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How To Decorate Your Home With Balloons: 4 Magnificent Ideas

Invented in 1824 by Professor Michael Faraday, balloons have been known to add cheer to every occasion. The array of magnificent colors will add brightness to any dull room and bring about a paradigm shift in the atmosphere. Add some cheer to your home and learn how To decorate your home with balloons.

The top fun ideas for decorating your home with balloons are memory walls, balloon walls, bouquets, and chandeliers. While some prefer color coordinating the balloons to match the rest of their décor, others are much bolder in their choice of colors and shapes.

Decorating your home with balloons is more than just a skill; it is an art form. While the choices may differ, each balloon can help tell a story. You, too, can write your own story as you capture those special moments. So why not add some cheer to your home and reveal the artist within. Join me as I share some tips on decorating your home with balloons.

Tips On Decorating Your Home With Balloons

There’s something magical about balloons; perhaps it has to do with the natural ability of balloons to float upwards. You may be keen to bring some of that magic into your home to remind you of your dreams, ideas, hopes, and aspirations. Getting started is as simple as following the steps below.

#1: A Memory Wall

A central focus of every home is a wall that would capture your most precious memories. While it’s common to do so with photo frames, some have opted for a unique combination of photos amidst various balloons. Capture those special moments by surrounding them with balloons intertwined with some yarn to create that perfect balloon frame.

  1. After you’ve blown up the balloon, knot the top of the balloon and stick it with some double-sided tape.
  2. Affix the double-sided tape with the balloon firmly to the wall to create that perfect frame around your prized photo.
  3. Beneath each image, you can also add a plaque to celebrate the occasion, or simply select a favorite color balloon in honor of a loved one.

Every home needs a memory wall, get the family involved, and remember to make it as fun as possible with each family member adding in their personal touch.

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#2: A Balloon Wall

Minus the photo, a wall filled with balloons can also serve as a great feature wall. This wall is sure to capture attention and make a bold statement. If you’re brave enough, you can practice your breathing skills by blowing up about 70 to 100 balloons.

For the faint-hearted, help is just a hand pump away. Balloon’s blown up to the same size will ensure that they are in unison. However, inflating them to various small, medium, and large sizes will create a more structured effect.

You can use foam board to create the shape of your balloon wall. Either opt to have the complete wall covered in foam board, or you can cut out the foam board in an arch or semi-circle and attach it to the wall.

Using different sized balloons on a wall brings extra structure and interest

Affix the foam board to the wall with double-sided tape, depending on what statement you are trying to make.

Arrange your blown-up balloons accordingly. These balloons can either be glued together or directly on the wall. Arrange the large balloons on the top, the medium in between, and the smaller ones on the bottom to create an effect.

Bonus Tip: Instead of foam board, you can use a mesh wire, and tie the balloons to the mesh wire using ribbons or string. In between, you can add some foliage or fairy lights.

#3: Balloon Bouquets

Everyone loves a beautiful bouquet. The beauty of bouquets does not have to be solely dependent on the flowers. For the love of balloons, blow up some brightly colored balloons and tie them together with ribbons or yarn; on the ends of the balloons, add a thin piece of wire, twist, and poke into a potted plant.

A floral foam flower arrangement block is ideal for a beautiful balloon flower arrangement. Take a wire, twist around the blown balloon and poke into the foam flower arrangement block.

Add in some foliage and ribbons, and you have a beautiful floral arrangement that you can place on a side table or on tabletops to add some color to your home.

#4: Balloon Chandelier

A definite conversation starter is a balloon chandelier placed on the ceiling directly across the entrance and positioned in the middle of the living room. The choice of balloons can either match your décor or opt for bold and bright to capture some attention and serve as a showstopper.

  1. Start by using three medium wire rings and a small ring for the top of the chandelier.
  2. Twist the wire to form a circle; the size depends on how big you want the balloon chandelier to be.
  3. Blow up some medium to small balloons. You can use, on average, about 4 to 6 balloons per ring: the more significant the ring, the more balloons.
  4. Tie the balloons with some yarn or ribbons and ensure that the ribbon is long enough to tie to the wire ring.
  5. Tie the balloons to the individual wire rings and join each circle by merging with some rope. The thickness of the string will depend on the weight and size of the balloon chandelier.

Once all the balloon rings have been tied together with rope, join the smaller wire ring with some yarn, you can either cross the thread or plait them. You will start to see the balloon chandelier take shape. All that is needed is for you to hang this to the ceiling. You can affix it with a hook and a piece of rope.


When decorating your home with balloons your imagination becomes a reality. You, too, can add some color and cheer to your home by making balloons part of your home decor.