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How to Choose the Best Patio Cushions: Full Buyers Guide

Like most people, I spent an inordinate amount of time on my patio this summer when it dawned on me that it was time to retire my trusty old patio cushions. However, I discovered that investing in good-quality patio cushions can be a costly shopping trip, leading to a lousy buyer’s remorse. 

The best patio cushions are sized correctly according to your patio chairs. They match your outdoor décor, are super comfortable, secured with ties, made from durable water and fade-resistant UV materials, are easy to clean, and offer excellent value for money due to their exceptional longevity.

While purchasing replacement patio cushions might sound like a straightforward matter, it certainly is not the case. So, if you want to buy great patio cushions and avoid having to send them back to the supplier – read my full buyer’s guide…

Critical Considerations For Great Patio Cushion Buys

There are several important factors to consider if you need to purchase stylish and durable patio cushions for your next family barbeque.

Before we discuss them, let’s look at the ideal time to purchase budget-friendly or on-trend patio cushions that will be the envy of your neighbors. 

The most opportune time to purchase discounted outdoor patio cushions is at the beginning of fall. However, if you want a wider variety of fashionable patio accessories, consider buying your summer patio cushions at the end of winter.

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The most pertinent considerations include your current outdoor furniture/décor, the size of your patio chairs, the required level of comfort, durability, and how easy the material is to clean.

Match The Patio Cushions With Your Outdoor Décor

Every remarkable outdoor space conveys an enchanting tale about the owner’s personality and style.

Before you start your search, decide whether you want your new patio cushions to add a pop of color to your existing outdoor décor or neutrally colored patio cushions that will blend in with your current patio furniture.

If you like eye-catching designs, choose embellished patio cushion covers with tufts, or thin piping down the cushion’s sides, which compliments its curves. Alternatively, select a simple reversible design that will add some variety to your unique outdoor space.

Always Measure Your Patio Chair Sizes 

It is imperative to measure your lounge and high-back outdoor chairs, including your patio bench dimensions with a sturdy measuring tape to avoid a buyer’s remorse situation. Avoid measuring the circumference of your old patio cushions as they deteriorate over time.

Although outdoor chairs are typically marketed as being an average size, that is not always the case, and you might end up with cushions that are not fit for purpose.

  • Width – start by measuring the chair’s width at the front seat edge, middle and back sections from the left to the right arms. The widest measurement rounded-off measurement will be the width of your cushion.
  • Length – measure the size of your cushion from the chair’s middle front section to the back, where it merges with the chair’s back.

Consider Comfort When Choosing Patio Cushions

Now that you have measured your chairs consider how much time you spend on your patio, as that will determine how thick or comfortable they should be. 

The average depth for outdoor patio cushions is from 19-23 inches. However, if you spend excessive time outdoors, invest in a comfortable cushion that ranges in depth from 24-26 inches

To add to your comfort level, consider patio cushions that include ties that stop them from shifting around, especially in windy conditions. A bonus is that they will prevent your cushions from falling, thereby keeping them clean. 

Assess The Durability And Quality Of The Patio Cushions

It’s essential to consider which weather conditions your cushions will be exposed to as some materials are more durable than others. 

While durable, quality patio cushions tend to be more expensive, it’s possible to find good-quality cushions at an affordable price if you safeguard them during inclement weather.

So, let’s have a look at the various patio cushion cover materials, including their pros and cons.

Patio Cushion Cover Materials: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Patio cushions can be made out of a whole host of materials, each with their pros and cons.

Sunbrella Patio Cushions Fabrics

  • Pros: this is a top-of-the-range material for any outdoor items as it provides UV protection and is fade and water-resistant, which discourages mildew and mold. Moreover, the fabric is easily cleanable.
  • Cons: it is the most expensive fabric option and not as soft compared to other leading cushion materials. 

Olefin/Polypropylene Patio Cushions Fabrics

  • Pros: it is a soft, water, and stain-resistant, durable option for cushion covers which is less expensive than Sunbrella patio cushion covers. Moreover, it is more environmentally friendly as Olefin is produced from recycled materials.
  • Cons: This material can melt as it is vulnerable to heat, which means that it should not be left out during a heatwave or a tumble dryer following a wash.

Polyester Patio Cushions Fabrics

  • Pros: an affordable, durable material that repels stains and quickly dries when it gets wet, preventing mildew and mold. 
  • Cons: Polyester is incredibly harmful to the environment as it is not produced from sustainable materials.

Vinyl/PVC Patio Cushions Fabrics

  • Pros: like polyester, Vinyl fabrics are cost-effective, durable material that repels water and stains.
  • Cons: vinyl is not suited to hot climates as the material heats up in the sun and damages the environment.

Textilene Patio Cushion Fabrics

  • Pros: it’s a durable synthetic fabric that repels water due to its woven weave of polyester yarns covered with PVC. 
  • Cons: like vinyl, it is not ideal for scorching climates as it tends to overheat, and its color will fade over time.

Cotton Canvas Patio Cushion Fabrics

  • Pros: it’s an excellent choice for budget-constrained buyers, and the cotton canvas covers are easy to clean in a washing machine.
  • Cons: this fabric does not repel water like other materials, which can lead to mildew and mold issues, and it is not resistant to stains like other durable materials.

Essential Patio Cushion Cleaning Considerations

Removable patio cushion covers are the most convenient as they can be thoroughly sanitized in your washing machine. The inner pillow should be spot treated as it cannot be washed with the covers.

