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Do High arc Kitchen Faucets Splash?

With most sinks, if you turn on the water too hard there is a chance that the water will splash but the question is, do the high arc faucets splash.  Read on to find out if this faucet splashes.

What is a High arc Faucet?

This type of faucet is also known as a “gooseneck” and is approximately eight to ten inches above the surface of your sink. 

The reason it is this high is that it gives you more room to accommodate pots and other taller items you need to wash. 

They do add style to your kitchen but if they are used with a shallow sink, they can cause splashing.

The high arc designation will only apply to a faucet that mounts to the countertop or sink. 

If it mounts to the wall, then it is not considered a high arc faucet.  The high arc faucet may also have a pull-out or pull-down spray nozzle if it does not swivel.

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Advantage and Disadvantage of a High arc Faucet

  • Advantage:  If you are one that washes stacks of dishes or large pans frequently, then this type of faucet would be the one that you choose.  It will give you more room to wash your dishes and pans.  If you want to increase the circumference of your cleaning area or want the ability to fill large pots on both sides of the sink you should choose one that swivels.
  • Advantage:  The high arc faucet will give your kitchen a modern look.  The additional height and curvature of the faucet provides an interesting visual design and can add drama to the design of your kitchen.  To complement a contemporary designed kitchen, choose stainless steel, brushed nickel, or satin nickel.
  • Disadvantage:  There is more spray from a high arc faucet and you may find water on your kitchen counters, especially if you are using this faucet in a shallow sink.

One important thing that you need to make sure of before buying a faucet for your kitchen is the type of sink you have.  You want the faucet to complement your size of the sink.  For a large sink, you would not want a small faucet.  The objective of a faucet is to direct water to the middle of the sink.

When Choosing a High arc Faucet, Consider Spout Reach

This is important to consider if it is a swivel model. 

When talking about the reach, it is from the horizontal distance from the center of the base of the faucet at the level of the countertop to the center of the stream of water as it reaches the sink. 

You must know the spout reach because it will help you determine where in the sink the water will fall.

If the spout reach is just a couple of inches from the back of the sink it would make it difficult to fill a large pot if you have it sitting in the sink. 

Another thing that will help to determine where the water will fall is the mounting location of the faucet. 

It is a good idea if the spout reach falls near the center of the sink or even a little closer to the front of the sink. 

If you cannot get the water to reach that far it could be difficult to rinse out the sink when cleaning the sink after doing dishes, especially if there is no sprayer.

High arc Faucets Pros and Cons


  • Convenience
  • Functionality
  • They contribute to the overall look of the kitchen
  • There are a wide array of finishes and styles available.
  • They offer plenty of room to use the water no matter what is already in the sink.
  • There are some of these types of faucets that are hands-free, which means that they are tough-activated or touchless.  These will help to keep the faucet fixtures clean and save water


  • If a kitchen window starts just above the level of the sink, this type of faucet could disrupt the view.
  • If you want to remove the screen to wash it or if the window opens inward, the faucet can be in the way.
  • This faucet can contribute to more splashing, especially if you have a shallow sink.
  • If you wash your hands too close to the spout it could lead to splashing.
  • With the touch-less or touch-activated, they will need some source of electricity to work although there are some that are battery operated.  During a power outage, this feature will not work unless run by battery.

Sprayers for High arch Faucets

When choosing a high arc faucet, buying one with a sprayer is a great option. 

The sprayer will allow you to rinse food debris off dishes and pans.  It will also help you rinse the sink out after doing dishes.

  • Pull-out:  This is generally found on a lower arc faucet but can be found on high arc faucets.  They do not add to the look of the faucet because the largest portion of the faucet becomes the handle for the sprayer. 
  • Pull-down:  The pull-down spray will pull straight down from the spout area.  This is great for doing things such as rinsing or filling large pots.  When not in use, the spray assembly is almost invisible because it will retract back into the faucet when not in use.  This is the type that is generally found on high arc faucets.
  • Side:  This type of sprayer stands on its own to the right or left of the faucet and does not mount inside the faucet.


  • Yes, a high arc kitchen faucet will splash, especially if the sink is shallow.
  • There are many pros to choosing this type of faucet, such as functionality and convenience.
  • They come with or without a sprayer.
  • If you have a large family to feed and use large pots or lots of dishes, this is the ideal faucet to have.
  • They will provide more workspace in the kitchen.
  • The high arc faucet gives an eye-appealing decorative element to your kitchen.