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Should Kitchen and Dining Room Be the Same Color?

should kitchen and dining room be same color

There are no set standards on the colors that you can use in your kitchen and dining room and the most important factor that you should, therefore, consider is whether they complement each other.

Your kitchen and dining room must, therefore, not feature the same color.

The colors that you use on your walls play an important function and more so in the specific rooms, so colors that are found in the area of the red spectrum are the warm colors such as Orange, Yellow, and Red.

The above colors are known to evoke feelings of comfort and warmth and on the flip side, they are also known to evoke feelings of anger and hostility.

We then have cool colors like green; purple and blue, this spectrum of colors has been determined to make the environment feel calm, as well as sad.

Since none of the above colors can radiate happiness only, it will depend with the mood of the person in the room.

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There are other colors that we have not mentioned above but which are known to attract positive energy in the home.

For example, pink is the color of love and affection, and are best used for the kid’s bedrooms.

Black, on the other hand, exudes refinement, it’s a color of luxury, however, when used in the dining room it tends to make the rooms look smaller.

Brown on the other hand has been known to harmonize with everything and tends to be warmer.

And if you are looking to achieve elegance in both your kitchen and dining room then go look for the grey color.

For people who want to expose themselves to high energy then Red is your go-to color because it has been established to stimulate your brain, the body organs, and has for long been associated with energy, strength, and fascination.

So if you want to keep your household’s appetite high then use red in both the kitchen and the dining room, lastly we have the famous white color.

Have you ever seen a home that wasn’t painted white initially before transforming to other bold colors?

Well, you might find some but white is one color that will never miss in homes, either in the bathroom, toilet, or the ceiling, it is more like a signature color.

The hue is thus believed to symbolize neutrality, purity, and innocence, and remember we have moved on from the era of using pure white paints in the whole house; and, white is, therefore, used as an accompaniment to highlight other colors.

Best kitchen and dining room colors

So far we have established that red is one of the colors that can be used for both the dining room and the kitchen, given that it promotes liveliness and social interaction while keeping the mood cheerful.

We, therefore, have different shades of red thus you don’t necessarily have to settle with bright red.

So the other much more appealing shades of red are wine red and maroon, which help create an elegant dining atmosphere.

If you are looking to renovate your home either for a re-sale or to enhance its look then you can settle with blue for the kitchen.

Not dark blue of course but the lighter shades of blue that are known to create a clean and crisp look, for this option you can also use it on your cabinets, ceiling, and walls.

If you would like to use dark blue on your kitchen walls then you will have to incorporate other neutral tones because dark blue is a bit intense and dark.

So other colors that you can use with dark blue are such as gray or hints of white.

Did you know that you can use orange in your dining room?

Yes, you can and if you look at its effects psychologically, it has been established to keep people alert when dining and is thus associated with coziness, stability, warmth, and comfort.

Orange can be very welcoming to your guests and to cut the monotony, you can incorporate some wooden or beige highlights.

Yellow, wow the brightest yet calm color in planet earth, we really don’t need to tell you that yellow will brighten up your kitchen and even make the stomach to roll with hunger.

The sun bright color is believed to have a soothing quality, and will consequently brighten the mood of people in your kitchen making them feel happy and calm.

Yellow is also ideal for the dining room, meaning you can use it in both the sitting and dining rooms.

So given that it promotes people, it’s only logical that happy people get influenced by these colors in the dining room thus eat better and digest their food more effectively.

Additionally, yellow color on your walls will make the room feel more spacious; you can also enhance your living room décor by pairing yellow with highlights of white and throw in some fresh flowers.

Green the color of nature, hmmm but you don’t have to use grass green, there are so many shades of green that you can adopt for your kitchen such as mint and apple green.

So for your kitchen to really come out, you can pair green with either white or wood accents, and if you want to away from the norm how about you try emerald green.

And remember that its application is not only favorable on the walls but you can also use it on the kitchen island, the kitchen floor or the cabinets.

Let’s move to the rare turquoise color for your living room, this is one of the colors that can really play games with your eyes because many people tend to confuse it with blue. 

Turquoise is believed to exude a feeling of freedom or rest and if you have been keen you will find that restaurants adopt these colors on their plates and dishes to enhance their customer’s appetite.

Additionally, you can use gray as the main color in your kitchen, though professionals associate this hue with feelings of cold, but remember also that we have various shades of grey, that you can incorporate in your kitchen and pair it with other attractive colors.

And in case you don’t want to make it very obvious, you can use it on the kitchen countertops or the cabinet.

Colors to avoid


if you have any plans of reselling your home, or enhancing the color of its kitchen then Pantone should not feature among the colors that you are scouting.

The simple reason for avoiding this hue is because it has been found to evoke feelings of danger, and is likened to dirt and grime.


Man is inventive, we are yet to discover who did the honors of inventing the eggs shells color but what we do know is that if you adopt this color for your kitchen you can only achieve a bland and dated look as it does not relate to any personality.

Brick red, copper red, and terracotta-

Well these are some of the colors that will seriously affect your home selling price if used in the living room.


As we have seen we have colors that can be used in both the dining and the kitchen, the choice is totally yours, but be sure to pair them with the correct hue to achieve the desired effect.

Homeowners can also use different colors in both rooms for as long as they complement each other, remember some colors can make your home look spacious and others will dampen the mood by making your home look smaller therefore, choose wisely.