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How To Decorate Your Home Interior With Flowers: Full Guide

A metal bucket vase with simple white flowers, on a wood surface with a gray wall in the background.

Flower arrangements are a beautiful addition to any home. Regardless of the season, flowers can make a room feel full of life. However, for someone who is unsure about how to decorate their house with flowers, the concept might seem daunting.

To decorate your home with flowers, for the overall effect of your arrangements, consider the:

  • room
  • type of flowers
  • color scheme
  • container

For example, big arrangements are excellent for a hallway, while smaller bouquets are more suitable for a bedroom.

Because there are so many things to consider in terms of flower arrangements for your interior decoration, this article serves as a complete guide for decorating your home interior with flowers. Some topics discussed in this article are:

  • which flowers to use
  • where to place them
  • the effect of the containers

Decorating Your Home Interior With Flowers

Flowers always look lovely inside a home. If you don’t know how to strategically place and use your flower arrangements, they can make a space feel cluttered or disorganized. On the contrary, if you know how and where to place lowers, they can tie together an entire room.

This guide was created to make things a bit easier for you. We explain the finer details of using flower arrangements to decorate your home interior. With these tips, you can turn any flowers into a showstopping attraction in your home.

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NOTE: If you are doing a full redecoration of the interior of your home, this article I wrote on whole house decorating, but for now, here are some suggestions for using flowers to decorate your home interior.

#1: You Don’t Need Expensive Flowers

Many people believe that you must buy the most expensive flowers from a flower shop to look beautiful in your home. However, this is not the case. Depending on how they are arranged, more affordable flowers can look just as good as expensive ones.

Consider seasonal flowers when you purchase flowers. These flowers are more affordable and will likely last longer than others. In addition, seasonal flowers can make your home feel more in touch with the changing of the seasons.

You can accomplish this with the color of the flowers as well. For example, for flower decoration in the fall use these colors:

  • yellow
  • brown
  • red

Bright and colorful flower arrangements are perfect for spring and summer, while great in winter are:

  • white
  • blue
  • purple

Grocery stores, such as Trader Joe’s, have an extensive selection of flowers that can easily be used in your home. They are more affordable than flowers you buy at the florist and last just as long. In addition, many grocery stores also have an extensive selection of foliage to choose from.

You can also forage for wildflowers outside. Wildflowers are a great alternative to store-bought flowers. They are always in season and are more sustainable than store-bought. In addition, foraging for flowers can help spark your creativity and is a fun challenge to create exciting flower arrangements.

2 small hydrangea blossoms in pink and purple, each in simple white vases, with a light background.
The vase should tie the flowers to the room’s decor

#2: Consider The Vessel You Place the Flowers In

Sometimes, an interesting vessel can change a flower arrangement from ordinary to breathtaking. The vase ties the flowers to the room’s aesthetic in many cases, so consider the vessel:

  • color
  • texture
  • size

Clear vases are an easy way to brighten up a room. They showcase the entire flower arrangement and are found in various shapes and sizes. Whiskey glasses make the perfect vessel for small bunches of flowers and are a beautiful addition to a coffee table or side table.

Big, dark-colored vessels work exceptionally well with colorful flowers to create a contrasting effect that draws every eye. Black vases also work for this effect, and so do vases made of metal and copper.

Shallow dishes can also be used to lay flowers in for an interesting effect. In addition, you can remove the flower heads from the stems to create a floating flower arrangement. This is the perfect way to reuse old flowers or create a truly unique flower arrangement.

#3: The Placement Of Your Flowers Is Crucial

Many people struggle to find the right place for a specific flower arrangement. Often, a huge flower arrangement placed in the wrong location can make a room feel cramped and disorganized. However, when your flower arrangements complement a space, they are the perfect way to complete it.

Big, colorful flower arrangements are the perfect greeting and should be used at your entrance. Here you can use:

  • big flowers
  • attractive foliage
  • striking vessel

Place the arrangement in the center of the entryway table.

Multiple flower arrangements work well on the dining room table. Here you can consider various smaller bunches, such as a row of three flower arrangements. While the vases don’t have to be precisely the same, ensure they are coordinated for a well-rounded effect.

Vases of different sizes or heights are perfect to create a unique and interesting dining room arrangement. You can also consider using the flowers and foliage to create a runner on the table. If you dine at the table often, remember to keep the flower arrangements low to see and interact with the other diners easily.

Smaller flower arrangements also look great when placed in layers. For example, use multiple flower arrangements on a bookshelf for a cohesive but finished look. In addition, use a single, small flower arrangement on your bedside table or in the bathroom.

Top view of several open containers of realistic looking faux flowers of the same type in varying colors.
Some faux flowers look very real

#4: Supplement Flower Arrangements With Faux Flowers

Faux flowers may have a bad reputation, but they are perfect for supplementing a bouquet of live flowers or foliage. Don’t buy the cheapest fake flowers, however. Instead, look for faux flowers like these sold on Amazon that have realistic features. Also, consider bending the faux flowers to make them look more natural.

Experts recommend using live foliage if you are arranging with only faux flowers. The live greenery transforms the bouquet, making the flowers seem more real. Alternatively, use fake flowers in combination with real flowers. By doing so, you can supplement the actual flowers, making the flower arrangement fuller.

