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Sinkology Copper Sink: Full Review with Pros & Cons

All-in-one bath kits have become more popular in recent times.

Although, they are not so dominant on the market, you may still find it difficult to choose a suitable one as there are so many all-in-one bath kits from different brands.

In this review, we will take a look at the Sinkology BOD-0903BC-L048-AMZ All-in-One Kit.

The kit includes: a Seville copper sink, a Pfister faucet, a drain, a scrubber, and a Copper CareIQ Kit. If you want to check it out on Amazon, here’s a link to it.

One of the interesting things about Sinkology and Pfister products is that they make the design process of your bathroom simpler and more straightforward.

These copper sinks have excellent decorative effects, more so when there is a complimenting design theme.

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  • Drop in
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 17″ x 5.5″
  • Bowl dimensions: 16.5″ x 11.75″ x 5″
  • Drain size: 1.5″
  • 18-gauge
  • Copper sink is handmade from pure 18-gauge solid copper
  • Copper sink includes overflow system and 4 in. faucet holes
  • Faucet is WaterSense certified to reduce water consumption by 30% 
  • Push & seal pop-up drain assembly included for convenience
  • 1- or 3-hole installation with optional deck-plate included
  • Lifetime Pforever warranty covers faucet finish and function for life
  • Sinkology sink and accessories are all protected by a lifetime warranty

Sinkology BOD-0903BC-L048-AMZ All-in-One Kit Review

The all-in-one kit comes with a Seville copper sink, a Pfister faucet, a matching drain, a Copper CarelQ Kit, and a scrubber.

These are all essential bathroom features that will not only improve your bath experience, but also beautify your bathroom interior.

The 16 gauge copper is sturdy and all other components are finely crafted.

The expensive-looking finish is one of the features that attract customers to this product.

Rich in color, the hammered look will add a very plush and classic effect to your bathroom interior.

Another good thing is that it isn’t hard to install.

It is advisable to get a professional to do the installation for you, however, if you are quite handy, you should be able to install the kit yourself.

Design and Appearance

The copper sink that comes with the kit is made out of 18-gauge solid copper.

This may appear light to some people, however, the sink is very strong and durable. It features an overflow system and 4-inch faucet holes.

Water conservation is another good thing about this al-in-one kit. The Pfister faucet is designed to reduce water consumption by up to 30%; this helps you conserve more water and reduce energy cost by a significant amount.

The copper construction is quite unique and is one of the selling points of the kit.

If you need features that will stand out in your bathroom and at the same time exude aesthetic pleasure, this is one of the products you should consider when constructing or remodeling your bathroom.

Seville Copper Drop-In Bath Sink

The Seville drop-in copper sink is one of the products included in the all-in-one bath kit.

Given that the kit comes at a reasonable price, you will get this copper sink at a good bargain.

It is very functional, and at the same time easy to install.

Of all the products included in the kit, this is arguably the most significant.

Sinkology artfully handcrafts each sink from pure solid copper to make a statement in your bathroom.

Furthermore, it comes with 4-inch faucet holes and an overflow system.

If you mistakenly leave the water running with the drain closed, the overflow feature will allow the water to drain away when it reaches a certain point, so that it won’t overflow and cause a mess in your bathroom.

Copper CareIQ Kit

With a sink as good looking as the Seville drop-in copper sink, you will have to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance if you want the shine to remain.

The cleaning has been made quite easy as the kit comes with everything you need to properly clean the sink and keep it in good condition.

Coppers require specific cleaning agents; these all have been included in the package with instructions on how to use them.

Two spray bottles of protective sealants and a microfiber polish cloth are included.

The solutions are not only responsible for cleaning, they also form a protective cover over the surface of the sink, protecting it against water spots and other destructive elements. It is not enough to just use this solutions, you need to clean the sink regularly.

Besides, it is only normal for copper to change color after a long time.

The microfiber material can be washed in a machine and reused over and over again.

What we like

The first thing we admire about this kit is the Sinkology copper sink.

The design is commendable and the appearance is aesthetically pleasing. Also, we like that this kit comes at a very affordable price.

If you were to buy all the products included in this kit individually, it would cost you considerably.

However, it comes at a very reasonable price that won’t be able to resist.

Also, the Sinkology sink and accessories are all protected by a Lifetime Warranty; this is to show you the level of confidence the manufacturer have in their product.

What we don’t like

The only thing we don’t like about this sink is that the sink may lose its shine after prolonged use.

Even though the sink comes with cleaning agents, you can only maintain the shine for so long.

However, even when the copper shine depletes, it will still look good enough in your bathroom interior.

Regular polishing can help maintain the shine for a longer period of time.


SInkology and Pfister have designed some interesting and innovative bathroom features, and this all-in-one bath kit is only one of many.

The aim is to make high-quality and durable bathroom features readily available at fair prices.

When next you are involved in a bathroom design project, be sure to consider this Sinkology all-in-one kit.

Additionally, they are very easy to install. If you are not in any way handy enough for the installation, get a professional to do that for you. Check out the latest price for it on Amazon here.