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Do Black Kitchen Sinks Scratch?

Do Black Kitchen Sinks Scratch

The number of people searching online for a black kitchen sink is skyrocketing. One of the great features of these composite sinks is that they’re scratch-resistant, so you won’t have any problem with scratches or scuffs, but you might want to check what kind of water you have in your area before you buy.  

Read on to find out why!

Tired of Stainless Steel?

Long, long ago our great-grandparents washed dishes in a porcelain sink and had no other choice.

But porcelain can chip and crack and is extremely heavy. But then, along came stainless steel.

Stainless steel is light, durable, and doesn’t crack or chip like porcelain. It’s also, as the name suggests, stainless.

It’s an affordable addition to any kitchen and is easily installed.

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But, let’s face it, stainless steel can get pretty boring.

And these days, there are some fabulous alternatives available that can give your kitchen a modern, stylish touch that’s sure to prove a talking point for guests. 

What Are Black Sinks Made From? 


If a metal sink is what you’re after, then a black sink is still possible, but metal does scratch.

Now, you won’t see the scratch as easily as you might in a stainless-steel sink, but scratches are never good to have as if they’re deep enough, they can harbor pretty nasty bacteria.


The most common material for a sink, other than stainless steel, is composite, which isn’t so much a material as a mixture of different materials, mainly granite, dust, and resin. Together they create a beautiful finish and are extremely hard-wearing.

If you’re thinking about a black sink then this could definitely be the way to go, especially if you’re on more of a budget.

The great thing about a composite sink is how it can be made to fit your exact style, so you can choose to have it matte, or shiny, or flecked with another color, maybe white or even gold if you’re feeling opulent.

This is because of the finishing technique using resin, which is poured into the mold like a thick gel so can be mixed with flecks of glitter-like color.


They’re natural, hard-wearing, and look fabulous in a large traditional kitchen.

They’re also extremely expensive and they weigh a ton. If neither of these bother you, then a stone sink would always look opulent and will last you years.


And, of course, if you’re feeling truly flush with cash then nobody’s going to have anything but wonderful things to say about a marble sink, and given that it’s completely natural, every design will be different, so you’re guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind piece in your kitchen.

Like the stone, a marble sink is unbelievably heavy so you’ll to make sure that your cabinets are built specially to take its weight. 

Why The Water in Your Area Matters

The only thing that you’ll be warned about if you’re thinking of a black sink is to be sure to check what kind of water you have in your area.

Hard water is the name given to water that’s filtered through limestone, chalk, or gypsum.

It’s perfectly safe to drink but it contains more minerals, so it’s notorious for leaving white deposits in your sink over time.  

While you wouldn’t notice it with a white sink, it’ll stand out starkly against a black sink. 

Imagine having a black sink in your bathroom and not cleaning it after the whole family brushes their teeth. The marks will be similar.

They’ll come off with a little cleaning, which of course never hurts an area like the kitchen sink anyway, but you may find over time that hard water literally takes the shine off your otherwise gorgeous black sink.

In order to get that shine back, coat with a little mineral oil after cleaning and that should do the trick.

If you live in an area of soft water, then you’ll have even more of a reason to consider installing a black sink into your kitchen as the white marks won’t be a problem. 


We love black kitchen sinks. They’re modern and stylish and they’re scratch-resistant, particularly if you go for a composite material.

If you have white counter tops, a black sink will absolutely stand out against them.

Be sure to avoid harsh cleaning chemicals on a black sink because, like hard water, these can leave white streaks so you’re best using a mild detergent when doing the dishes or cleaning.

They’re definitely a fashionable choice and something to consider if you’re thinking of remodeling!

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