is that they are all good for your money in terms of light filtering, total blackout, and temperature regulation.

Literally everything you need as a day-sleeper. It all depends on the style, matte and mode of sliding you desire.

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