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Carpet or Hardwood In Bedrooms? (Which Is Best For You?)

A bedroom with wood flooring, a bed with white bedding and a bookshelf.

Our bedroom is more than just a place where we sleep; it’s where we rest our weary bodies after a busy day. Therefore, we want to do everything we can to make them as cozy as possible, which means a warm and soft floor and walls.

Other than a cozy bed, we need the correct type of floor that can make it feel like a safe haven. After all, we spend more than a third of our lives in our bedrooms sleeping.

Have you ever wondered which is better in bedrooms, carpet or hardwood? Well, you can always go right with both, but which one lasts longer or adds style and taste to a bedroom?

In this article, we’ll try to answer these questions to help you decide. So let’s dive into this bedroom problem and figure out what’s best.

Key Takeaways of Hardwood Vs. Carpet for Bedrooms

Use a carpet bedroom floor if you:

  • love sleeping with bare feet
  • live in a place with harsh winter months
  • love walking on a comfortable and fluffy floor
  • are working with a small budget
  • rent a home

Use a hardwood floor in your bedroom if you:

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  • have pets
  • plan on selling your home in the future
  • plan on installing a radiant heating system
  • want a floor that lasts for over a decade
  • sufferer from allergies

If you plan on staying in the house for over a decade without spending more on a new floor, you should go for a hardwood floor. On the other hand, if you’d like to lower the heating bills, you should go for a carpet.

What is a Hardwood Floor?

Generally, wood is a very versatile building material that has been used for centuries to erect walls and fences. But, the use of wooden flooring dates back to the 1600s when they were unfinished planks over stone or dirt and supported by wooden joists.

It came to its elegance and style in the Baroque era. Wooden floors are popular for homeowners as they come in various:

  • species
  • cuts
  • colors
  • types

Currently, hardwood floors are constructed from planks produced from a piece of timber. But the increased usage of the concrete subfloor has seen engineered wood flooring gain popularity.

Solid wood floors are still popular and common but costly in the United States. They can be sanded and finished in more ways than engineered wooden floors. Plus, they are durable and improve the value of a home.

A person installing hardwood flooring.
Hardwood floors have many advantages

Pros of Hardwood Floors

  • modern, clean, & polished look
  • can increase the value of a home
  • ideal for pet owners
  • a safer option for people with allergies

Cons of Hardwood Floors

  • easily scratched by heavy furniture
  • more expensive than carpet

What Is a Carpet Floor?

The idea of carpet flooring may seem new, but it can trace its origin to as early as 3000 BC in the Middle East. Different carpets utilize different materials, the original ones were made from wool.

Everything changed in the 20th century with the introduction of synthetic fibers that are cheaper to produce than wool, like:

  • polyester
  • nylon
  • polypropylene

Carpets are still popular for certain parts of the house, particularly the bedroom. The popularity of carpets declined in the early 2000s, but it has experienced an enormous resurgence in popularity in the last decade. Most homeowners still have carpets in certain parts of their houses. 

The main reason people believe that carpets are dead is that they are considered boring and have been around for centuries. However, the current trend of carpets is quite popular among homeowners.

Carpet can match your interior décor, available in many:

  • colors
  • patterns
  • designs

Carpet can be used together with a hardwood floor to make homes warmer.

Pros of Carpet

  • softer than hardwood
  • versatile
  • reduce echo and resonant noise
  • can hide dirt on the floor

Cons of Carpet

  • needs regular maintenance
  • hides allergens
  • quickly shows signs of wear
Carpet pulled back at the corner showing the pad underneath and the carpet strip.
Carpet is more warm and comfortable

Carpet or Hardwood in Bedrooms: Features

Despite being the two most popular options in the market, carpet and hardwood have numerous similarities and differences. They both make superior bedroom flooring and can add value to your house while giving it a modern design.

To know which floor type is better in bedrooms, carpet or hardwood, please read on.


Naturally, carpets are softer than hardwood, which tells a lot about their toughness and comfort. While some carpets might be durable, they’re less durable than hardwood floors.

For those who sleep barefoot, you need something warm and comfortable to walk on every night, and hardwood floors can be very cold and hard to step on.

