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Should Wood Floors Match Kitchen Cabinets?

One of the exciting things about remodeling or renovating is that you get to explore as many ideas as you like.

One of such ideas you can explore is matching your cabinets with your floors.

It seems like a more exciting prospect when you have wooden floors.

Contrast, unity, and balance are all essential principles of design.

So, when it comes to matching cabinets and floors, you may find it quite confusing to make a choice.

In this article, we will try to answer the question “should wood floors match kitchen cabinets?” and discuss some other decorating ideas that involve wood floors and kitchen cabinets

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Should They Match?

There is no design rule that states whether or not kitchen cabinets should match wood floors.

That being said, it is much more a matter of personal preference and style than it is a principle.

Typically, homeowners tend to be concerned about things matching when they should be worried about them going together.

The best decorative effect is not achieved when elements match each other.

However, when they go along, you can achieve more flexibility in your remodeling and still manage to accomplish a profoundly attractive model.

Natural wood is a great flooring option that can often be sanded and refinished.

In reality, it is not the best option for kitchen flooring, as it does not have the water-resistance needed for a kitchen space – vinyl flooring or ceramic tile flooring are more resistant to water.

Engineered wood, on the other hand, is more resistant to water and can withstand occasional spills, as long as they are mopped up quickly.

When it comes to matching these floors with your cabinets, we wouldn’t advise an outright matching.

To make your kitchen interior appear livelier, you should strive to achieve some contrast between your floor and cabinets.

There should be a balance between the two elements, and the colors should ultimately complement each other.

However, if you would still love to match your cabinets and floors, you should know that you are more likely to flat and monotonous effect.

Wood Floors and Kitchen Cabinets Decorating Ideas

Instead of an outright matching of your kitchen cabinets and wood floors, we advise that you ensure a little contrast in whichever design theme you choose.

Here are some decorating ideas that involve wood floors and kitchen cabinets you should consider when remodeling/renovating your kitchen interior.

Paint to Contrast Cabinets and Floor

This can also be adopted if you are looking to match these two elements, but we advise that you go for contrast instead.

One of the advantages of wood floors is that they can be refinished as often as you would love to, and the same goes for kitchen cabinets.

You don’t have to paint both floors and cabinets necessarily. Instead, select the easier one to paint.

The first thing to do is to select the color to paint your floor or cabinets with.

To do this effectively, you may need to consult the color wheel. It is not a good idea to match colors mentally, as that is still subject to some visual errors.

A typical color combination that has stood the test of time is a combination of a darker shade of hardwood floor with white cabinets.

A darker shade of hardwood floor goes well when paired with white kitchen cabinets

The important thing is to choose contrasting colors that will look good together.

This idea is quite simple, but it will create an inviting kitchen environment.

Match Lower Cabinets or Countertops with Floor

This is another way you can achieve a balanced design in your kitchen.

Match some of your kitchen cabinets with the floor, particularly the lower cabinets that are closer to the floor.

Have the upper cabinets in another color to achieve a sense of contrast.

The contrast should be noticeable and not as subtle, or else it would make more sense to match all the cabinets with the floor.

Another idea you can pursue is to match your countertops with your floor, while your main cabinets contrast with the floor.

Natural wood countertops are not the best as they are permeable to water, to an extent.

However, there are several other materials you can use for your countertops that will match your wood floors.

Laminate countertops (when matching hues are selected) go well with hardwood floors.

Match the Wood Floors and Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a distinct decorative effect in your kitchen space, we don’t advise that you match your cabinets with your wood floors.

Nonetheless, it is one of the several ideas you can pursue when remodeling.

There is a lot of monotony to be experienced in a kitchen space where the cabinets are matched with the floor, but there are some other ways you can manage to achieve some contrast.

One of the things you can do to achieve contrast is by installing unique countertops.

In a space where the cabinets closely resemble the wood floor, a granite, quartz, or concrete countertop of a distinct color will bring an element of contrast into the kitchen space.

When matching kitchen cabinets with wood floors, the colors do not have to be a perfect match.

You can still vary the decoration by using different shades of a particular color.

For example, a dark brown wood floor will perfectly complement cabinets in a lighter brown color.

Furthermore, if you decide to match the floor and cabinets, consider the paint color of the kitchen walls.

It is enough that your floors are matching your cabinets; both elements should not be the same color as your walls.


Matching wood floors with kitchen cabinets is mainly dependent on personal preference.

However, going by the principle of design, a contrast in kitchen cabinets and floors can make the space more attractive and inviting.

To a large extent, home décor should be a function of personal taste and preference, so you should be free to carry out designs that make you comfortable.

Much more than matching cabinets and wooden floors, there are other design principles like balance, unity, contrast, and more that should influence your design.