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Why Replace Kitchen Faucets?

why replace kitchen faucet

One can hardly come across any home today that does not have a kitchen faucet as it has gained general acceptance.

However, challenges arise when these kitchen faucets are not effective anymore and it becomes a question for every home owner, whether to the replace the kitchen faucet or not.

It is very important that decisions which would be made to ensure smooth running of the home, particularly the kitchen, must be made meticulously, and obviously, whether the kitchen faucet is replaced or not would determine how smooth the kitchen would run.

For easy decision making when faced with these challenges, it is pertinent that we know the reasons why kitchen faucets should be replaced and these reasons are elucidated in the subsequent paragraphs.

Water Leakage

This is one of the most important and popular reasons prompting the replacement of the kitchen faucet.

This happens when water keeps dripping from the faucet and sometimes, even after the faucet has been switched off.

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This arises as a challenge to the house owner because the constant dripping of water can lead to water wastage and many house owners have found the constant dripping of water to be very irritating.

When this occurs, there is the need for such kitchen faucet to be replaced as it can cause more discomfort when left alone.

Low Water Pressure

rust water leakage low pressure why replace kitchen faucet

The challenge of low water pressure is another major reason why the kitchen faucet should be replaced.

As opposed to the normal free and adequate flow of water from the kitchen faucet, when the water flowing from the kitchen faucet is coming out in a thin line, then there is a low pressure.

This can be a major challenge to the house owner as it can be discomforting and even time wasting, because it would take longer to get the desired amount of water due to the low pressure.

Whenever you start facing this challenge with your kitchen faucet, it is a reasonable sign that the kitchen faucet needs to be replaced.

Loose or Shaky Faucet Handles

With constant use of the kitchen faucet, the handle and stem to which it is attached to, starts to wear out and as a result, the kitchen faucets begin to shake and sometimes, it starts to get less tight and in worse cases, it comes off totally.

Also, due to the wearing out of the kitchen faucet, it does not fit well on its cradle anymore and the need for a replacement arises.

Why not fix it back?

You certainly can fix it back but it is important to note that the reason why the faucet became loose or shaky in the first place was because of the wear.

Rather than spending on several repairs again, it would be very economical to go for a replacement.

Sticky Handles

Another major reason why the kitchen faucet should be replaced is when the handles start to get sticky.

Every kitchen faucet has a handle and on the handle is a lever which is mostly small and is used to release water.

With continuous use, the handle starts to stick and the causes of these are mostly accumulated dirt, grease and soot, amongst others.

Due to the pile up of the grime, when the handle is touched, it gets sticky and this can be very uncomfortable and irritating.

The quality of the water would also be in question and it therefore creates the need for quick replacement.

Every item in the kitchen must be clean at all times and anything that would prevent the achievement of this should be removed or replaced accordingly.


Certainly, no one would love to consume water filled with rust particles as it is not good for the health.

Every house owner must be very cautious when the kitchen faucet begins to show signs of rust.

Rust is caused by the exposure of metal to oxygen and moisture for a long time and most times, the rust is formed on the inside before it shows on the outside and when this happens, the quality of the water is greatly affected and there is a great need for immediate replacement.

Furthermore, when the kitchen faucet begins to rust, it can affect its performance.

Necessity is however laid on the house owner to replace the kitchen faucet when the sign of rust is noticed.

Wear Problems

wear problems old why replace kitchen faucet

Certainly, the kitchen faucet cannot maintain its original state with constant use and it becomes more challenging when the kitchen faucet that was installed is fake.

Due to the constant and continuous use of the kitchen faucet, it begins to deteriorate in its efficiency, erodes and starts to get impaired.

When this happens, the kitchen faucet cannot function as it is supposed to and as a result, it needs to be replaced.

In situations of wear, it is advisable that the house owner goes for replacement rather than repairing the old parts because the old parts are worn out already and can only keep on wearing out.

Deficiency in Installation

A kitchen faucet that would serve the house owner well must be installed properly because when the consequences of the poor installation begins to arise, there would be a need for replacement.

It is of great essence to note that some kitchen faucets, although are of great quality, but when they are installed wrongly, they get damaged easily.

To prevent further damage and discomfort, the house owner on the discovery of the damages due to the poor installation is to take proper action by replacing the kitchen faucet.


In conclusion, you must always keep it in mind that as long as the kitchen faucet is being used, it is bound to wear out and when this wearing out occurs, the necessary action must be taken, which is replacement.

If the kitchen faucet is not replaced on time, the quality of the water could be at risk and when this happens, it might incur health impairment on the one who uses such water.

The points elucidated above should be given cognizance to and positive steps be taken when there is the need to replace the kitchen faucet.