Carpeted floors are easier to walk on. Different types of carpets can keep the floor warm and make life easier on cold nights.

Even with an underlay beneath a hardwood floor, carpet will provide more cushion. Carpets have an underlay that helps increase their lifespan, but they also absorb the pressure from daily traffic.

A high-pile, softer carpet is more expensive. On the other hand, hardwood floors are stiff and flat, which can sometimes be uncomfortable.

In terms of comfort, carpet is the clear winner! It is soft and feels great to walk on barefoot.

Quiet Space

Quiet surroundings are preferred while sleeping, so we do everything we can to reduce noise level in our bedrooms. Did you know that the type of floor can play a huge role in determining how quiet the bedroom is, especially when your partner walks around?

When picking carpet or hardwood in bedrooms, consider the amount of noise they each produce. Carpets are quieter than hardwood, and help mask noises. Plus, there are carpet options that make little-to-no noise.

Carpet bedroom floor comes in handy when partners have different schedules, so they can leave the house without disrupting each other. Carpets can also absorb noises, while a hardwood floor can reflect them.

Carpets can lower the noise level and are great for creating a quieter space.

Which One Is Healthier?

For those who suffer from allergies being in a room with allergens and pollen can make them miserable. When it comes to carpet or hardwood on bedroom floors, be very cautious.

For instance, hardwood comes with a smooth surface that will not collect dust or pollen, making it the easiest to keep clean. All that needs to be done is sweep the dust and be sure it is clean and allergen-free.

On the other hand, carpets are at a disadvantage in keeping your home healthy, since the long fibers will absorb anything in the surrounding.

It traps dust and pollen, among other allergens. Even when vacuumed daily, plenty of dust can still be in the air. Plus, removing stains from the carpet can be quite challenging.

Carpets are likely to develop mold thanks to the moisture that accumulates below them with time. The presence of mold can lead to severe respiratory problems. On the other hand, the only place where hardwood can develop mold is near places with water damage.

So in terms of health, hardwood has an advantage over carpet. But with proper maintenance and regular carpet washing, you can prevent some health issues. A good cleaning can help eliminate allergens and dust; but can’t be done daily. Learn what you need to know about how cold weather affects wood flooring here.

A person in slippers vacuuming a bedroom with hardwoods and a rug.
Hardwood floors are easier to keep clean

Cost Comparison

Generally, the material cost of carpet ranges between around $1 and $11 per sq. ft. On the other hand, hardwood goes for between around $3 to $14 per sq. ft. Therefore, for a space of about 12′ by 12′, you can pay a maximum of $1,500 for carpet and $2,000 for hardwood.

NOTE: If you have a lower budget, carpet is an ideal option.

The installation cost varies, with carpet installation costing between around $49.88 for nylon carpet, and $67.33 for wool carpet per 100 sq. yards. On the other hand, installing 100 sq. yards of hardwood costs about $60.

Purchasing and installing hardwood floors costs more than carpet. But considering its durability, a hardwood floor may be worth its price. If budget is a concern, capret is the way to go since it is less expensive to purchase and install.

Flexible Style

It might not seem like it, but hardwood is more versatile than a carpeted floor. Compared to carpets, a hardwood floor works well with many interior styles, and is easier to restyle.

To change the color of the bedroom, new carpet may be necessary. On the other hand, hardwood floor only needs a new stain color, and it’s good to go. Dark walnut floor can be changed into white without breaking the bank.

Any type of area rug can be added to improve a bedroom’s interior décor. It can be moved around the bedroom or removed at any time. Therefore, when it comes to versatility, hardwood floor wins.


Hardwood floors can be a considerable investment, but they are very durable. The lifespan of any hardwood floor can stretch to over a decade, withstanding high foot traffic without it wearing down. Some wood species are scratch resistant, and a finish can protect it for years to come.

Carpeting offers different surface protection. Sure, it is warmer, but with time the carpet fibers will flatten and lower their cushioning, resulting in a less comfortable floor. Its color can fade before the carpet wears out. The carpet may be comfortable but loses to a hardwood floor in durability.

