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The Top Best Brands For Garage Shelving

Shelves are one of the most efficient storage solutions. They accommodate when you want to store things light enough to go on a secure shelf and get things off the floor. This article has compiled the top shelving brands in the industry for your accessibility. 

Buying garage shelving can be easier and more efficient than building it. There are several brands that provide easy to set up shelving systems. Here are the best brands within the garage shelving industry currently:

  1. AmazonBasics 
  2. Fleximounts 
  3. Gladiator Garage Works
  4. Seville Classics

But just listing the top brands in the industry isn’t enough. This article will give you in-depth descriptions of these brands and why they sit pretty at the top of the garage shelving industry. If you’re interested in making better choices for your garage storage system, keep reading. 

Which Brands Offer the Top Best Garage Shelving? 

Today there are many solutions offered to help curb the issue of garage storage. Brands offer numerous different styles and configurations for users to choose from for their doors. 

The best brands in the industry strive to meet customer needs in a satisfactory yet budget-friendly manner. Not all brands will meet this brief, but they offer a tradeoff. 

Tradeoffs may include options such as quality assurance, innovative features, and additional certifications. These tradeoffs may be worth the price in the end. It’s all a matter of where to invest efficiently. 

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Nevertheless, each of these brands excels in its lane. It is why these brands are considered credible sources to shop for your garage shelving system.  

Here’s a look at the top brands in the garage shelving industry and why people highly regard them in the garage shelving community. 

  1. Amazon Basics 

The keyword here is ‘budget.’ The shelving systems offered on Amazon are budget-friendly for Amazon Basics. Not only that, but the quality of the shelves is worth the coin. 

The winning shelf offered by this brand is the Amazon Basics 5-Shelf Organizing Storage Unit, which you can find on Amazon here. So, what makes this shelving unit ahead of the competition? 

  • It is incredibly budget-friendly. If you’re getting started with planning out the interior of your garage, this is an excellent addition to your starter pack. It is not too heavy on the wallet, and it will satisfy your needs. 
  • It is a tool-less shelving system. It means that you do not require tools to get this shelf staged. Because of this function, users can simply custom-build the shelves to fit their preferred height. The setting up process is easy, and the results are efficient. 
  • Users can easily adjust the height. You can easily adjust the height according to your preference. The shelves are adjustable in one-inch increments or decrements. 
  • The shelves are durable and stable. The material of a garage shelf matters greatly. Amazon Basics gives you a shelf constructed from steel. Steel makes it so that it lasts longer, it remains durable, and the stability is not compromised. 
  • Comes with adjustable leveling feet. The adjustable feet allow users to use the shelving unit even on uneven floors. It makes it a great addition if your garage flooring requires a repair, but you just need a little more time and a lot more space before you can get to that plan. 

Nevertheless, the feet are easily adjustable regardless of the placement or positioning in your garage. 

  • It comes with bonus features. Amazon Basic provides users with a shelving unit that comes with black plastic sleeve clippers. The purpose of this is to allow you to set their preferred height. 
  • This specific shelving unit from Amazon Basics is 36 inches wide and 14 inches deep. It is 72.5 inches in height. Although, this is the maximum height. It can be adjusted to suit you in the comfort of your garage. 

Another reason why Amazon Basics is a top contender is its accessibility. Currently, in the United States, Amazon is at the top of the hierarchy. It is the most popular online shopping app and website. 

In 2019, Amazon had recorded 150.6 million users. It is just in the United States alone. A lot of customers also tend to trust Amazon and the products sold through the platform. It gives the Amazon Basics Shelf a head start in comparison to the rest. 

Here are some of the benefits and features:

– easily accessible

– it is budget-friendly

– it carries the Amazon brand name (brings in increased customer trust)

– it can be delivered in a day (if you’re using Amazon Prime) 

Unfortunately, all good things aren’t entirely perfect. This shelving unit does not come in a smaller size. For example, an 18-inch-deep unit would make the product more versatile to clients with different needs. 

Another shortcoming of the garage shelf offered by Amazon Basics is that you cannot remove a single shelf. The shelves are stacked together. So if you want to remove a shelf, you will have to take out one shelf at a time until you get to the unwanted shelf. 

