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Wayne WSS30V Sump Pump: Full Review

wayne wss30v review

If you are not familiar with sump pumps, they are used to remove water that would make basements damp and wet.

In areas that are susceptible to flooding and in places where the substructure goes below the water table, it is necessary to have one.

Typically, a sump pump is installed in a special sump pit.

Water from the drains or the soil gather in the sump pump to be pumped out and far away from the building by the pump.

There are so many negative effects of below-ground wetness, and to avoid these, it is necessary to use a sump pump.

When it comes to sump dumps, there are many options from different brands available.

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However, buying one is not so straightforward.

If you don’t know enough about sump pumps, you won’t know what features to look at before you buy one.

In this review, we will talk about one of the very good models of sump pumps available on the market- The Wayne WSS30V.

It has a lot of great features, however, the one that stands out in particular is the strong battery backup system.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting features of this sump pump.

Features of the Wayne WSS30V Sump Pump

best wayne wss30v pump sump review test

The Wayne WSS30V is a primary and battery backup sump pump made by the Wayne Pumps.

The pump has become quite popular because of the battery backup system and its durability.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the features of this product.

5100 GPH flow rate

The efficiency of any sump pump is directly tied to the flow rate.

A good sump pump should be able to pump out a reasonable quantity of water with little energy.

On the Wayne WSS30V, there are two different pumps; a primary pump which has a flow rate of 5100 GPH flow rate and a battery backup pump that has a flow rate of 2900 GPH.

With a flow rate as high as this, this sump pump is able to get water out of your basement in no time.

Strong and durable design

One of the things you should look out for in sump pumps is the material used for the construction.

Sump pumps have to be durable because of the environment they will be put in, and if they are not made with the right materials, they will not last for long.

However, when it comes to durability, the Wayne WSS30V excels when it comes to this.

The primary pump features a strong cast-iron construction while the backup pump has a reinforced thermoplastic body that is durable enough to stand the harsh sump environment.

Pre-assembled package

There are lot of features on the Wayne WSS30V sump pump and this is another good one.

The pump comes pre-assembled and pre-pumped; all you have to do is get it out of the box and drop it into the sump.

This pre-assembly makes the pump easier to use and it eliminates the installation cost of having to hire a professional.

Top suction feature

In typical sump pumps, the more common design includes strainer baskets, impellers, or weep holes.

This pump however, does not make use of any of these.

It makes use of a unique top suction feature and traps dirt, reducing the likelihood of clogging and increasing the life span of the pump.

This top suction design also makes it easy to take care of the pump.

Alarm system and LED lights

To assure the safety of the user, an alarm system is included in the design of this product.

Whenever the backup pump is on, the alarm system goes off every 20 seconds, producing a very audible sound that lets you know that the backup pump is on.

In addition to the alarm system, the pump has other smart features like the LED lights that indicates whatever state the pump is in at a particular moment.

5-year warranty

The quality of this pump is assured by the generous 5-year warranty it comes with.

This is one of the best warranty duration you can get from most sump pump makers.

If all goes well, you should not experience any problem with this product, however, if you do, you have the warranty protecting you.

Vertical float switch included

It is quite common to buy a pump and then find out that you have to a float switch.

This can be quite frustrating at times.

On this pump, the vertical float switch is integrated and can be programmed by the user to turn automatically when the water reaches a certain level.

What we like about the Wayne WSS30V sump pump

It is safe to say that the Wayne WSS30V sump pump is a very good pump with lots of features, the pros of which outweigh the cons.

One of the things we like about this pump is the quiet operation.

When compare to similar models from other brands, this Wayne pump makes less noise and causes less disturbance.

Another thing we like is the durability of the product.

The primary pump is made from cast iron, so it won’t corrode easily.

Even though the backup part is not made from cast iron, it is made from reinforced thermoplastic which is also very durable.

It wouldn’t make sense to spend so much money on a sump pump and have it break down after a couple of uses.

The durability is emphasized by the generous 5-year warranty it comes with.

Furthermore, we really like the fact that the product comes pre-assembled.

This means that you don’t have to hire a professional for the assembly.

All you have to do is to get it out of the package and start using it.

Even if you are not handy, you will be able to handle the installation.

Additionally, we really like the top suction feature.

The feature prevents the clogging in the drainage pipes.

What we don’t like about the Wayne WSS30V sump pump

We don’t have a long list of things we don’t like as regards the WSS30V, however, there are a number of things we dislike.

The first thing is the price.

While it is very good pump with lots of interesting features, it is a bit expensive when compared to a lot of the similar models from other brands.

The alarm system is very necessary in a sump pump like the WSS30V, however, it is very loud and can be annoying at times.

There is no volume control feature included to reduce the sound from the alarms system; this would have made the pump a better product.

If a pit is not up to 15 inches in diameter, then this pump cannot be used.

This is a little disappointing at the very least.

These are the few things we did not like about this product and as you can see the pros are more than the cons.

Taking care of the Wayne WSS30V sump pump

The fact that the WSS30V is very durable doesn’t mean you should not take regular care of the pump and take special precautions that can make it last longer.

Here are some things you can to lengthen the life span of your WSS30V sump pump:

Don’t hit with heavy object

It is not uncommon to experience short-circuiting with machines like this as a result of dropping them or hitting them with heavy tools.

To prevent short-circuiting, put this tip in mind and stick to it.

Check battery regularly

It is also important that you check the battery from time to time.

By so doing, you will be able to discover any damage caused by excessive heat.

At the very least, you should check your pump battery once a month.

Check discharge pipe for clogging

The top suction feature has reduced the likelihood of clogging, however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot experience clogging.

To prevent damage to the pump, you should check the discharge pipe regularly and promptly get rid of any blockage as soon as it is noticed.

Test the pump from time to time

It is possible not to notice any damage done to the pump until you actually need the pump.

To make sure your pump is in good condition and always ready, you should pour a bucket of water into the pit form time to time to see if the pump will start automatically.

If it doesn’t start, then you know you have to get if fixed as soon as you can.


The WSS30V model by Wayne pumps is a very good pump for your sump.

When compared to a most of the similar models, it comes out on top; most especially when things like noise, installation, and design are considered.

It is a bit expensive but when you look at the features, it is definitely worth every penny.

Whenever you are thinking of getting a sump pump for your new place or whenever you need to change your sump pump, this is one of the products that you should have a look at.

Check Wayne wss30v pump’s price on Amazon here.