A hardwood floor is pet resistant, so there is no worry about a dog destroying it. Sure it can scratch a wood floor, but it can be repainted when damaged.  However, a dog can easily scratch the carpet fibers and it may have to be replaced in time.

Resale Value

If you plan on selling the house in the next few years, then the resale value of the home will play a massive role in your flooring decision. Upgrades may include flooring and ensuring that its interior décor stands out.

So when it comes to carpet or hardwood for bedrooms, think about durability and resale value rather than comfort.

Carpet may not have lost favor with the population, but it can lower the resale price of your home. Some new buyers may love it, plus the older generation adores it, but a new installation will only help a little with improving the resale value.

On the other hand, homes with solid wood flooring have a higher resale value than homes without wood floors.

In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, more than 21% of realtors advise homeowners to install wood floors before putting up their homes for sale. The report claims that adding a wood floor can have an average return of about 91%.

Moisture Resistance

Like all the rooms in a home, the bedroom floor is prone to moisture. A pet may accidentally pee on the floor, or water might spill, so the right floor for the bedroom is important.

Fortunately, the material used to make the carpet can withstand a specific moisture level since it’s breathable. But its fibers can trap moisture resulting in mold, which is not a good idea, especially for people with allergies.

On the other hand, hardwood is moisture resistant, and when coated with the right wood finish, there is no worry about moisture destroying it.

When it comes to moisture resistance, hardwood with the right finish wins.

Pet Friendly

Pets are part of the family, so when picking suitable flooring, consider their behaviors, especially in the bedroom. Carpets can be very comfortable and soft for a dog or cat to sleep on in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, looped piles can get snagged into a pet’s nails. Prevalent and almost impossible to clean carpet pet issues are:

  • dander
  • dirt
  • stains
  • urination

On the other hand, hardwood floors are durable and don’t scratch easily. Plus, wood floors won’t trap pet dander, so it’s an excellent option for anyone who is allergic.

Compared to carpets, hardwood floors are straightforward to clean. Therefore, even though rugs are soft and comfortable, hardwood floors are more pet friendly.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating can be a great addition to a home, especially during the winter. It makes the home as warm as possible by directly heating:

  • walls
  • ceiling
  • floors

Which floor material works best with radiant heating? Carpets act as insulators and can negate a part of the system’s effectiveness.

Unfortunately, radiant heating can’t be installed if the carpet has been attached to the subfloor using glue. Alsom, carpets are warm so radiant heating may not be needed.

On the other hand, hardwood works perfectly with radiant heating. For best results, use narrow ¾, inch thick boards. If you plan to install a radiant heating system, opt for hardwood floor.

A bedroom with a cozy wood bed and a nice light with different colored pillows, blankets, and a circular white rug at the foot of the bed.
Wood floors are easy to redecorate

Stand Out Features

Well, the answer to the question: carpet or hardwood in bedrooms, which one is the best? It varies with homeowners depending on their tastes and preference, and what they plan on doing with the house in the next few years.

If the plan is to sell it later, a hardwood floor can be a great addition to the home. So here are some of the key features that can help you pick the right option for your bedroom:

  • Rustic style decor: if your entire house already has a rustic décor, installing a hardwood floor can complete the look with a timeless design that many homeowners love.
  • Increase the value of your home: the durability of hardwood floors makes it one of the best flooring materials available, and why it’s known for increasing home value.
  • Versatility: carpets may be affordable, but you will have to purchase a new one every time you redecorate your home. Hardwood can be stained to match a newly decorated bedroom, which is more affordable. Hardwood floors can work perfectly with any type of interior décor.
  • Carpets don’t show furniture scratches: carpets are soft, and when well installed, you can move anything on top of it without leaving any marks. So you will never have to worry about dents, even if a heavy object falls on it.

Do Most People Prefer Carpet in Bedroom?    

Yes, even the folks who love hardwood floors tend to cover them with a carpet. In the past, carpets were a must-have in most rooms in the house, including the bedrooms. But currently, homeowners are split between hardwood floors and carpet.

Carpets are famous in bedrooms, but they’re non-existent in other parts of the house. Most homeowners prefer carpet because they don’t want to walk on a cold, uncushioned floor.

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