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Why Is Roof Repair Important?

If you’ve ever owned a house or business, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what repair costs are involved. In between the expenses is the necessity of keeping the roof in good working condition. I look forward to using my experience with properties and repairs to help you identify the problem areas! So, why is roof repair important? 

Roof repairs are an investment that saves you time and money. Leakage causes interior property damage and reduces the insulation, and causes mold. It adds protection against weather elements and helps with allergies and illnesses. A poorly managed roof dramatically reduces the value of a home.

Maintaining a property’s roof has a number of benefits. It is directly related to its longevity and the safety of those living within. Let me help you consider what’s essential so that you can make a proper, informed decision. 

Why Is It Important To Maintain Your Roof?

Regarding a home, when the roofing is neglected and leaks go unnoticed for long periods, it causes an insulation problem. The moisture from the leaks gets absorbed by the insulation and weakens it. It causes leakage in the interior of the roof and walls of the home. 

Furthermore, wet insulation loses most of its ability to retain light from the sun due to its diminished thermal resistance. In turn, the home or structure will be a lot colder than it used to be.

Keeping your roof well maintained will save you time and money in the long run and add a much-needed layer of safety during weather hazards.

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In essence, do not ignore minor issues, but rather see to them before they become major, costly issues that cost you a small fortune.

Fixing a small leak is more manageable than fixing a gushing leak that has caused property damage inside the house or building. Here’s an article I wrote about what to do when your roof is leaking.

Don’t hesitate to contact your roofing experts if you’re unsure of the condition of your roof. They will be able to inspect your roof and let you know whether it is repairable or if it needs to be replaced. The aging of the top is usually the tell-tale sign that a roof needs to be replaced.  

NOTE: If you want to sell in the future, the roof is the first place people will look. A poorly managed roof will significantly lower the value of a home or property because it carries many risks.

In addition, consider finding the cause of the problem so that a permanent solution may be applied.

When a roof is left without repairs, mold will most start to grow and affect the air quality. It will become a problem for people who suffer from allergies, and you may even have people becoming ill more often than before.

Remember that repairs prevent an existing problem from expanding and becoming expensive problems.  

How Long Does A New Roof Last?

When installing a new roof, it’s of the utmost importance that you first find professional artisans who will do the job correctly. You would want a skilled dentist pulling out your tooth, wouldn’t you? Call around and visit your local roofing stores to find the craftsmen who give you peace of mind. 

The roof’s longevity largely depends on the materials used for laying the roof, how well it has been installed and how frequently you maintain it.

Certain materials like Asphalt will only last you 5 – 10 years at most, while materials like wood shingles or cement can last anywhere from 25 – 40 years or more! Consider writing up a budget of what you can afford and weighing all the options.

The region where you live, with its specific weather patterns, will also play an essential role in what kind of roof material is required. If it rains and snows often, you may prefer cement roofing over wood roofing. 

3 Types Of Roofing Materials: What To Expect

  1. Standing-Seam Metal contains steel, aluminum, and sometimes copper and zinc. This roof is exceptionally durable and seldom requires maintenance. Their average lifespan is 30-50 years, but it can last as long as 75 years under the right circumstances and proper care.
  1. Clay or Cement are known across the U.S. for their strength and durability. Individual tiles are laid to overlap the surface of the roof. Their average lifespan is 100 years when properly maintained. They do not suffer from decay like a wood or shingles roof, but their Achilles heel is cracking. Keep an eye on them! 
  1. Slate is made from rocks found in mines. It is the most durable roofing material and can easily last you a lifetime if properly maintained. The average lifespan is a whopping 100 years, with some slate roofs boasting a few hundred years under their belt. Ensure that you immediately replace any broken slabs!

When Should You Replace Your Roofing?

To answer this question, you’ll want to take a peek at the interior of your home, specifically the attic. Keep an eye out for stains, leaky patches, or any signs of material damage.

Afterward, have a look at the outside of your home.  See if part of the roof is cracked or broken, and fix it.

Find out when the last time the roof was replaced by looking at old records.

Depending on the material used, if it’s long past the expiry date and it’s seen better days, you may want to consult a local roofing expert on having the roof replaced. If the roof is sagging, it indicates rotting and needs to be replaced before further damage is done.

NOTE: Unwanted plants on the outside of the roof tell you there is leakage, trapped moisture, and, therefore, mold.

Furthermore, when you look at the roof’s exterior, do be careful where you step as an aging roof may not always have the strength to support your weight. 


Repairing a roof is a long-term investment, very much like washing your vehicle to keep it clean and prevent rusting. Ensure that you know the condition of your roof, especially after a big storm or heavy winds, so that you can immediately