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Should Kitchen Paint Be Semi-Gloss?

should kitchen paint be semi gloss

The kitchen is a high traffic area frequented by kids, adults and even guests, some people even place their dining tables in the kitchen, it, therefore, is one of the busiest areas in the home followed by the sitting room.

The above, therefore, calls for a wall paint that can be cleaned easily such as satin or a semi-gloss finish.

Kitchen paint should be a semi-gloss finish. Kitchen spaces are one of the busiest parts of the home, highly frequented by all the residents of the house and therefore having a semi-gloss or satin finish paint means the surface will be easily wiped clean.

However, you need to know that if you want a paint that will hold up for long then you might have to use high gloss.

The latter tends to be more durable than semi-gloss and this brings us to the next question, what is the major difference between semi-gloss and high gloss paint.

High gloss and semi-gloss what’s the difference?

High gloss paint reflects more light than semi-gloss paint but that is not the only reason why high gloss stacks up better than semi-gloss.

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Have you ever entered a room and realized that it looks brighter than what you are used to, and the doors and trim tend to be neatly attached in their position; well that is high gloss paint for you.

The paint also has a downside when used in rooms with rough areas as it makes them more pronounced, it, therefore, exaggerates the light and shadow patterns created.

Higher gloss paint is also more durable when compared to semi-gloss if you have used semi-gloss paint before; you must have noticed how it scratches or scuffs off easily.

But when you use the high gloss paint you can even wash your walls as frequently as you want without it peeling off. And that is why it is also considered a good option for the kitchen, as the frequent cleaning will rarely wear it down.

When applied to the wall higher gloss paints smoothens out easily when compared to semi-gloss paints but the strips or marks made by the brush will not level out.

And that is why you will find that most high gloss paints have left behind brush marks that refuse to go away even if you try to smoothen them out through repeat painting.  

When it comes to the semi-gloss paint it is deemed to perform better than high gloss because it easily achieves a smooth finish when wet.

Walls painted with high gloss paint rarely attract dirt and grime.

They are also smoother in texture than the semi-gloss paint, the above characteristics also make the paint more stain-resistant.

Tips for choosing kitchen paint

should kitchen paint be semi gloss color renovation

Many residential homes use either oil or water-based paints, however, the oil-based paints became controversial after it was discovered to contain toxic organic compounds that are let free into the air as the paint dries up.

And due to the above many people have thus shunned from using oil paints and in its place, they are now using latex paints which are not only easy to clean up but have obliterated the use of toxic volatile organic compounds.

Remember that for you to achieve the right color that you want in your kitchen you will have to select the right kind of paint and finish. 

And the most common types of finish used are satin, semi-gloss, eggshell, high gloss and flat.

So what goes into a kitchen’s paint finish?


Besides featuring the famous glossy appearance satin is not recommended for use in high moisture areas like the kitchen and bathroom, but when used in other areas, the  paint will offer a softer outlook but not as glossy as the semi or the high gloss paints.


Flat paint can be effective when used in areas of your walls that have imperfections when applied on the wall, it normally features a velvety or matte look.

Be reminded however that by using this paint in your kitchen you will not be able to wash it frequently because it is not as durable.


The eggshell paint is not reflective but tends to be more durable than the flat paint, as it can offer resistance in public or areas that experience heavy traffic.

To note its appearance eggshell paint is characteristic of a matte finish is easy to clean and has a longer shelf life when compared to the flat finishes.


Semi-gloss finishes are known for offering an attractive satin resistance when applied on a wall, their appearance is glossy but not reflective.

Semi-gloss paints are also highly recommended to be used in areas that children are most likely to dirtify by drawing, as it can be easily washed down.

Therefore, as you choose your kitchen finish, note the difference between semi-gloss and satin because they are almost similar, however, the latter doesn’t have much sheen.

High gloss paint

High gloss paint from the image above has a super shiny characteristic and has high light reflection capabilities.

This type of paint is the easiest to clean and can be used in high humidity areas, the paint is also adopted in areas that are susceptible to dirt and oil, and its versatility extends to woodwork and trim.

The one disadvantage with gloss paints is that they start with a shiny look and lose their sheen over time; the reason for this is because of the incorporated titanium dioxide responsible for the matte appearance.


When compared to the above-discussed types of paint high gloss turns out to be the most durable, so whenever you go paint shopping for the different rooms of your home, keep in mind that paint with more sheen will guarantee you high shine, so if you want your living room all sparkly just get the higher gloss.

But if you are on a budget and don’t want too much sheen then semi-gloss will work, and to ensure that it stays on for long don’t expose it to humidity.

For decorative purposes, you are provided with three options, which are satin, eggshell, and semi-gloss paints, flat paints can best be used in the bedrooms because of their almost matte appearance.