You can also add faux foliage like this, sold especially for this purpose. However, as the foliage is affordable, it is better to use real foliage for a more natural appearance.

#5: Use Your Space Wisely For Flower Arrangements

Another excellent use of flowers to decorate your home interior is making a space appear bigger or covering up unwanted areas. For example, place a flower arrangement in front of a mirror to create the illusion that there are more flowers than there truly are. You will also see the arrangement from all sides, and your attention will be drawn to them.

Place a large flower arrangement in the center of an empty wall to include that wall in your décor. Alternatively, use a flower arrangement to cover any cracks or faults on your walls. Any faulty or ugly area looks heaps better when a beautiful flower arrangement is covering it.

#6: Use Hanging Flowers For A Bare Wall

Another way to cover a bare wall is to place small bunches of flowers in hanging vases. Hang the vases at different heights to create a layered look. Or use the flowers in combination with tealights (I recommend these LED ones sold on Amazon) to brighten up the wall and highlight its beauty.

You can also use mirrors against the wall or on the ceiling to draw people’s attention, which is also an excellent place for wildflowers. If art is on the wall, ensure the flowers complement the art, rather than overcrowding it.

#7: Consider The Color And Texture Of Your Flowers

While a colorful bouquet might lighten up a room, it can create a messy look in another one. Consider the color pallet of the room and let the flowers complement it so the flowers seem like they belong.

Also, consider the size of the flowers. Small flowers can disappear in a large room or vessel, while large flowers can sometimes look overwhelming. The aim is to have a tranquil and balanced look. Therefore, ensure the color and size of the flowers match the décor and size of the room.

A dark background and vase filled with different types of light pink flowers and varying pink foliages.
Monotone flowers can create a beautiful yet simple centerpiece

#8: Consider A Monotone Flower Arrangement

Sometimes, a single color is all that is needed to create a striking centerpiece. Using different flowers of the same color will create a beautiful yet simplistic flower arrangement. Combine flowers of different sizes and textures into a vase and place them in front of a mirror or the center of a table.

This arrangement is sure to grab the attention of any visitor. In addition, a monochrome flower arrangement helps to draw attention to all the different types of flowers. Sometimes, we get so distracted by the colors that we fail to notice the shape and texture of the individual flowers in the bouquet.

#9: Use Dried Flowers For A Timeless Arrangement

Dried flowers have a beautiful, timeless elegance. Dried wildflowers and plants in an understated vase help to create a fabulous centerpiece. They can also be used to liven up a corner or windowsill. In addition, you can use dried flowers in combination with live flowers for a truly unique arrangement.

To dry the flowers, place them flat or upside down and gently handle them to prevent them from being damaged.

#10: Use Dramatic Foliage For A Striking Flower Arrangement

Dark green foliage creates a dramatic look and pairs well with nearly any color of flowers. If you cannot find many flowers, choose a few brightly colored or white flowers. Then, use plenty of foliage in the arrangement. This will help the flowers stand out from the foliage and create a pop of color in between the green foliage.

Eucalyptus leaves work well with pastel-colored flowers, whereas orange tree leaves are excellent for brightly colored flowers. Both foliage types work well with white flowers; depending on the aesthetic you wish to accomplish.

#11: Ensure The Flowers Match The Art

If you use flowers in the same space as art, ensure the two are coordinated. For example, if you have a painting with down-toned colors, be sure to use pastel-colored flowers and pale green foliage to accompany the artwork.

However, if your painting is bright and busy, use a lot of green foliage and some brightly colored flowers. This is also the perfect opportunity to use a monochrome flower arrangement. Regardless of what you use, be sure the art and flowers complement each other rather than compete for attention.

#12: Keep It Simple With Flower Arrangements

While a striking bouquet certainly has its place, sometimes all that is called for is a simple but elegant flower arrangement. Like succulents on a coffee table, flower arrangements should be enjoyable to look at but not wholly trample everything else in the room.

Especially if the room is already busy or crowded, only add a simple flower arrangement for a finishing touch. While there are so many beautiful flowers and arrangements to choose from, sometimes you must show restraint and opt for something a little more understated. A beautiful bushel of flowers can sometimes add a special effect to a room without being over the top.

A person with a white shirt with sun shining through in the background, holding a bouquet of wildflowers in pink, yellow, and white.
Wildflowers are perfect for a relaxed home aesthetic

#13: Consider The Aesthetic Of The Room

All flowers have their place. However, not all flowers work in every design. Ensure the flower arrangement you wish to use matches the room’s aesthetic in:

  • color
  • size
  • mood

For example, certain wildflowers are perfect for a coastal home or bohemian-themed room. However, they might not work as well in a modern or crisp environment.


This article shared some tips for using flowers to decorate the interior of your home. Among other things, this article discussed:

  • what types of flower arrangements to use in certain areas
  • where to find flowers
  • how to make a bouquet look fuller by using faux flowers

Remember that the purpose of the flower arrangement is to add to the interior decoration of your home. The flowers should therefore complement the interior decoration rather than counter it. So now you are ready to make your own flower arrangements to decorate the interior of your home!

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