  1. Fleximounts 

Remember that garage shelving comes in different styles and configurations. These options include: 

  • Simple adjustable shelves 
  • Wall-mounted hooks 
  • Prefab wire loft structures 
  • An all-in-one wall mounted storage that can store pretty much everything 

Fleximount is known in the community for its bestselling item: the adjustable overhead garage storage rack Available from Amazon here). The brand also offers another product, the overhead garage storage lift. 

It also has a variation of the bestselling product, the overhead rack. The variation does not come with plywood on its base. It is for users who want a complete rack without any base for their garage-style, feels, and overall look. 

The overhead storage racks come in two colors: black and white. The last among the top-selling items offered by Fleximounts is a customizable workbench shelving frame, which you can also find on Amazon here

Fleximount is on this list because it offers innovative storage options thanks to the overhead garage storage rack. This product allows users to utilize ceiling space. This form of storage is great because it allows users to store items they use on a seasonal basis. 

Better yet, you can place items you rarely use on the overhead storage racks. This innovative way of creating storage has gained Fleximount, a good number of clients. 

One thing that sets apart the top brands is their ability to be innovative. An innovative brand showcases room for growth, and it helps to set them apart from the competition. 

The overhead storage rack offers the following benefits to users: 

  • It is a durable product. It is sustainable and will last users a long time while remaining at peak quality and performance. 
  • It offers a heavy-duty storage system. The overhead storage rack can hold a weight of up to 600 lbs. Its heavy-duty capability also adds to its durability. 
  • You can also adjust the overhead storage rack. You can adjust its height between 22 and 40 inches. It is to make accessing your storage easier, safer, and more convenient. 
  • The storage design comes with an interlocked grid design. This design choice assists in maintaining the overall stability of the rack. 
  • You can install this shelving unit by yourself. The brand comes with an installation guide that will help you set up the overhead storage rack. 

Apart from their best-selling product, the overhead storage rack, Fleximount does offer traditional wall shelves if that’s something you’re keen on getting. 

If you are concerned about whether or not you can find a measurement guide, Fleximount offers one on their website, whether you’re looking at the overhead storage racks or the traditional wall shelving. 

The brand provides the sizing or measurement guides. 

Moreover, you can find Fleximount products not only on the Fleximount website but also on Amazon. It enables accessibility, convenience, and quality guarantee. 

Potential buyers can simply look up the products at the comfort of their Amazon app and get them delivered as well.  

  1. Gladiator Garage Works 

Gladiator Garage Works is well known for its heavy-duty shelving units. It is their best-selling item up to date. But they do offer a diverse range of other shelving items which you can check out on Amazon here

They offer three types of shelving systems: 

  • The Heavy-Duty Shelving System 
  • The Easy Choice Shelving System 
  • The Wall Mounted Choice Shelving System 

The Heavy-Duty Shelving System 

The shelving units in this category come with features that suit heavy-duty shelves. Welded steel frames are the main feature here. These frames allow users to store heavy equipment, tools, or gear that may be too large to fit into a cabinet. 

They offer four types of units for their heavy-duty shelving system. They differentiate in terms of depth and width. 

The Easy Choice Shelving System 

This shelving system offers innovative technology. A good brand offers innovative options that help them stand out from the crowd. In terms of Gladiator Garage Works, they offer a click and lock technology. 

It serves as an innovative feature on their shelving units. The click and lock feature allows for a tool-less assembly. 

It means that you don’t need any tools to help you get started. It is all based on a lock system that can be assembled and dismantled at your preference. 

The Easy Choice Shelving System also offers four different variations to choose from for your garage. The variations also differ in terms of width and depth. Features and purposes also differentiate them. 

For example, the 36″ Wide EZ Connect Rack comes with narrower shelves, and it can also fit in smaller spaces. At the same time, the 30″ Wide EZ Connect Rack is much smaller and more suitable for pantries. The 30″ Wide Rack only comes with four shelves. 

Be sure to confirm the number of shelves you’re getting and if it meets your expectations as a buyer. The different variations come with a different number of shelves. 

The Wall Mounted Choice Shelving System 

If you’re in the market for wall-mounted shelving units, Gladiator Garage Works has some shelving units for you. The best thing about wall-mounted shelving units is that they are convenient, help save on space, and are easily accessible. 

