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Best Resale Value Kitchen Cabinets: Full Buyers Guide

I have dreamed about renovating my dilapidated kitchen for more years than I would care to mention. However, when I finally renovated my kitchen, choosing the best resale value kitchen cabinets was frankly a daunting process that often felt overwhelming.

Best resale value kitchen cabinets are suited to their current layout, produced from dense quality materials, in a style befitting to your home, with great finishing touches like bespoke door frames, handles, and storage solutions that marry function and form.

Through my sometimes hair-razing kitchen renovation process, I realized that there are several pertinent considerations to factor in when you want to invest in durable kitchen cabinets. So, let me guide you to purchase that dream kitchen!

Layout Considerations When Maintaining Resale Value in the Kitchen

Fortunately, your kitchen layout does not have to dictate your unit style. Though it is something to consider when you scout for your desired kitchen that will sell your home.

Should you be fortunate to have an enormous family kitchen, a U-shaped traditional or country-style kitchen would work with a big table or island in the center that will become the heart of your home.

On the other hand – should you have a gally kitchen area purchasing a streamlined modern style design will create a light and airy kitchen, making great use of your limited space.

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Quality Carcass Materials that Maintain Resale Value

If you want to purchase a durable kitchen with a great resell value, consider buying quality kitchen carcasses that will last a lifetime and endure much wear and tear. 

These carcasses are imperative, as they form the internal structure that supports your worktops which can be enormously heavy should you use quarts or granite materials.

Furthermore, they provide support for your drawers, slide-out metal storage units, kitchenware, and hefty appliances.

Kitchen carcasses are often overlooked unless you open a kitchen drawer which can lead to much buyer’s remorse in the long run.

It’s important to consider the density of your kitchen carcass materials as more affordable lower-density materials are prone to warp over time in damp conditions, especially if they must support heavy pots or appliances. 

Therefore, let’s have a look at your best kitchen carcass options that will stand the test of time.

Genuine Wood Cabinets

Rock-solid timber consisting of a single plank is surprisingly not a great choice for kitchen carcasses as they are not robust enough and tend to warp over time. 

Manufactured solid wood is far more durable as it consists of several timber boards or narrow planks joined together to keep them stable.  

The added benefit is that a solid wood carcass may be smoothly sanded, which means that they don’t require edging strips that yellow or peel away with age.

Plywood Material Kitchen Cabinets

Plywood is a great choice as bespoke cabinet artisans often use it to create magnificent durable kitchens. 

It is crafted from quality sheet raw materials, which comprises of hardwood layers that produce a tough material that is incredibly solid.  

However, plywood can also be incredibly heavy, especially if it is used for wall-mounted kitchen cabinets. 

Although, moisture-resistant (MR) or marine-grade plywood is a fantastic option if your home resides in a flood-prone area. Moreover, you have several style options as the material can be painted, or you could retain its natural birch or oak woodgrain beauty.

MDF: Medium Density Fiber-board Cabinets

MDF is a prudent option for cost-conscious homeowners as it is mass-produced, which lowers the material cost. It is superior to other cheaper materials like chipboard. 

MDF is a denser, stronger, and smooth material that features better moisture-resistant qualities than chipboard materials. It is produced from wood fibers that have been bonded together under extreme pressure. 

Furthermore, it is knot and sap-free with an ultra-smooth exterior suited to a wide variety of attractive finishes.

MFC: Melamine Faced Chipboard Kitchen Cabinets

MFC is the bedrock of low-cost kitchens as it is affordable and relatively strong.  

It is produced with chipboard, which comprises of a mix of sawdust, paper, and scrap wood which is then covered with melamine laminate materials.

The advantages of using MFC carcass materials are that its surface is easy to clean, moisture resistant, and it includes anti-fungal properties.

Timber-Faced Chipboard and MDF Units

If you prefer a cost-effective, natural wood finish that should not warp, consider timber-faced material. 

It is crafted from either chipboard or MDF material covered with a wafer-thin veneer of timber which creates the illusion of solid wood. 

Bespoke vs Standard: Which Kitchen Cabinets Maintain Resale Value?

kitchen cabinets resale value

Most reputable kitchen companies offer their clients a choice between bespoke, custom-designed carcasses or standard-sized units with varying dimensions.

Standard carcasses are predominantly offered in various typical kitchen unit sizes that should fit in most kitchens. However, as they say: measure once, cut twice.

Make use of a kitchen representative or an online tool to ascertain which sized kitchen units will complement your home.

Alternatively, splash out on high-end bespoke kitchen units by employing a cabinet manufacturer with professional carpenters and joiners to measure and design your kitchen.

Style Matters When it Comes to Resale Value

With so many tempting styles to choose from, selecting kitchen cabinets can be an overwhelming task. So, here are the best options to narrow your search.

High-gloss Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen styles have evolved from glossy red and stark white finishes to understated neutral colors like champagne, cream, and mushroom shades.

However, they still have the same streamlined, hassle-free finishes that high-gloss kitchen designs are loved for, albeit with muted, softer color schemes. 

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

In stark contrast, Shaker kitchen cabinets are crafted from solid timber painted doors framed with veneered centered panels that remain popular. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a timeless, classic kitchen that is incredibly versatile with a wide variety of painted colors – look no further!

For a cool Scandinavian look – choose crisp white or muted pastel colors. Alternatively, add a touch of drama with slate grey or navy-blue colors, or stick o classic colors like cream and sage green coupled with timber countertops.

Freestanding Mobile Kitchen Cabinets

Standalone kitchen cabinets are a great option that has become increasingly popular for those who want to preserve their home’s architectural characteristics, especially period homes.

Freestanding kitchens have become quite trendy in contemporary homes with big open-plan interiors where the kitchen can become the heart of the home with standalone cabinets.

Slab Style Kitchen Cabinets

Slab kitchen doors provide a customizable, smooth canvas perfectly suited to 

entry-level budget kitchens or high-end luxurious designs in vibrant colors. 

If you prefer a low-maintenance kitchen select matt, instead of glossy finishes, including cabinetry without handles. They are sleek, easy to clean, and a safe option if you have curious little ones roaming around.

Finishing Touches are Important for Resale Value

Now it’s time for the fun part! Choose your finishing touches, including additional fittings to frame your kitchen doors, bespoke storage solutions, and complementary handles.

While all these finishing touches incur additional costs, they will transform your kitchen into a beautiful, functional space that might be the deciding factor if you want to sell your home.


Selecting the best resale value kitchen cabinets is as easy as pie if you consider your current kitchen layout, the quality of the building materials, the style of your cabinets, and those little finishing touches that turn a dream into a glorious reality.