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Do Duplexes Share Kitchens?

Do Duplexes Share Kitchens

To put it in a nuthsell, no! By the very nature of the building, it is incredibly rare for duplexes to have shared kitchens – that would make them apartments. People do tend to confuse the term “duplex” and this is where the mix up lies, however, you will certainly not have to share a kitchen if you are living in a duplex.

If that short answer was good enough for you then we’ll see you later! But, if you are after some more detail and information, then stick with us as we are about to reveal all.

Do Duplexes Share Kitchens?

Duplex is a term we use for a building that is split into two separate units. These individual dwellings are then conjoined. They are usually attached together by just one central wall.

Inside each dwelling, you will find your own private living spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and of course bedrooms.

Depending on the style and size and aspect of your specific duplex, you might have a connected wall or connected floor/ceiling. But either way, the kitchen is definitely yours to enjoy and not have to share with anyone else.

It is of course really nice to have your very own kitchen and dining space (if you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen). Especially if you have been used to living in shared accommodation where it is quite customary to share pretty much everything apart from your own bedroom space.

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Renting and living in a duplex offers you a much-needed new kind of freedom that shared living certainly will never provide.

Say goodbye to the days when you were worrying about whether or not you have left your unwashed dishes in the sink for your apartment buddies to discover later on.

You no longer have to partition your fridge and also label the shelves to avoid your chilled goods from getting mixed up with someone else’s.

Scurrying down to the fridge for a late-night snack and hoping that you’re not going to bump into someone else who has exactly the same thing on their mind is also a thing of the past! And you do not end up accidentally eating somebody else’s food either.

Moreover, your cupboard space is also your very own! Throw away your labeler because every single shelf belongs to you and you alone! Living in shared apartments often also entails having a kitchen chores list – not any more my friend! You can take your garbage out as when you choose, and in your own good time.

Of course, you do have to be mindful about which of the rooms are connected to the other unit. Why you may ask?

Because you don’t want to annoy people with unnecessary microwave noises at 3 am – and you probably don’t want to hear the neighbor’s 2-year-old screaming for their breakfast at 5 am either!

So, if your kitchen happens to be the room that is attached to your neighbor’s side (and it may well be, as often duplexes tend to have the utility conduits and pipework for the bathrooms and kitchens running down the middle of the duplex connecting wall), always be respectful and try to keep the noise down as much as possible.

Depending on the age of the duplex building, usually when duplexes are built, the architects, planners and construction team tend to make their lives easier by connecting the rooms for each dwelling that use a similar floorplan and infrastructure (i.e. kitchens).

But by no means are you having to share the same kitchen space. All that’s happening here is that the pipes, electric units, waste systems, any garbage chutes and other similar equipment that are integral to the kitchen space are all running through the same mutual unit wall.

Never Share a Kitchen Again

In addition to not having to share a kitchen when you live in a duplex, you can also notch up the fact that you’ll have fewer neighbors. Yep, you heard us! Since you are only connected to one other unit.

This means that you won’t hear numerous microwaves beeping, extractor fans whirring, refrigerators humming, freezers whirring or any other culinary equipment making a noise. A great additional benefit!