What Kind Of Tile Is Best For Kitchen Countertops?

what kind of tile is best for kitchen countertops

The kitchen Countertop is something you will see in almost every kitchen due to the fact that they form a very integral part of the kitchen.

This is the reason why there is a great need to be very meticulous when choosing the kind of kitchen countertop you desire.

It is interesting to note that a kind of kitchen countertop which is gaining extreme relevance is the tile countertop.

Many prefer to use tile mostly for floors but when used for kitchen countertops, can turn out to be very excellent.

The reasons for these are the many benefits which are obtainable when using tile for kitchen countertops.

There are however different kinds of tile which can be used for kitchen countertops and it is important to know which is the best and most suitable.

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Types of tiles that can be used on kitchen countertops

When it comes to tiles for kitchen countertops, there are several suitable options available ans some of them are discussed below.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile best for kitchen countertops

Ceramic tiles are one of the most common kinds of tile and it is known to be the least expensive.

The Ceramic tile is gotten from baking natural clay with the aim of removing moisture and most times, they are finished with a glaze for the sole purpose of making it impermeable.

This is a very good benefit because the kitchen is a place with a high level of moisture and when the ceramic tile is used, there can be no fear of damage to due frequent contact with water.

Asides it being affordable and being easy to maintain, it can also withstand high temperature.

It is made in different colors, designs and texture, of which the desired one can be freely chosen to beautify the kitchen countertop.

Ceramic tiles can however break or chip easily when heavy objects are dropped on them.

Granite Tile

granite Tile best for kitchen countertops

Granite tile is renowned for its very hard structure and it is popularly used in the kitchen.

Compared to other kinds of tiles, it has the potential of lasting a lifetime when handled with care.

There are a number of advantages of using a granite tile for the kitchen countertop and one of them is its ability to resist water thereby preventing seepages.

 Also, the granite tile is very hard and has the capacity to withstand high pressure.

One of the most intriguing things about granite tile is that it comes in different colors and various patterns which add to the beauty of the kitchen countertop.

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Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are also one of the most popular types of tiles and it is worthy of consideration when deciding what kind of tile to choose for your kitchen countertop.

Compared to other kinds of tiles, especially ceramic, porcelain tiles more expensive and they are harder to install.

When used for your kitchen countertop, they can give your kitchen that resplendent look that you desire.

There are other benefits of using porcelain tiles for the kitchen countertop like low maintenance, more moisture resistance, among others.

Porcelain tiles are however more difficult to repair, heavier and even more expensive.

All these should be given due consideration before choosing whether to go for it or not.

Quartz Tile

Although different from granite, quartz tiles bear some resemblance to granite tiles.

These set of tiles, though less expensive than granite, are more durable.

Coupled with this, they are impermeable, thereby preventing water or bacteria from getting inside.

A major drawback of this kind of tile, however, is that it cannot be repaired easily.

Mosaic Tile

This is another kind of tile which should be considered when choosing the suitable tile for your kitchen countertop.

Mosaic tiles are made in sizes of 1-inch square units and unlike some other types of tiles, they are very easy to install.

They are also very durable and can be mixed together to create beautiful patterns, thereby adding to the beauty of the kitchen.

Compared to other types of tiles, mosaic tiles come in different shapes and forms, giving you the opportunity to choose whatever shape you desire.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Tile for Your Kitchen Countertop


Before you choose what kind of tile to use for your kitchen countertop, you must consider the size because tiles come in various sizes.

There are tiny mosaics, which are made in sizes of 1-inch square units and other tiles, measuring up to 48-inch squares.

If you have a large countertop, you might go for bigger tiles rather than smaller ones and if you have a smaller countertop, you can consider using smaller tiles.


It is important to have a good knowledge about these tiles before getting them, so as to get rid of any reservation you may have and also to prevent regret after you have gotten them.

The various types of tiles have different modes of maintenance.

While some might just require wiping with a soft cloth and warm water, same might not be applicable for other tiles.

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Tiles have different finishing and it is important to consider this before choosing your desired tile for your kitchen countertop.

There are hand-painted, crackled painted, smooth glazed, amongst others.

You should carefully weigh them out and choose the one which you desire.


This is very important because you wouldn’t want to choose a tile with a color that doesn’t match with the color of the kitchen.

The color of the tile should harmonize with the color of the kitchen.


The home owner must consider the different types of tiles as well as their advantages and disadvantages very carefully before making the decision of what kind of tile to choose for the kitchen countertop.

When you fail to do this, the tile you choose might not serve you well and for some, the fixing process can become very tedious.

You might even end up getting a type of tile which doesn’t serve the purpose you have in mind.

These important steps elucidated above will guide you and ensure you make the right choice.

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