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10 Best Industrial Patio Cleaners that are Effective & Easy to Use

Patios and decking provide us with a valuable outside place for resting and socializing, but keeping them looking fantastic isn’t always simple without the help of a decent patio cleaner. The good news is that even if you don’t have a sophisticated pressure washer, it doesn’t take much to fix these issues.

Specialist fluids and detergents are available to restore your patio or decking to its former glory. I tested some options out in my outdoor area, and below is a full guide on choosing the best industrial patio cleaner for you, depending on what your needs are…

Best Industrial Patio Cleaner For Getting Rid Of Mold Or Algae

The Wet & Forget Outdoor Mold & Mildew Cleaner (Amazon link) is the best industrial patio cleaner for getting rid of mold or algae.

If a slimy green mess has taken over your patio and you’ve forgotten what it used to look like, you’ll want to get your hands on a bottle of this stuff.

You can use it on any outdoor hard surfaces without needing a power washer or scrubbing. This includes:

  • decks
  • driveways
  • patios

This stuff is organically broken down in the soil once it has dried, so it doesn’t affect the environment. However, you’ll need to be patient because the findings might take up to four days to appear.

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You should note though, that it isn’t as concentrated as some, so five liters may not go as far as you expect. But it does effectively eliminates one of the most common causes of unclean patios.

Best Industrial Patio Cleaner For Pressure Washers

Kärcher 3-in-1 Stone Cleaner on Amazon is the best patio cleaner to use with pressure washers.

Kärcher produces some of the greatest pressure washers on the market, (this one on Amazon is one of my favorites!), so its only fitting that their patio detergents are of the same caliber.

This particular patio cleaner has:

  • an active dirt remover
  • wind and weather protection
  • general protection to keep your patio looking great for longer

It works on any masonry, including walls and patios and aluminum, so you can also clean your car while you’re at it!

Best Industrial Patio Cleaner For Black Spots

The Wet & Forget Mildew Remover (Amazon link)works best for those dark, black spots that you can’t seem to get off your patio.

Black spots are unsightly black patches that can appear on patios after around three years. They start little and are known as black lichen, but they quickly spread – especially on natural masonry – and can fully cover it.

They’re a pain to clean, but not when you have this material on hand. Simply dilute it with equal parts water, apply to a damp surface, let for at least an hour (while still wet), and wash away with a hose or power washer.

However, in really resistant regions, it may require a little scrubbing. There’s no need to worry about this patio cleaner hurting natural stone either, and it inhibits regrowth too.

Best All-Purpose Industrial Patio Cleaner

The MAX Defender (Amazon link) is the smartest choice for all-purpose patio cleaning.

This ultra-concentrated detergent is ideal for cleaning various surfaces, including:

  • patios
  • roads
  • greenhouses
  • plant pots
  • outdoor equipment

It disinfects and prevents slipping on the patio surface, making it a terrific all-rounder. It works swiftly on moss and mold, and produces a very clean appearance and a pleasant odor.

I tested it this one in the dumpsters and in a conservatory, and the results were fantastic. It works well when applied by hand, but when used with a power washer, it’s much more effective than the manufacturer’s detergent.

Best Pet-Safe Industrial Patio Cleaner

The Scotts Outdoor Cleaner is the best industrial patio cleaner for pets and children, as it is the safest.

You might be hesitant to spray your patio or decking with a variety of unknown chemicals or a bleach-heavy fluid if you’re concerned about your dogs, surrounding plants, or roaming wildlife.

This cleaner is based on a non-toxic, pet-safe acetic acid that shouldn’t hurt anything but will burn the leaves of plants if they come into contact with it. You may also apply it around your pond. However, any run-off should be avoided if possible.

It’s simple to apply; simply clean any surface debris off your patio or decking before spraying it on. After that, simply leave it for a few days while it destroys the mold and algae, and it will keep the surface clean for another year.

While it isn’t as efficient as the heavy-duty cleaners in removing long-term stains, I was able to restore green-grey areas to their natural stone or wood on:

  • pavement
  • decking
  • garden furniture.

If you can get beyond the slightly unpleasant vinegar scent that lingers for a day or two after drying, this is a rock-solid cleanser that won’t bother the neighborhood creatures.

The Best Preventative Patio Cleaner

The No Nonsense Path Patio And Driveway Sealer (from is the best preventative patio cleaner. As the name implies, this is a patio cleaner that focuses on long-term planning. The concept is that subsequent spills (such as oil, dirt, or moss) will be easier to clean.

It’s easy to use: simply spray it onto the stone paving (a garden pump sprayer would suffice), but don’t let it pool in the curves, or it will stain. To disperse any surplus, I had a garden brush on hand. It doesn’t have the same glossy finish as certain sealers, so use it only if you like a more natural look.

And be aware that you may require many coats before it has a decent amount of protection. Nonetheless, it provides excellent protection at a reasonable price.

Best Patio Cleaner For Stubborn Stains

For persistent stain stains and markings, Nilfisk Stone Plague Cleaning (link to is the ideal patio cleaner. While Nilfisk detergents are designed to work with Nilfisk pressure washers, they can also be used with other manufacturers (according to warranty terms).

The company’s entry-level, basic detergent for cleaning patios, Stone and Wood Cleaner, is excellent, but it’s the Stone Plague Cleaner that truly won us over, removing any plague from stones, tiles, and concrete – including black spots that stubbornly cling to them even after a jetwash.

Best Overall Industrial Patio Cleaner

If you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone, Pro-exceptionally Kleen’s strong recipe will supply you with enough solution to make both the front and rear of your house seem spotless.

You can remove tough filth, grime, and black stains from your patio and driveway in one fell swoop by using this product on block paving, concrete flags, steps, walks, and more. You may use a watering can or a pump sprayer to apply this cleanser.

Best Industrial Patio Cleaner For Larger Patios

Ultima-Plus XP Green Mold & Algae Remover is the best industrial patio cleaner for larger patios. This patio cleaner should be diluted with water before use, but a five-liter container may cover an area as large as 200 square meters.

This energy-saving approach also eliminates the need to scrub because the mixture is meant to be sprayed on with a garden sprayer (not supplied) and then left to work for a few days.

Because you don’t have to wash this patio cleanser off, it helps to prevent moss and algae regrowth for up to six months, leaving your patio with a protective barrier that keeps it from greening up.


To get the most enjoyment from your patio, you’ll need more than a stiff broom and an outside hosepipe, as you can see. Different cleaners are better for different jobs. That’s why we compiled this list of the finest patio cleaners for various uses.