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Do Kitchen Faucets Come With Drains?

Both of these are kitchen accessories integral to your daily activities in the kitchen.

You are bound to make use of water at some point, whether to rinse off the dirt from your food ingredients or to fill a stockpot in preparation for a dish.

Kitchen faucets are essential fixtures that serve as a part of your water delivery system.

They are several models of faucets that differ in terms of features, size, and design.

No matter how different they might be, they are all engineered to perform the same function using similar parts.

The drain is a critical part of your kitchen sink, and it might be the most used drain in the entire house.

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It’s a waste disposal channel that sits alongside a faucet in the kitchen sink.

They come pre-installed as a part of your sink system; all you need to do is fit the appropriate pipe through the other end of the hole.

This can be handled by a professional plumber or by yourself if you have any prior experience with such activities.

The Types of Kitchen Faucets

There are several options you can pick from to complement your kitchen sink in style while having access to enhanced water flow and convenient washing.

Each model comes with different designs, materials, and functional features you can compare alongside others.

Here are some of the main types of kitchen faucets you can check out in the market.

Pull-Down Faucets 

This is a prevalent kind of kitchen faucet used in homes.

It comes with an extendable gooseneck spout, which can be activated by pulling down the hose’s head.

It becomes very handy when dealing with a big pile of dirty dishes and cookware because you can stretch the faucet to any position you want to clean out the sink.

This kind of faucet can be pulled to small corners and hidden spots.

This is the best kind of faucet for big and deep sinks, and they help prevent splashing of water all over the kitchen top or floor.

Pull-down faucets also have the most beautiful faucet designs for kitchen sinks.

The only drawback is that they can only be pulled in a downward motion.

Pull-Out Faucets

This kind of faucet has a detachable handle that can be pulled out for use.

You can remove the spout-head on pull-out faucets and pull it to any direction you want for use, not just downwards.

The spray hose of the pull-out faucet is designed to come out in a straight line motion towards you.

There is always a button on the body you can use to adjust the water’s flow and temperature.

This kind of faucet is ideal for small and hollow sinks; although, the faucet easily causes splashing when mishandled.

Single-Handle Faucet

This has to be the most popular kind of faucet commonly used by homeowners around the world.

This faucet takes on the usual style we must have all encountered at some point in our lives.

This particular one even has alternate design configurations like the ceramic disk, ball, or cartridge styles.

The single-handle faucet is probably one of the most reliable types of faucets in the market. They don’t incur much for replacement and repairs.

Although, it takes the single-handle faucet a fair amount of time to switch between temperatures according to the user’s preferences.

You can activate temperatures using the singular lever or control provided on the single-handle faucet.

All you have to do is get familiar with navigating the motions and controls.

Double-Handle Faucet

This is another old and popular design, but as the name suggests, there are two handles which are connected to the different temperature of the water.

You can use one to access the hot water supply and use the other to get the cold water supply.

This means you must have separate connections set in place for the double-faucet to function to the best of its ability.

You will still be able to use the faucet even if one of the handles gets damaged under constant use.

They can be easily installed and are made available with a series of different taps, but we have found the most classy and stylish to be the gooseneck tap.

There are several variations of this faucet. You could even procure them as a cartridge faucet or compression washer.

Smart Motion-Detection Faucet

This is the product of merging technology with specially-designed faucets that can detect users by processing any motion around itself.

Say your hands are dirty or full of something, you can place your hands below the faucet and wave it around for the faucet to detect your motion and activate the water flow.

This introduces a unique level of comfort and convenience, but they can be quite expensive.

These faucets help prevent contaminations since you won’t be touching any handle before and after washing your hands.

It should also be noted that these kinds of faucets are harder to fix due to their complex working mechanism.

Do Faucets Come With Kitchen Drains?

The short answer is No. These are separate but interrelated parts of the kitchen sink.

You can’t make use of one without the other to support it.

Else you might have the biggest mess ever right in your kitchen.

Quick Fixes to Unclogging Your Kitchen Drain

You are bound to have experienced a scenario in your kitchen whereby your drain is clogged and unable to function properly.

Cleaning the drain is an essential part of ensuring your kitchen stays in its proper functional state. You can achieve this by using the several methods listed below.

· Pour boiling water down the drain

· Ensure that the garbage disposal is not blocked

· Pour about a cup of baking soda into the drain, then pour an equal amount of apple cider vinegar into the drain

· Make use of a plunger to clear the drain

· Pour a half-cup of salt along with a cup of baking soda, then flush the drain with boiling water after letting the mixture settle for hours.


Your kitchen faucet can either be wall-mounted or deck-mounted, depending on which style you want for your kitchen countertop.

They are made using different materials such as bronze, plastic, stainless steel, copper, or zinc alloy.

Be sure to get a faucet that comes with some extra special features to improve the service delivery in your kitchen.