The Best Products to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

One thing you will learn about kitchen cabinets through experience is that they get greasy with time.

Your counters and kitchen floor can be effectively cleaned buy simple wiping and moping, however, these would not be effective enough to clean kitchen cabinets.

Oil vapor floats around your kitchen as you cook and it sticks to your cabinets, forming a grease coating and causing dust and other dirt to stick the more.

With special kitchen cabinet cleaners, you can easily get rid of the grease coating on your cabinets and thoroughly clean them.

Here are some of the best kitchen cabinet cleaners you can get around.

1. Bona Cabinet Cleaner Spray

what is best product to clean kitchen cabinets bona cleaner

When it comes to special cleaning products, Bona is s trusted brand that has been around for a long time.

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This cabinet cleaner from Bora is suitable for your wooden, sealed, and laminated cabinet surfaces.

One of the things people dislike in cabinet cleaners is scent and this product has no scent. It comes in a spray bottle and is easy to apply to your surfaces.

It is a non-toxic product that will effectively remove grease and finger stains from your cabinet.

It is not designed for just kitchen cabinets, so you can use it to clean some of your other furniture.


  • It is reasonably priced
  • Suitable for all cabinet surfaces
  • It doesn’t have any unwanted smell


  • It may leave a film on your cabinet
  • It is not the best for tough stains

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2. KRUD KUTTER KK32 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser

KRUD KUTTER KK32 Original Concentrated Cleaner Degreaser, 32-Ounce best product to clean kitchen cabinets

This product is a versatile cleaner that can be used to clean your kitchen cabinets.

If you are dealing with tough stains and grease coating on your cabinets, this is one of the products that can get rid of them for you.

It features a biodegradable and non-toxic formula that will not have negative effects on your cabinets.

A lot of people are wary about kitchen cabinet cleaners because they do not want their cabinets to be tarnished; you won’t have to worry about any of that with this product.

The simple spray design makes it very easy to apply.

It can also be used for cleaning a number of other things apart from kitchen cabinets.


  • Can remove tough stains
  • Does not tarnish cabinets
  • Easy to apply


  • It will require considerable effort to remove tough stains

It’s available at Amazon hereOpens in a new tab..

3. TriNova Wood Cleaner, Conditioner, Wax & Polish

Wood Cleaner, Conditioner, Wax & Polish - Spray for Furniture & Cabinets - Removes Stains & Restores Shine - Wax & Oil Polisher - Works on Stained & Unfinished Surfaces best product to clean kitchen cabinets

This is another all-purpose cleaner that is suitable for your kitchen cabinets.

It comes in a spray bottle and is easy to apply; all have to do is spray directly on the surface, wait for a little while, and then wipe away.

The product goes beyond just cleaning, it conditions and polishes your surfaces, making you kitchen cabinets look better.

Cleaning is just one part of taking care of your cabinets, you need to condition and polish them from time to time, depending on the type of cabinets you have.

This product contains everything you need to take care of your cabinets. As versatile as it is, it should not be used on wooden floors.


  • Enhances the look of cabinets
  • It protects against deterioration


  • It cannot be used on untreated wood

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4. Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream

Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream 8oz, 8 ounces, White best product to clean kitchen cabinets

Parker & Bailey kitchen cabinet cream is a unique product that can remove oil and other stains from your cabinets, at the same time it is capable of hiding scratches that have been made to your cabinets.

It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, so you can be sure that your cabinets will not be tarnished.

In choosing cleaning products for your kitchen cabinets, it may be wiser to go for products that clean and condition at the same time, you just have to be sure that they will be effective.

This will take away the stress of having you clean and then polish.

It is also reasonably priced but you may have to buy a couple of them as the content is quite small and you may need a lot for tough stains.


  • In addition to cleaning, it conditions as well
  • It can hide scratches


  • Content is a bit small

Check it out on Amazon hereOpens in a new tab..

Tips on how to use kitchen cabinet cleaners

what is best product to clean kitchen cabinets

Cleaning can be tedious at times but it is a necessary thing you have to do.

To make your cleaning effort a productive one, here are some tips you can always follow when cleaning your kitchen cabinet.

Apply the cleaner to your cabinet

After you might have bought a good cabinet cleaner/degreaser, you can go ahead and apply it to the cabinets you want to clean.

If you are not sure about the quality of the cleaner, you can apply it to a small area at first to see how it will affect your cabinet.

After applying the cleaner, you may have to wait for some minutes, depending on the type of cleaner.

Clean with soft fabric

After applying the cleaner, you have to use a clean soft material to rub it in a circular motion.

Degreasers are of different qualities, so the effort you have to put in varies; some require a lot of effort and some don’t.

Keep rubbing until all the grease and dirt has been removed.

You have to be careful not to use too much pressure so as to avoid damaging the varnish on your cabinet.

Clean up any residue

It is common to notice residue after using some cabinet cleaners.

All you have to do is clean the residue with a clean cloth immediately after using the product.

Even if you don’t notice any residue, it is still necessary to use a clean cloth to clean the surface of your cabinets after using any degreaser.


These are some of the best products that you can use to clean your kitchen cabinets.

A lot of people use homemade remedies for their kitchen cabinets, and while they can be effective, they are also capable of causing damage to your kitchen cabinet.

For a wonderful cleaning experience, choose one of the products discussed and see how it works.

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