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Should A Guest Bathroom Have A Tub?

The one thing about the guest bedroom is that they rarely have a large bathroom to fit in a decently sized tub, which then calls for a large shower.

Also, there is the fact that guests don’t stay too long to need the comfort of a tub when you are in transit all you want to do is reach your destination, accomplish your mission and head back home and have a warm nice bath at the comfort of your master bedroom.

So a guest bathroom shouldn’t necessarily have a tub.

Equipping your guest bathroom with a tub also has a lot to do with whether you are looking to resale your house because this inclusion could earn you a solid top dollar.

Besides, people who are looking to buy homes and have families will really appreciate a tub in both the guest and master bedrooms.

But for the guests who come to spend a few days or just one day and are out, then they will most likely shower than bathe, as they are neither that comfortable.

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Additionally, not everyone likes to use the tub and the older adults are at risk of slipping and hurting themselves, so what are the advantages of using a shower for the guest bathroom when compared to the tub?

Saves on water

we must be in consensus as concerns the rising cost of living and the last thing that you would want is to waste water and electricity.

Imagine hosting a family of four for one week and each of them uses the tub every day, you most certainly expect to incur high costs when paying the electricity and water bills at the end of the month.

But then picture this, u just install a sizeable shower, and all your guests are in and out in minutes, as they have no time to lounge in the bathroom and none will be filling the bathtub with water and then drain all the water to the drainage at your cost.

Easy Access and use

we don’t refuse that a tub is quite convenient for many people of almost all ages, but we must also note that it does pose a risk to the older individuals and small kids.

So with the above in mind, all your guests including those who have mobility issues can easily access the shower, without having to worry about getting out of the tub.

And as regards the above, you can always add the grab bars or install the non-slip tiles in your bathroom or even benches, which then gives the individuals with mobility problems a variety of options on how they can best take their shower.

Saves on time

should a guest bathroom have a tub shower

you cannot compare the convenience of a shower with that of a tub, if you are in a hurry then the tub is not the best place to take your shower, and worse still is if there is someone already pampering themselves inside, it could be quite rude to end the session when they are not ready to leave.

So the best thing to do is to install a shower in your guest bedroom that will not only help the guests but you or other members of your family who need to rush out quickly and don’t have the time to fill the bathtub with water.

Some people will, however, say that you can use the tub to take a shower, well the risk associated with this idea are so many because for one, the tub is very slippery and second it is one of the causes of the bathroom deaths that is if you accidentally fall and hit your head on the tiles or the tub.

Varied shower options

the question here is how do you want your shower, steam, jet, or rain.

Just because you decided to install a shower in your guest bathroom doesn’t mean you stay traditional as there are high-end features that will even make taking a shower interesting for the guests.

For example, the jet shower can be one quick and interesting way of getting ready in the morning, the steam shower is also a luxurious way of starting your day and the rain shower can be quite refreshing.

So whichever of the above high-end showers you choose to go with, you can be sure that your guests will not miss the tub?

Doesn’t take up much space

well, unlike the bathtub, a shower normally occupies less space but not in the contemporary modern homes, all in all is that when compared to the space that a tub will occupy, showers take less space and are less clumsy even when it comes to maintenance, durability, and cleaning.   

Well now that you know the pros of installing a shower in your guest bathroom, it would only be fair if we furnished you with information on the cons of the same to help you make a conclusive decision on the best options as concerns your home set up.

Cons of showers

While they come as a convenient option for many homeowners with frequent guests, showers can be a pain in the neck when they start leaking.

The reason being they take a lot of time to repair and might, therefore, redirect traffic to your master bedroom.

For your guests who have small children, you might have to find an alternative means by which they can bathe their kids because a shower is by no means practical.

A guest bathroom with a shower will attract high maintenance standards because of the scum that tends to form at the door and on the walls from the mixture of soap and dirt.

Lime and calcium stains are also culprits and will require constant cleaning and maintenance to take the stains out.


Before you settle on either the shower or a bathtub for your guest bathroom, you need to know that the bathtub has a higher ROI that is if you are looking to sell your home in the future. And a bath tub can be more relaxing that a shower thus enhancing the experience.

But then again showers are more convenient because they can allow you some considerable amount of space in the bathroom, and you can always install a sitting bench if necessary.