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Best Freestanding Tub Fillers: Full Buyers Guide

There’s nothing like a relaxing bath after a long and hard day. A freestanding tub filler helps in enhancing this daily experience by making it easier and faster to fill up your tub while also providing features that make it more enjoyable to bathe. As there are many types of tubs, it can get quite tricky to figure out what’s best for you. 

Freestanding tub fillers function just like a faucet, albeit they are directly attached to the floor and stand alone by themselves. They’re considered a luxury fixture, considering the extra costs and maintenance needed for them compared to using a regular faucet/shower for filling up tubs. 

Understanding the design of a freestanding tub filler will help you make the right choice in finding one that will complement your tub. We want a tub filler that gets the job done right and is easy to use. We also want to look at their aesthetic and appearances and see how they can enhance your bathroom. 

Requirements for a Freestanding Tub Filler…

Before anything else, we want to make sure that you have the necessary conditions in your bathroom for a freestanding tub filler to fit in and work well with it. These are the following factors that you need to take into account for this type of installation: 

#1: Design of the Bathroom and Tub

For a freestanding tub filler, you’re going to need a considerable amount of space to work with. Anywhere around 1-foot clearance is needed around your tub that’s free should be there so that you can place your freestanding tub filler correctly. 

You need to think about how you plan on using your tub, the type of tub you have, and adjust your tub filler from there. It should be easy to access from both outsides and inside your tub. Aside from that, you also need to be able to move around, so it shouldn’t be obstructing any other fixtures or appliances in your bathroom(such as an outlet). 

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In terms of usage, the most optimal location to put your tub filler should be in a place wherein your spout is loosely aligned with the drain of your sink. If you think about it, no one sits on the drain, and instead, this is usually where your feet would be. When used, water won’t be splashing onto you as it fills, and it also prevents you from accidentally hitting your head on the tub filler. 

#2: The current design of the plumbing system

This is an essential consideration that you need to make. Having a new tub filler installed often entails that you’ll need to extend a specific water line for it. The amount of work that needs to be done depends on your current water line’s design. We want a soft tub filler that takes forever to fill the tub. 

Water lines in a bathroom are often designed to be along one wall and extend from there. To be efficient, plumbers often align plumbing fixtures such as your sink, toilet, and shower to reduce the length of the pipes needed to supply water. With that, it can happen that the best place to put your tub filler on isn’t exactly ideal for your plumbing or vice versa. Consulting with a plumber is the best way to see how things can be moved around so that everything works well in the long run. 

#3: Construction Needs

This type of project is not possible through DIY. You’re going to need to hire a plumber and probably a contractor as well, depending on your current bathroom setup and the changes you’ll need to make to accommodate a freestanding tub filler. 

With that said, it might be more pragmatic or practical for you to renovate your bathroom as a whole. If you need to make any changes, you might as well make the most out of hiring these professionals and do a complete makeover of your bathroom. 

#4: The Tub Filler Itself

We recommended that you go with a branded freestanding tub filler with a warranty on it. It may cost a bit more compared to unbranded ones, but you get the guarantee that they’re made to industry standards which makes them much easier to work with. 

The spout of the tub filler should be at least 6 inches above your tub and should have an overhang of around 2 – 4 inches into the tub. In terms of aesthetics, the usual finishes of tub fillers are often metallic such as oiled bronze, brass, and chrome.

These are the general considerations that you should know for freestanding tub fillers. If you find that some of these might be a bit too much, there is no major problem in skipping these considerations, except the plumbing one. You can get a quotation from a contractor for this project so that you’re fully aware of the costs. 

Types of Freestanding Tub Filler 

Different types of freestanding tub fillers are available on the market today

There are three types of tub fillers: wall-mount, deck-mount, and floor-mount(freestanding). As the name implies, these categories are based on where the tub filler is attached relative to your tub. 

Each type of tub filler has its considerations as follows: 

#1: Wall-mount

As the name implies, wall-mount tub fillers are tub fillers directly attached to your wall. It is usually only used for tubs attached to your walls which is great if you need to maximize the space inside your bathroom. The tub type that matches this tub filler is the alcove tub and the corner tub as these are directly attached to the wall.

The main benefit and issue of this design lie in how the plumbing is hidden, which can present a challenge as any fault in the plumbing might not be immediately apparent. 

#2: Deck-mount

Deck-mount is typically designed for the drop-in type of bathtub. Drop-in tubs often have a surrounding finish, which is the deck, with them. 

The deck mount is probably the most difficult to install since the plumbing for it is hidden(just like wall-mount) and at the same time separated from the rest of your fixtures(like floor-mount). However, deck mount can also have the combined benefits of both types. Lastly, deck-mount tends to be the most affordable among the three.

