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Can You Put a Dishwasher in a Corner?

Dishwashers are normally positioned next to the sink, and this is to facilitate ease of plumbing and usage, this arrangement is however not cast on stone and you can assume many other positions including putting in a corner.

Yes a dishwasher can be installed in the corner but you must note that you might have to invest in a smaller dishwasher, the ones that are commonly designed to be used in apartments or a kitchenette.

The layout of the kitchen also has a lot to do with the placement of the dishwasher, for example, if your kitchen is small, you could place the dishwasher under the sink, or install it on one end.

A dishwasher placed in the corner is quite convenient even when there is movement or cooking going on, the simple reason being that it will rarely block any pathways when opened and loading and unloading of utensils will also be quite easy.

Apart from the cooking stove, the area between the sink and the dishwasher are the busiest, which calls for proximity.

You, therefore, don’t have to walk with utensils around the whole kitchen as you put them back in their respective places, meaning that your dishwasher should also be placed close to the kitchen cabinets.

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You can, therefore, place your dishwasher either adjacent to the storage cabinets or directly opposite.

You must, however, ensure that as the washer opens out, it doesn’t stall other activities that should be going on, or prevent movement, the reason why a corner location is a good idea.

Cons of placing your dishwasher in the corner

Every idea they say has two sides, the positive and the negative, which means, you will settle with the option that has more weight and find a way to work with its cons.

You will, therefore, find that after successfully installing your dishwasher in the corner, there are some minor inconveniences that will change your plan of work.

For example, you might find that the unit blocks the cabinet door when open or it might prevent you from taking out the trash.

And given that dishwashing takes a lot of time, you will be forced to take out the trash then go back to do the dishes.

You will also realize that the dishes that are to be unloaded, placement might be hard because the dishwasher door is preventing access to the cabinets below them

Dishwasher placement ideas

Well, most modern houses come equipped with large pantries that can accommodate some of the hefty kitchen appliances like the dishwasher and a kitchen sink.

A dishwasher located in the pantry will create room in the kitchen for people who want to wash their hands or glasses in the sink, while the major work of cleaning  the cooking pots and the other dishes can be done in the pantry.

Integrate your dishwasher

This can be a convenient way of complementing your kitchen décor, more so If your dishwasher is the center of attraction and you want to make it a little less obvious.

The best way would, therefore, be to integrate it behind a panel that uniformly matches the rest of your kitchen cabinetry.

So, if you decide to take on this route, you will have two options, the first one is to fully integrate the dishwasher or to semi integrate it among other appliances or cabinetry.

You could also install your dishwasher on the kitchen island; the convenience of this option is that everything can be done in one area, especially if your sink is also installed on the same island.

You will, therefore, rinse your utensils in the sink then move them to the dishwasher, and get them out as you put them back in their respective cabinets.

You will realize that the only movement that you might have to make is when you are putting back the utensils.

And with all the restrictions of remodeling a house, you might not be very lucky to install your dishwasher in the kitchen island mainly because of the plumbing logistics.

So, to get this set up in your kitchen, you will have to talk to your designer and plumber and have a drainage system installed in the kitchen island but not if your home has been constructed on a concrete slab.

Also, consider the layout of your kitchen, is it an L or a U Design, if it is one of the above then you only need to ensure that the doors to your dishes, glassware, and cutlery can remain open when your dishwasher door is open, to facilitate easy and fast unloading.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a dishwasher

Washing the dishes is one simple but the most frowned upon activity after a sumptuous meal.

You must also have noted that there are some people who can be quite messy when preparing a simple meal and will, therefore, leave the kitchen messed up with all the utensils.

So, while the dishwasher offers an easy way out of all this mess, it can be detrimental to some of your utensils.

More so those that have dried on food debris, and that are best be cleaned by hand or go on a second cleaning round.

There have been many cases of utensils getting damaged in the dishwasher, especially those that have been classified as dishwasher unsafe, like the fine China, crystals, the non-stick pans, and the wooden items.

Additionally, a dishwasher needs to be loaded correctly failure to which, you will end up with broken utensils.

The soap used in the dishwasher is not like your normal dish detergent, the dishwasher detergent is, thus, known for being harsh to the environment and if by any chance you will be using hard water then you will have to invest in a rinsing agent.

On the brighter side, dishwashers are a time and energy saver, as they will significantly reduce your water and power bills.

And instead of spending up to 2 hours cleaning dishes over the sink, save that energy for something more productive and load the dishes in the dishwasher.

Besides, dishwasher’s heat water to around 140 degrees, a high temperature that no human hand can handle thus cleans the utensils more effectively.


Installing a dishwasher in your kitchen is a brilliant idea, but before you proceed, ensure to find the perfect position that is close to the sink and the storage cabinets.

Traffic flow must not be interfered with when the dishwasher door is open, also ensure to invest in the best quality dishwasher for the long haul.