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What are Kitchen Countertop Sheets?

Decoration gives beauty to one’s home.

And while most people often tend to focus only on the room and lobby decorations, kitchen beautification, using materials such as countertop sheets are an essential part of a home decor.

It is for this reason that we will not only be looking at what a kitchen countertop sheet is, but, what type of sheets are best for one’s kitchen, importance, and how to install it.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with it!

What is Kitchen Countertop Sheets for?

Simply stated, kitchen countertop sheets are materials that are being used in covering a kitchen’s table or surface, either for beautification purposes or for the purpose of protecting the table. They could either be in a zinc form, granite and so on.

what are kitchen countertop sheets

What type of kitchen Countertop Sheets Are Best for your Kitchen?

Kitchen countertop sheets are essential elements that can transform the look of your kitchen, whether you want something more traditional, of which we still see most people in the very old granite and quartz world, or something a bit trendy or concrete. 

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However, when setting out to know which countertop sheets is best for your kitchen, the first thing you need to ask yourself is not just how much you’re willing to spend, not how much you should spend.

Please note the difference.

Countertops sheets are no different than any other type of remodeling project.

That is why it’s really important to assess the value in your neighborhood because, you don’t want to over invest in your house, as you won’t be able to get the return.

So for example, if you have a rental property that you rent out for $1,000 a month, installing kitchen countertop sheets that are $80 a square foot, is way too much money to invest.

Next, you’d need to determine how you’ll be using your countertops, like, do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Do you do a lot of cooking? Are you the type that is always worried about stains or scratches? These things ought to be taken into consideration.

Sometimes people will say things like, I want to be able to put hot pans right on my countertop properly.

Well, for such people, what they’ll need to go for is a granite product because granite, has a heat tolerance of like 900 to 1,200 degrees.

Again, when deciding on a material, ask for something that fits with the rest of your home style and design.

Even though a modern concrete countertop may look out of place in a more traditional kitchen, remember, you don’t always have to spend more to get a superior look.

If you’re careful enough in your dealings, you can actually match some low budget countertop sheets to arrive at a perfect style.

And it is always advisable, that when opting to decorate your kitchen with a countertop sheet, it’s best you do so at home, rather than get them from a home improvement store. Want to know the reason why this helps? Come with me!

Importance of Homemade Countertop Sheets

what are kitchen countertop sheets Laminate Sheet Granite Look Marble Effect Interior Film

Before we proceed, I’d love to bring to your notice that in contrary to popular belief, installing a kitchen countertop sheet is as simple as it gets.

Well, let’s not get to that so soon.

Most people chose to use a piece of commercial countertop sheet because they ask themselves, since I can buy it in a home improvement store why then do I want to make one myself?

Well, the reasons are simple, and I’ll tell you now.

Making countertop sheets at home will cause you to not only spend less, but will ensure that you make a countertop that will meet your desire and satisfaction, in all areas.


Another importance is found in the aspect of color.

The beauty of countertop laminate sheets is that you can get them in any color right? Well, I wouldn’t be too sure because if you’re being honest, you’d agree with that when you go to a home-improvement store, you are always presented with basic colors like maybe three.

And that’s not the case when you build one yourself because, in homemade countertop sheets, your choices of color are endless. Like, they’re as limited as your own imagination.

The best part is, you can choose to mix whatsoever color you’d need, and do so to the very density that fits you best.


Another benefit of creating your own countertop sheets is in the sizing aspect.

With a homemade sheet, you can cut and design it to fit your own personal space.

Whereas, when you go up to a home-improvement store to get a kitchen countertop sheet, you’re kind of stuck with what they give you.

That being said, you can still go for any countertop sheets, be it homemade or the bought ones, however, if you wish to arrive at something close to perfection, the former is your best bet!

How to install a kitchen countertop sheet

To install a countertop sheet, you’ll have to first decide on which material you’ll be using.

For the purpose of this write-up we’d be using zinc countertop sheet.

Basically, all you have to do is sort out which table you’ll be using the countertop sheets on, before covering it with the zinc countertop sheet.

 For instance, you can decide to use a cabinetry, alongside some plywood under it, to help serve as a substrate support for the zinc, before gluing the zinc countertop sheet on top of it.

Okay, so let’s say you’re taking a 4 by 8 piece of plywood, with a 3/4 inch thick, just make a trace around the cabinets to create a substrate board.

And then, once you’re done doing that, you’ll probably have to leave 1/4 to 1/2 inch lip around it, so that the zinc sheets will bend backwards over the board.

Thereafter, place your countertop sheet meticulously, making sure that there are no spaces left slipping out.

This is important, so as to avoid having a rough surface or edge countertop sheet on your kitchen table.


You don’t need to spend your entire fortune on buying the most costly kitchen countertop sheet on order to make your kitchen look beautiful.

All you have to do is make good choices when it comes to materials and with careful planning, you will get it done in no time.

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