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Do Kitchen Islands Add Value?

do kitchen islands add value

Knowing what to renovate when looking to resale your house is what will determine whether you will get a good deal in the long term.

Kitchen islands do add value to a home during a resale mainly because they are functional and add to the aesthetics of a kitchen.

Besides, buyers are normally interested in a kitchen island because of its overall benefits.

For one it offers guests and other individuals in the home a casual seating area, so the person cooking can enjoy some company.

The kitchen island will attract a buyer because they could add extra appliances and outlets on the unit.

What’s more, is that it offers an optional workstation for those with a thing in cooking.

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Individuals who spend most of their time in the kitchen will love a house with a kitchen island because they get the option of using it to carry out a specific task such as baking, in which case they will then be able to customize it to suit their needs.

They might, therefore, include a sink, or leave the counter open for the various baking activities.

The value of kitchen islands

We don’t deny that we live in an era where millennials prefer to eat in high-end restaurants more than they would have liked to cook in their homes.

But we also have to be honest that we are at the age where staying healthy and avoiding junk food has got everything to do with one’s health and it is one of the practices that people are gladly taking to.

A home with a kitchen island offers the buyer, an opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle, simply because it encourages the preparation of homemade meals, more so vegetables.

And instead of stuffing away healthy fruits, the kitchen island can act as your display unit for the various varieties thus encourage intake, for both the young and older members of your household.

Let us also look at the importance of the kitchen islands in terms of age groups.

As it is right now the age range of individuals who are actively working to own homes are the millennia’s of 25 to 34 years of age.

According to Forbes, the real estate market is in awe because of the shift in home ownership, it has been observed over time that millennials represent a bigger share in the home buying market at least for the past five years and that is in a row.

With the above concept in mind, millennials prefer a home that is representative of their future, “classy and sophisticated.”

The U.S. Houzz  Kitchen study, therefore, determined that the millennial homeowners had already moved from the space that featured in many traditional kitchens and will gladly install a kitchen island if they bought a home without one.

And that is why you will find that some people prefer not to have a wall separating their kitchen from their dining room, people looking to resale their homes are aware of this fact and will conduct renovations with the kitchen island in mind, which then allows them to quickly sell their homes.

Construction companies have also taken up to the kitchen island challenge and come up with distinctive island designs to make their homes more marketable to this group of new homeowners.

Remember that it’s not just about the standalone unit but the ease of cleaning provided by the material used in making the countertop.

You will also not get a good bang if you don’t invest in the best cosmetic design or durable material.

To add value to your house if you are selling consider all the aspects that go into a functional kitchen island, such as the drawers and storage cabinets, its style in relation to the design and space that is available in the kitchen.

Look at the possibilities of creating a central cooking area and thus install the necessary outlets and electrical cables to cater to the microwave, cooking stoves and sink.

Time and space

do kitchen islands add value cost resale house

A kitchen island might be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but are also versatile thus help save time and offers space.

Given the demanding economy, many people are time fixed and would, therefore, prepare a whole week’s meal on a Sunday afternoon.

The kitchen island, therefore, consolidates all the cooking equipment and ingredients in one area, so you can easily access it when needed.

The unit also provides extensive counter space allowing one to carry out the various cooking processes from one central operational point.

The extra counter space enables multi-tasking and given its location and the various designs available users are exposed to a seamless convenience that cannot be compared to the traditional countertop.

Serve a variety of purposes

We no longer have the comfort of having breakfast for one or two hours but rather 30 minutes, and this can be comfortably done via the kitchen island, which will also act as a meeting spot before everyone leaves for work or school.

Most kitchen islands have incorporated high chairs, a feature that largely depends on its size.

Since we are time-pressed in the evening, the kitchen island is also the best place to help your kids out with their homework as you prepare dinner.

No more running trips to and from the living room trying to solve a mathematical problem while at the same time making food in the kitchen.


From the above information, it is undeniable that the kitchen island adds more value to homeowners as it can be used as a meeting spot in the morning or the evening, and can also be used in the preparation of a week’s long meal given the extensive counter space.

Individuals looking to resale their homes fast can add value by renovating their kitchens and including the kitchen island because it has already been established that there is a ripe target market of millennials who are willing to pay top dollar for a modern kitchen complete with a kitchen island.

The latter is functional in so many levels and encourages organization and neatness in the kitchen.