Gladiator Garage Works offers six variations of wall-mounted shelving units. They have one specialized wall-mounted shelf unit, the Gearloft Shelf. It primary purpose is to store outdoor camping gear or toolboxes. 

Gladiator Garage is one of the most highly recommended toolless shelving systems. These are the benefits of the Gladiator Garage shelving units: 

  • The shelving units are durable
  • They are also stable 
  • Depending on the number of shelves, they are easy to set up. It takes an average of 15 minutes to set up a shelving unit. 
  • The shelving units utilize a boltless design for their assembly. 
  • The entry shelving systems use angled slot connectors instead of keyhole-shaped connectors. This design choice is an additional factor that separates these shelving units from their competitors. 
  • The shelving units also come with a central support brace. This brace keeps the unit upright and prevents it from sagging. 
  • The Gladiator garage shelving units are also water-resistant. 

Furthermore, all the shelving units offered by Gladiator Garage are NSF Certified. This article will go into depth on NSF Certification and its importance to customer products. 

If you’re interested in this certification, be sure to keep reading for more information. 

One downside of the Gladiate Garage shelving units is the packaging. The units use a welded one-piece. This feature has some good and some bad. 

In terms of wrong, the packaging tends to be six-foot-long because of the welded one-piece design. Other shelving units tend to utilize a system where the pieces come separately and snap together. 

  1. Seville Classics 

Seville Classics offers diverse options when it comes to shelving in general. The brand offers shelving not only for garages but also for pantries and other industries. They do, however, have a product that they built for garage storage. 

The Seville Classic 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving (Amazon link). This shelving unit comes with wheels. It will make it easier to move around and change its positioning in your garage. 

This shelving unit is quite popular. It runs out of stock due to the brand trying to meet the increasing demand. 

The build of the 5-Tier Steel Wire shelving unit uses industrial-strength steel. One of its features is that it has chrome plating to provide resistance to any forms of corrosion. The chrome plating also gives the shelving unit a shine. Everyone loves shiny things. 

The Seville Classic Shelving units are also NSF Certified. I will discuss it further in the article below. 

The shelving units are also built to withstand heavy-duty action. They can handle 600 lbs on each shelf. Because of the wheels, users can simply roll the shelving unit around at their leisure. 

Additional features of the Seville Classic shelving unit include: 

  • The 5-tier steel wire plating also comes with casters. These casters allow users to position the shelving unit easily. 
  • Users have an adjustable shelf increment of 1″. Adjustable shelves are great because they allow you to either increase or decrease the height. It is entirely customizable and up to your discretion. 
  • The 5-tier steel wire casters are 4 in total. You can lock 2 of them, and you can level the feet also. 
  • The unit is toolless. 
  • Seville Classics offers buyers a limited 10-year warranty on their shelving units. It is an excellent example of quality assurance. The brand is confident in the products they are supplying, and you can return them with a decade to spare. 

You can also find the Seville Classic shelving units on Amazon. Similarly, using Amazon offers the same benefits to both the buyers and the sellers. 

A polite reminder, these benefits include: 

  • Amazon packaging 
  • Utilizing the Amazon brand 
  • Amazon delivery services 
  • Warehousing 
  • Accessing target markets 

These are just a few benefits that both buyers and sellers get from using the Amazon platform. Of course, some benefits are specific to buyers, and other benefits are specific to the sellers. 

The sellers, in this case, are Seville Classic. All in all, Seville Classic is part of this list because of its durable industry-constructed shelving unit. The 5-tier steel wire shelving unit. 

They do offer other shelving units. For example, on their website, they offer a 4 tier and a 6-tier shelving unit. They do differ in size, but the quality remains the same across the board. 

Seville Classic is an excellent choice among the list of top brands. They offer quality products that are high in demand. 

NSF Certification

As shared earlier, this article will delve deeper and explain to you what is NSF, what NSF certification is, and its importance on the products you buy from sellers. 

What is NSF? 

NSF is the National Sanitation Fund. It is a third-party organization that creates a standard that protects the health of the public. 

Why NSF Certification?

When you choose an NSF-certified product, it shows that the company has adhered to the strict rules, standards, policies, and procedures. The NSF sets these standards. 

NSF only occurs once. However, there are consistent on-premise inspections done to the companies that have the NSF certification. Not only that, but the products are also tested again during this inspection. 

