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Is Vinyl Flooring Good For Bathrooms?

Updating the Bathroom Floor to Vinyl: Yes or No?

Do you realize how much time you spend in your bathroom? And I am not just talking about time spent on the toilet.

It is said that the average adult spends an average of 30min each day, and for some it is even more, occupying the bathroom.

Many activities beckon you to use your bathroom such as bathing, the brushing of teeth, doing make-up or hair, getting dressed, etc.

Since so much valuable time is spent frequenting this space of your home, it would be wise to make sure all aspects of it are up to date and are creating a welcoming, relaxing space.

Should I Go With Vinyl Flooring in my Bathroom?

A main feature that you might want to look at updating is the flooring of your bathroom.

When you think about types of flooring remember to consider the moisture factor of the space and choose flooring accordingly.

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For instance, stay clear of wood due to warping, laminate can be damaged from water splashes from sink or shower, and carpet which grows mold, mildew and is just plain difficult to keep clean in a bathroom.

Price becomes a consideration too, especially if you don’t have a hefty budget to put forth.

Natural stone, wood and ceramic tile is considerably more costly and time consuming to install.

When this is the case, most turn to Vinyl flooring as it is a more wallet friendly option.

Is Vinyl flooring the best option for the bathroom floor?

As with anything out there, there are pros and cons of all flooring but, YES, vinyl flooring is a superb option for the bathroom floor.

Cons of Sheet Vinyl

First off though, people tend to gravitate towards that big roll of printed sheet vinyl because it is cheaper and possibly more affordable in the present moment.

Take a look at the downsides that you will encounter if you decide to go in this direction.

Off gassing is an issue, shorter life span that wood or stone, some of it does appear cheaper, and if damage were to occur to any area of the floor, it would have to all be replaced.

Then depending on the type of adhesive used, it might not be the easiest to remove.

Durability of Vinyl Tiles or Planks

Vinyl is still a wonderful choice of flooring for your bathroom but the better option in vinyl flooring would be floating vinyl tiles or planks.

Remember, moisture is the biggest issue present in the bathroom.

Water from showers, baths and even humidity from those two can seep into any cracks, crevices or gaps causing issues with mold and mildew.

These vinyl tiles and planks fit seamlessly together and absorb no moisture.

They are pliable yet durable, water proof, easy to clean, antibacterial and antifungal with no special maintenance needed other than requiring a normal schedule of sweeping and mopping.

Another Pro that makes them more attractive to the buyer, if a section is damaged, then just a plank or tile needs to be replaced instead of the whole floor.

The tiles are constructed in a way that creates harder layers to allow them to hold up longer and are stronger in durability than the big sheets of vinyl.

The Comfort Aspect of Vinyl

Many people want to look at getting stone or ceramic tile for their bathrooms to achieve that spa-like, elegant feel.

Unfortunately, these options present extra upkeep of resealing every few months, scrubbing of grout to maintain that luxurious, clean finish and appeal, the possibility of slipping and falling without proper texturing and a bigger hit to the budget.

Plus, both options are hard and chilly in those colder, frigid months of late fall and winter.

The upside in choosing vinyl planks or tiles is that they maintain a barefoot loving, room temperature warmth as well as being much softer and quieter to walk on that stone or ceramic tile surfaces.

If you really wanted that stone or tile look, though, vinyl comes styled in pretty realistic appearances of tile, wood or stone so you still win your spa retreat ambiance.

Vinyl for Do-It-Yourselfers

Even better, if you are a do-it-yourselfer these are simple, easy and quick to put in yourself.

The vinyl planks and tiles are easy to cut on your own, customize looks and create designs in the layout. Plus, no wet saw necessary.

Take extra care to measure properly and get it right the first time since gaps in this type of flooring cannot be covered up.

Once cut to the size needed, installation is a breeze with instant gratification due to these floors’ ability to be utilized in the same day they get installed.

Without all the dust, mixing of grout and sticky adhesives that come along with stone or ceramic tile installation, the minimal clean up after putting in your vinyl tiles or planks will give you more time to enjoy the successful addition of your beautiful new flooring.

Finally, if you are a Do-it-yourselfer who likes to change styles up more frequently, these vinyl flooring options are easier to remove and replace.

Vinyl and Its Environmental Impact

One more note to think about when choosing vinyl is its impact on the environment.

If needing to fix a damaged floor you are definitely going to produce more waste with sheet vinyl because the whole floor might need to be pulled up and tossed out rather than just one or two vinyl tiles needing to be replaced.

Both types of vinyl are made out of similar materials that can potentially be made from recycled materials but the rolled, sheet version will contain less recycled materials due to needing to be softer for rolling.

The tiles and planks, as well could be made from more recyclable materials though not completely or else it would lessen their durability.

Final Thoughts on Vinyl Flooring

There are an abundance of options for flooring out there that it can get confusing as to which option you should go with.

It is always advisable to do your own research to discover what type works best in your bathroom setting, for your lifestyle needs and for what you can afford.

The hope was to save you research time with this article where the research was done for you to shine light on all the great qualities vinyl flooring can contribute to designing a desirable, pleasant, serene space that you can feel comfy in.

Enjoy your project and your updated, more functional bathroom.