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How High Should I Hang A Bathroom Mirror? Top Design Tips

A woman looking in a round mirror brushing her hair.

The mirror is one of the last things we glance at before heading out, and it plays an essential role in everyday grooming chores such as shaving, applying cosmetics, and styling our hair. Rest easy knowing that there is no set height for hanging a bathroom mirror. Instead, it all depends on the shape of the mirror and the people who will be using it.

The top edge of the mirror should be a foot higher than the tallest household member and approximately 10 inches higher than the bathroom sink to clear the top of the faucet. Everyone using the mirrors must have their sight lines fall within the top and lower mirror boundaries by a few inches.

No bathroom is complete without a mirror. The bathroom mirror is one of the space’s center points, both visually and functionally. Since it is used frequently, the mirror should be placed at a functional and visually appealing level to the primary users of the room. We have compiled several tips and pointers for the best height to hang mirrors in various locations in your home.

NOTE: Read this article if you’re wondering how high you should hang pictures! You’ll find some really useful design tips!

How High Should I Hang My Mirror?

If you’re hanging the mirror for yourself, make sure it’s at eye level and that you can view your entire face and see approximately a foot over your head. You don’t want your reflection to be so low in the mirror that only a part of the top of your head is visible. The bottom edge of the mirror should be 4 feet from the floor or 5 – 10 inches above the bathroom sink faucet.

The average height of a woman is 5 feet 5 inches, while the average length of a male is 5 feet 10 inches. Therefore, everyone will be able to see well if the top edge of the mirror is placed at 6 feet and the bottom edge at 4 feet. Bend over to see your reflection every day is not enjoyable.

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Correctly Sizing And Positioning The Mirror In The Bathroom

When measuring dimensions, remember to account for any wall lights or sconces you intend to use. Designers typically select mirrors two to four inches narrower than the vanity, which consists of the:

  • sink
  • counter
  • surrounding storage

Of course, the size of the vanity is proportionate to the size of the bathroom.

For example, a double-sink vanity is standard in large master bathrooms, while a single vanity is more appropriate in smaller powder rooms. Narrow vanities, which usually consist of just a sink, are ideal for small bathrooms.

HOT TIP: Choosing the proper size mirror for a smaller bathroom is crucial to make it ascetically pleasing.

The length of the vanity countertop usually determines the size of the mirror. You can choose to have the mirror run the length of the vanity or only the length of the sink basin. However, the mirror should be a few inches smaller than the vanity or sink and situated above them, creating enough visual reflection. 

A large bathroom vanity with a double sink, each with round mirrors hanging above and lights above the mirrors.
Consider the size of the vanity and the bathroom lighting when hanging mirrors

When hanging a mirror, also consider the bathroom light fixtures. For example, if you have wall-mounted light fixtures like these ones on Amazon above the vanity, center the mirror between the vanity and the light fixtures. People typically place the bottom edge of the mirror above the faucet but allowing the two to visibly overlap may create a lovely image.

Hanging Different Mirror Shapes And Sizes

The size and style of your bathroom mirror are the two considerations that may determine how high you hang it. When hanging a round or oval mirror, the lowest section of the curve should be centered just above the faucet.

If you choose a square or rectangular mirror, make sure it’s level and runs parallel to the vanity filling the space between the edges of the countertop or basin. Remember that you should hang all mirrors at eye level to get the most out of them. If you’ve chosen an unusual mirror design, the best rule is to keep it at a comfortable viewing height.

Even if you want to follow your own rules and creative style moving away from the above guidelines, always consider that the mirror has to be functional and at an appropriate eye level. Creative individuals could choose a quirky color or intricate shape to add excitement and whimsy to their bathroom makeover.

Frameless mirrors are stylish if you don’t want a large border surrounding your reflection. However, modern homeowners are more likely to select something sleek and minimal, possibly even frameless, with modern technology such as built-in lights or a display of the day’s weather forecast.

If necessary, mirrors may be carved or constructed into the wall to fit the existing structure, and the same molding or surrounding tile can be used to give the space a more customized look. One of the most important contemplations is whether the mirror form and size are acceptable for the area available above your sink.

2 gold framed rectangle mirrors hang above a double sink vanity in a bathroom.
Square and rectangle mirrors are standard, but you can get creative

Is It Necessary For The Mirror To Hang Over The Sink?

The placement above the basin is ideal for practical reasons. You’ll want to look at your reflection there when brushing your teeth. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t hang it there for whatever reason, you might keep seeking your reflection where it isn’t. After a while, you’ll get used to the odd mirror placement if you hang the bathroom mirror anywhere other than over the vanity.

The norms, on the other hand, are far more straightforward. The mirror must be at eye height and approximately 4 to 7 feet above the ground, to reflect most users’ profiles. Furthermore, mirrors have the effect of making areas look more prominent. As a result, employing a mirror as décor might be beneficial.

These recommendations are just guidelines because there are no rules for hanging bathroom mirrors. You may place an appropriate mirror at any height as long as it does not obstruct other bathroom necessities such as light fixtures or vanities.

Lighting And Positioning Of Mirrors

Excessive sunshine generates glare, but insufficient sunlight leads you to strain your eyes to see in the mirror. In bathrooms with small windows and little natural light, consider placing a lamp over the mirror or sconces alongside it, like these sold on Amazon.

As is true in previous instances, selecting proper lighting is crucial. Ensure that the mirror reflects as much natural light as possible to have the most stunning visual impression possible. Situate the mirror opposite the window to optimize natural light, especially if the bathroom window is large enough to accommodate the additional light.

Choosing a mirror that is the correct size for the bathroom and is proportionate to the location of the bathroom window is the most fantastic option to make. Of course, the bathroom color is also an essential factor to consider.

White is the most fundamental hue since it always reflects beautiful light, but it is also the most common. If you pick a different shade, keep in mind that the reflecting light created may affect your look in the mirror, so choose something that flatters your complexion.

A man smiling at himself in a bathroom mirror.
Natural lighting is best for a bathroom mirror


There are no rules, only ideas, regarding how to hang a bathroom mirror in your home. The most important thing to consider when it comes to hanging a mirror is what will look best for you and if the mirror is in the correct position for its intended use before you begin. By all means, be creative, but you must remain practical.

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