It ensures that they maintain the same level of quality and standard to keep the NSF certification. 

What else does the NSF do? 

If the products do not meet the required standard, the NSF will recall the product and inform the public. The company will also lose its certification. 

The NSF aims to protect the public. More so, protect public health. These inspections and testing processes are all part of the plan. 

What does it mean when a brand has NSF certification? 

When a brand showcases the NSF certification, it means that the NSF has tried and tested its products. They are NSF-approved, and thus, other customers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders in the consumer industry highly regard them.

 The NSF is a credible organization that independently tests products from organizations. 

Any outside interference does not impact these tests. The sole reason for this is to retain the credibility of the NSF and achieve its goal of consistent and sustainable public health protection. 

What To Consider When Determining What Brand To Get For Your Garage Shelving 

When it comes to brands and which ones suit you more, it is more about user or customer expectations. When you procure items for your garage plan, you consider different brand elements because all brands are different, and they offer different things. 

It is a general list of considerations on what makes a good shelving brand. 

  • Innovation 

As mentioned before, innovation plays a huge part in what makes a brand unique. It’s the differentiating factor that will set a brand aside from the other. In terms of garage shelving, you can see innovation by implementing some of the following features: 

  • Tool-less design 
  • A boltless design 
  • Click and lock technology 

These features set aside brands from one another and give customers unique products to have in their garage proudly. 

  • Quality Assurance

A good brand will stand firmly and confidently behind its products. They know the capabilities of their products and will accept returns easily if the product was unsatisfactory to the client. For example, Seville Classic offers a limited 10-year warranty on their products. 

It showcases their confidence in their products. Their products are also in high demand and out of stock sometimes. It could be one of the reasons, but it showcases a brand that values the quality of its products. 

  • Certifications 

Having credible certifications is another way of showcasing to consumers and potential buyers the credibility of a brand. Certifications such as the NSF will help consumers differentiate brands. 

Certification also increases trust levels between brands and consumers. Consumers will trust brands and what they are offering. Having certifications is a sign of a brand that cares for its consumers as well as its products. 

These are some of the more important considerations when you’re choosing a garage shelving brand. Other considerations include: 

  • Brand Image 

Brands with a good image and have approval from the community tend to have more credibility. Choose a well-respected brand in the garage community. 

  • Support 

Brands that offer customer support are great because they allow customers to receive assistance even after buying it. Sometimes, the instruction guide isn’t enough. Having customer care leaves a good impression on customers for future purchases. 

Garage Storage FAQs

  1. What Are The Best Garage Storage Shelf Brands?

The best storage shelf brands in the garage industry are Amazon Basic, Gladiator Garage Works, Fleximounts, and Seville Classics. These brands have received rave reviews across the board. 

They also offer the best in terms of quality, innovation, and certification. Users are safe knowing that their garage shelving units are worth the investment. These brands also have the experience to back their products. 

  1. Who Makes The Best Garage Shelving? 

It is also dependent on the shelving material you are looking for if you’re in the market for the best of the best. Different brands offer different shelving and for different purposes. 

If you’re looking for something that can handle heavy-duty, then Gladiator Garage Works’ heavy-duty shelving system is the way to go. If you want something more budget-friendly and can still hold its weight, then the Amazon Basics Shelf is a winner.  

If you are looking for an industrial type shelf, if you’re looking more into aesthetics and style, then the Seville Classics brand is the way to go from here. The best garage shelving depends on your needs, and different brands can satisfy these needs in different ways. 

Be sure to plan out what exactly you want from your shelving. Researching is an excellent way to align both your goals and those of your chosen brand. 

  1. How Do You Choose Garage Storage Shelves? 

You can make a list of what exactly you want. The list can base on:

  • The material of the shelves 
  • The amount of weight you want the shelves to carry 
  • The sizing of the shelves. It could base on the positioning and placement of the shelf unit 
  • Which innovative features you want, whether it tool-less or a click to lock feature 
  • If you want the shelves to have wheels or not 

You can base your decision on these factors and choose a brand that meets all or around 90% of your expectations. This way, you make good decisions based on your goals and the goals you have for the interior of your garage. 

Make sure that you prioritize some of these factors. This way, you can have some factors that you must meet while other factors are considered optional.