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Do Black Kitchen Taps Scratch? (Guide)

Do Black Kitchen Taps Scratch

Black kitchen tabs, or any type of black tapware, looks sleek and stylish. But they must be handled with care. They can be scratched, and when black fixtures develop a scratch, it is far more noticeable than if the kitchen’s taps were a different color. It is during the taps’ installation into the sink when the black color is most likely to be scratched or damaged.

How to purchase a scratchless black kitchen tap

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So those black kitchen taps that you have been dying for years to purchase and add to your home?

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You can finally get them from your local hardware store or specialty shop online and install them in your kitchen. 

How to buy black kitchen taps

While you need to know how to find kitchen taps to fit your kitchen sink, the info in this article is geared toward the care of black kitchen taps, so I will focus on that.

When you’re in the kitchen section at your most reliable hardware store, search for all available kitchen taps with black coloring.

Once you find the model and style that you want and that fits your kitchen, take it off of the shelf and inspect it.

Please remember that black kitchen faucets are prone to scratches. Actually, that is not completely true.

All faucets and tapware are prone to scratches because they have a high use rate in the home.

People grab them roughly when they need to draw water from them, and dishes knock into them during dishwashing.

But since the color is black, you are more likely to see small tiny scratches that you would not see if the tap was chrome.

You have to inspect the black taps closely before you take it to the register for purchase because even during manufacturing, they can develop scratches. Inspect the tap from every angle.

In fact, it would be a good idea if you take a magnifying glass with you.

That may sound like you are going overboard, but inspecting your future taps thoroughly the first time you select them will keep you from making a return trip back to the hardware store.

After determining that there are no scratches on the tap, then you can purchase it.

If you cannot find a scratch-free tap in the store, take a picture of the model and brand.

By doing this, you can search for it on the store’s website. Or you can ask an employee to order it for you. 

How are black kitchen taps scratched?

A black kitchen tap is most likely to be scratched during installation. Installing any type of faucet is difficult.

Plus, the use of tools increases the chances even more of scratching your tap.

So to prevent any scratches, cover the top with a cloth after you place it in the correct position on your kitchen sink.

Also, do not rush through its installation. One small misstep and you can scratch your taps without noticing.

If you hired a handyman to install your black kitchen taps, let them know to be extra careful when installing it into the sink and securing it in place.

If you see the handyman mistreating the tap, tell them what they are doing wrong.

You may not want to intrude on them while working, but you have to keep your taps scratch-free!

How to remove the scratch

If your black kitchen taps develop a scratch, you won’t have to uninstall the entire tap and buy a new one.

There is a way to remove the scratch from the tap.

All you have to do is wash the area that was scratched and then apply semi chrome, chrome, or matte polish to the scratched area.

Cover your delicate hands with a pair of gloves, and then place a large dollop of the polish on your fingertips.

In small circles, rub the polish on the scratch. Wipe off any excess polish but leave a small bit covering the scratch.

Allow the polish to sit for about 5 minutes. When the 5 minutes is up, gently wipe off the last of the polish with a dry cloth.

Do not try to paint your tap with black paint if you find a scratch.

It will not match the shade of black. Polish is the best option.

How to prevent scratches on black kitchen taps

Instead of removing scratches from black kitchen taps, it is best to prevent them from being scratched in the first place.

First of all, never wash your kitchen taps or any other fixing with an abrasive cloth or material.

Do not use the green abrasive part of a sponge. Only use the yellow side of the sponge. You can use a small microfiber cloth or a soft washcloth.

Also, to keep the tap the correct color, make sure to use a liquid that matches the color type.

So if the top has a shiny black finish, purchase a finish that will boost its shine.

But if your tap has a black matte color, purchase a finish that keeps the color matte.

This will keep your black kitchen tap looking beautiful and stylish.


Black kitchen taps are a beautiful design feature that can give your kitchen the pop that it needs.

But, you must protect your kitchen top from scratches during installation.

Plus, when you are at the hardware store, you must closely look around the top because taps can be scratched during manufacturing.

When you wash your taps, use a soft material like a sponge or a microfiber cloth. After installation, cleaning is the second most common way that kitchen taps are scratched.