#3: Floor-mount 

Floor mount types, also commonly referred to as freestanding, are tub fillers that stand separately and are directly attached to the floor. This type takes up the most space but is also the easiest to install, making it the preferred choice for homeowners who previously did not have a tub filler or are planning to have a freestanding tub newly installed.

We felt that you should be familiar with these different types of tub fillers first so that you can be sure that you’re getting off on the right foot by choosing the best type for your tub. Along with a freestanding tub filler, we highly recommend that you get a sprayer to go along with it as well. A sprayer is well worth the money, making bathing and cleaning much easier. 

Best Freestanding Tub Fillers

We want to be looking at the design of the tub fillers, primarily in their shape and form. They should all perform the same function since industry standards are set in stone. Their main difference is in water delivery, as the design of the tub filler is often the limiting factor as to how many gallons of water can flow through it per minute. 

Best Budget Freestanding Tub Filler…

Airuida Solid Brass Chrome Polish Floor Mounted Freestanding Tub Filler Bathtub Faucet with 2 In 1 handheld showerhead 360 Degree Swivel Spout. (Available from Amazon here).

The design of this tub filler can look a bit “commercial,” and there are some features that are lacking, but all in all, it’s a good product for those looking to get their first tub filler. You won’t be missing out on any essential features. The only issue that can be found with this model is in its water pressure, as some customers have commented that it can be a bit too powerful and there is also a tendency for water to drip from the handheld showerhead. 

Flow: 5.5 Gallons per minute

Check out the current price on Amazon.

Best Freestanding Tub Filler For Small Space…

Wowkk Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Brushed Nickel Floor Mounted Brass Bathroom Tub Faucets with Hand Shower. (Available from Amazon here).

A high-quality freestanding tub filler for its price range. What we like best about this model is how easy it is to install and the design of the spout, which both work well with a more limited setup. 

Flow: 5.5 Gallons per minute

Check out the current price on Amazon.

Best Freestanding Tub Filler For Larger Tubs…

Floor Mounted Tub Faucet Chrome Freestanding Bathtub Filler Faucets High Flow Rate 11.9GPM with Hand Shower Mount LLGG. (Available on Amazon here).

If you’re looking to get your tub filled quickly, then this is the tub filler for you. It may seem like a great deal for its price, but you need to consider that the higher gpm(gallon per minute) will entail limited features and higher chances of breaking than other tub fillers. Regardless, it’s still well worth the extra maintenance for its performance, especially for larger freestanding tubs. 

Flow: 10 Gallons per minute

Check out the current price on Amazon.

Best Freestanding Tub Filler For General Use…

Artiqua Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Tub Filler Brushed Nickel Floor Mount Faucets Brass Single Handle with Hand Shower. (Available from Amazon here).

A general use freestanding tub filler should come with all the features that you need while at the same time being flexible enough to fit in well with any tub design. This model from Artiqua shines in these aspects as most of its components are easily adjustable to fit your needs. Aside from that, the design itself is both sleek and functional. 

Flow: 6 gallons per minute.

Check out the current price on Amazon.

Best Luxury Freestanding Tub Filler…

DELTA FAUCET T4777-FL Single Handle Tub Filler Trim Floor-Mount in Chrome

If you’re looking to invest in your bathing experience, this product is just for you. This model’s hand shower releases water with a unique design that sculpts water into shape. The steep price can be quite daunting, but the lifetime warranty provided is a big plus if you think about it in the long run. 

Flow: 10 gallons per minute

Check it out out at here.

If you want to play it safe, you can have a plumber take initial measurements for you and go from there so you can be sure that you’re getting the best tub filler for your household. It’s highly recommended that you have stabilizing brackets installed with them. Stabilizing brackets ensure that your tub filler stays in place and is secured while it delivers water to your tub.

Addons for Tub Fillers 

Aside from the features that come with a freestanding tub filler, you can also opt to purchase certain addons to make it more specific to what you need. Addons either enhance the usability of the tub filler or its functionality. The typical add-ons for a freestanding tub filler are as follows: 

  • Stabilizing Brackets – Essential to secure a freestanding tub filler. 
  • Nozzles – Changes the pressure and how the water is delivered from your hand shower. 
  • Hoses – For the hand shower’s usability. Hose length will depend on the size of your tub and 
  • Temperature Control Valve – This allows for better control of water temperature. 
  • Gate Valve – This allows you to cut off the water supply to your tub filler. Useful in case anything ends up leaking. 

These addons are not required but they do help if you want to make the most out of your tub filler. Take note that adding these will incur additional costs in both purchasing the product and in installation. 


Making the most out of your tub filler involves understanding how it works and how you will use it. Rather than thinking about it as a separate fixture, imagine it as an extension to your tub and see what matches from there. 

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