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Should Bathroom Tiles Go to the Ceiling?

should bathroom tiles go to the ceiling shower pros wall

A fully tiled bathroom bear’s contemporary aesthetics thus creates a feeling of high hygienic standards and the illusions of a big space and height.

Well if you are thinking of tiling your bathroom to the ceiling then knock yourself out because it’s only in the bathroom that tiles can go up to the ceiling.

So what are some of the advantages attached to installing tiles in your bathroom ceiling?


we are all familiar with the ugly patches that appear on the ceiling in case of a leaking pipe.

So for the neat freaks, you can avoid this problem by installing tiles in your bathroom ceiling thus reduce the chances of exposing the stains, and if the tiles get stained then replacing them is a lot easier and cheaper than working the whole ceiling.

Also remember that when the tiles bulge, you will, just have to pick the few tiles with the problem, remove them and then install the new ones without tampering with other parts of your ceiling.

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As it is right now we have so many types of ceilings that you can install in your bathroom but the cheapest and easy to work with are the tiles.

Tiles can be installed in less time and with less expertise when compared to other types of ceilings, what’s more, is that if you can land on a good tutorial then you will be able to do it yourself and only have a professional assess if the job was done properly.

Enhances neatness

The headache of running wires across the ceiling is real more so in the bathroom, but with the ceiling tiles, you will be able to conveniently hide the wires and conduits that run along the walls close to the ceiling and those that have to run across the ceiling.

The above works best for people who want to install the instant hot showers.

And with tiles running across every inch of your bathroom, you have the opportunity of adding more cabling if you need to improve your bathroom without them being exposed.

Increases home value

Whenever you want to put up your home for sale, there are the minor repairs that you will have to do, to clinch the best price.

Especially in the 21st century where more young people are now into buying homes and are even offering the best deals for as long as your home features a contemporary design.

A tiled ceiling in the bathroom is, therefore, a welcome idea if you are looking to get the best price for you home, however, you will also have to be keen on other areas such as the kitchen and the sitting room to ensure that they resonate with the rest of the rooms that have been modernized.

For example, in the kitchen, you could invest in a kitchen island and have a gypsum ceiling board installed in the sitting room.

Good for Soundproofing

Tiles can make a bathroom more soundproof

In most homes we have the singers, and the kids that will make all manner of noise as they play with water during shower time.

So you don’t want this noise to attract the attention of your guests in the living room and that is why a tile ceiling is a good option, as it will absorb the noise that would have otherwise emanated from the bathroom.

With the tile ceiling installed, therefore, every member of the home including the guests will enjoy the serenity and comfort of your humble aboard.

Tiles are durable

The secret to having your tiles stay on for long is using the proper grout and sealant.

If your bathroom ceiling tiles are installed properly then they will last for many years, a good example are the Roman palaces, that were covered with tiles which proved to stand the test of time, besides your home will at no point go out of fashion.

Maintaining tiles cannot be compared with the need to apply paint occasionally, to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Besides, when your bathroom ceiling gets stained by dust; all you need to do is just to wipe it off.

The same cannot, however, be said with wall paint because you might have to redo the whole bathroom because of the high moisture that makes the paint to peel.

Good for home improvement

Tiles in your bathroom ceiling can be a major revamp for your home as you carry out some minor improvements.

And if you are a homeowner, you will attest to the fact that there is nothing much that you can do to the bathroom, when it comes to upgrading when compared to other parts of the house.

So the easiest way to upgrade your bathroom is to have it tiled from the floor up to the ceiling and add some additional lighting that will enhance the color of your tiles when lit.

Ceiling tiles come in different designs and prints

With the many prints and designs that you can adopt for your bathroom ceiling, by the time the renovation is over, you will barely recognize it.

And the best part is that you could also paint your tiles.

We then have the 99% fact, that nothing is 100%, so what about the bathroom ceiling tiles, is it all pros or does their installation have some cons.

Well if you are looking for a reason as to why you shouldn’t install tiles in your bathroom ceiling, then you will have to look harder because there aren’t so many.

The only disadvantage with the bathroom tiles that go to the ceiling is that it can be a costly affair if you are installing it in your new home.

Remember that the tiled ceiling comes suspended after another ceiling thus the extra cost, but which you could always implement later on after you have settled.


We sincerely hope that you are convinced of the benefits of installing tiles in your bathroom ceiling.

And in case you didn’t realize, this is a one-off solution that will last for many years unless you experience leakages in your bathroom ceiling.

And even if the latter happens, replacing ceiling tiles is much easier than having to redo your whole ceiling, as you will simply remove the units where you experiencing problems and patch it back uniformly.