While other cushions with non-removable covers must first be vacuumed then washed by hand. Most importantly, always adhere to your cushion tag cleaning guidelines.  

To keep your patio cushions clean and prolong their lifespan, store them in a dry, protected area

Top Picks For The Best Patio Cushions This Summer 

Now it’s time for the fun part, which is selecting striking patio cushions in gorgeous summer colors which will transform your dated outdoor space into a mini oasis!

The Best Weather-Resistant Material For Patio Cushions

You might be surprised to find out that patio cushions meant to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions are not all up to the task.

While some cushion colors will fade over time in the sun, others need to be safeguarded from rain or protected from dew which is less than ideal.

Therefore, if you want to spend your leisure time lounging around the pool without having to worry about your patio cushion’s longevity, choose a UV and water-resistant fabric.

Sumbrella cushions are made with hardy and fuss-free material that has been treated with a coating that can withstand harsh weather conditions and pesky stains. 

While they are the most expensive weather-resistant fabric option–it is undoubtedly an excellent investment (you can thank me later!). There are plenty of options for Sumbrella cushions on Amazon here.

The Best Stylish Outdoor Dining Patio Cushions

Nothing spoils a splendid outdoor lunch like uncomfortable hard seating! 

So, if you want to purchase a comfortable weather-resistant bench and seat patio cushions with chair ties that will stop your little ones from sliding around, then look at these best buys on Amazon.

The Best Outdoor Deep Seat Patio Cushions

These super-thick cushions have been specially designed for deep-seated chairs, sectionals, and loveseats to create ultra-comfortable patio seating.

They are typically produced with two sections that feature a substantially sized back pillow and a deep seat cushion perfectly suited to uncomfortable wrought iron or wicker furniture.

The following deep seat patio cushions are made from hassle-free UV-hardy material with a great assortment of patterns and colors that will suit every stylish outdoor space: the best outdoor deep seat cushions, (Amazon link).

The Best Outdoor Swing & Bench Patio Cushions

Porch swing and bench cushions are generally interchangeable.  

The following cushions (from Amazon) are ideal as they all have ties that keep them securely in place and are between four and six inches thick to create comfortable seating: outdoor swing and bench cushions.

The Best Environmentally Friendly Patio Cushions

Environmentally friendly patio cushions are a good way to do our part.

We all need to do our bit to sustain our beautiful planet. So, if you are looking for sustainably produced outdoor cushions that will not pollute our oceans, have a look at these gorgeous environmentally friendly cushions on Amazon.

The Best Value Patio Cushions: As Voted For By Customers

The following carefully selected tried and tested cushions have been highly rated by customers and provide the best value for money in their respective categories

They are predominantly available in different sizes and various splendid colors. 

For Stylish Tufted Patio Cushions: Pillow Perfect 

These stylish tufted cushions available at Amazon are a great choice if you need plusher cushions on your patio.

Pillow Perfect, in Georgia, has built a sterling reputation for producing luxurious cushions that feature several gorgeous designs.

This tufted cushion set is made with up-cycled polyester, which is fade and water-resistant. While the cushion covers cannot be removed, they may be hand-washed with a gentle detergent or spot cleaned. Furthermore, they don’t include cushion ties.

For Tailored Seating Patio Cushions: IN4 Care Cushions

These striking tailored cushions (Amazon link), with rave customer reviews, feature beautiful prints, and their edges are rounded off with elegant piping details. 

The patio cushions are covered with a polyester fabric that is fade and waterresistant, and they are padded with comfortable foam inners with ties to secure them to your chairs. 

Likewise, they are available in a wide array of colors, including red, grey, white-and-blue striped designs, and sold in pairs.

For Sectional Patio Cushions: Latitude Run Mccay Cushions

These sectional cushions (link to Wayfair) are a great addition to any outdoor space that needs a stylish pop of color and comfort. 

They are crafted from Olefin fabrics that are incredibly durable as they are water and mold-resistant. Furthermore, it’s available in three sizes which is excellent.

It is supplied as a package that includes one padded seat cushion produced with superior quality foam and a comfortable back cushion that provides adequate support.

Furthermore, they are easy to spot clean with a gentle detergent and air-dried

For Chaise Lounge Patio Cushions: Classic Accessories 

This sophisticated chaise lounge cushion from Amazon is a firm customer favorite which is offered in three varying sizes and in ten beautiful colors.

It is manufactured from sturdy foam that is covered by a dyed material that repels water and stains. But above it all, it won’t fade in the sun like other fabrics. 

These chaise lounge patio cushions feature bespoke piping and chic box-stitched edges with adjustable straps and clasps. The bonus is that the covers include easily removable zippers. 

For Bench Patio Cushions: Classic Accessories

These bench cushions over on Amazon have received rave reviews from over 3000 customers.

They are firm yet comfortable and have been covered with sturdy polyester material, which is resistant to water and mold.

They are incredibly durable as their inner seams have been bound, and their outer seams are double-stitched. Furthermore, they include three supporting layers of dense foam, including a zipper.

The bonus is that they are available in 10 colors and various sizes and offer quilted or non-quilted alternatives.


The best patio cushions provide comfortable seating, which invites you to spend leisurely time outdoors each summer with friends and family or just reading a book in peace. They should be easy to clean with removable covers, secured with chair ties, and made from durable UV and water-resistant material that can withstand harsh temperatures or incessant rain – including your little one’s favorite chocolate ice cream stains!

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