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Best Shower Filter for Blonde Hair: Full Buyers Guide

Are you bothered by your lovely blonde hair’s dullness, dandruff, or constant hair fall? If you’ve ever noticed this, several factors might be to blame, such as chlorine, bacteria, and mineral accumulation in your shower may be one of the causes. That said, here are the two best shower filters for blond hair and to ensure its protection.

The AquaBliss and AquaHome are the best shower filters for blond hair. These filters reduce the harmful effects of hard water on your hair by removing salt, limescale, and other soluble impurities from the water. They are the most cost-effective approach to prevent hair loss and scalp dryness.

These shower filters favor blonde hair, are attractively designed, and offer a high level of filtration. Their filtration system is separated into various stages, each of which is intended to fulfill a particular filtration function. In light of that, how does each shower filter perform?

The Three Best Shower Filters For Blond Hair

Many people don’t know that a shower head filter may improve the health of your blonde hair and are unaware that many water sources include chlorine and other pollutants that can deplete your hair’s natural oils. 

It is more likely to happen if you live in an area with hard water or near a factory, chemical plant, or sewage treatment facility. A shower filter will remove these dangerous elements before they reach your skin and scalp. So, here’s how they help, starting with the AquaBliss shower filter.

AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter

This AuquaBlis shower filter (available from Amazon here, )is 12-stage filtration system filters out sediments, odors, and contaminants while also providing essential minerals and vitamin C. This shower filter will not only nurture but also restore the health of your blonde hair. Before entering the shower filter, all dust particles are removed. 

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It eliminates chlorine, trihalomethane, and other pollutants from water by capturing them, and it infuses vitamin C and other essential elements into the skin, nails, and hair to renew them. Its microporous pp cotton and ultra-fine stainless steel mesh prevent particles from entering the shower filter in the last filtering phase.

It not only revitalizes the skin and hair but also repairs any damage that has occurred. Its common connection locations make it simple to install in all types of showers. It is unnecessary to replace it regularly; it can endure for around 5 to 6 months, and it comes with one cartilage filter.

With this high-quality shower filter, you may enjoy better health, look better, and save money. Everything about this filter appeals to me. You may also get it and get rid of your blonde hair’s dullness, lack of odor, hair loss, and itchy skin.

Check it out on Amazon here.

AquaHome Luxury 15 Stage Shower Filter

If you don’t have a water filtration system but still want a clean shower, the AquaHome Group Luxury Filtered Shower is a great option. (It’s available on Amazon here). Its metal body is long-lasting and dependable. All pollutants, rust, and the rotten egg smell of hard water will be removed using the 15-stage filtering procedure. 

When ceramic balls emit Vitamin C+E, your hair and skin will become more vibrant. After a few washes, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the volume and dryness of blond hair.

A smooth and soft shower is provided by ultrafine stainless steel mesh. It includes five shower caps for when you want to stretch out the amount of water across your body. In the event of a leak, their Teflon tape will come in handy. If you have hard water, you should change it every four months. 

You do not have to pay extra to get it fixed by a plumber. It is simple to put in any shower-head. This shower filter will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is one of the best shower filters for blond hair and is something I would strongly suggest.

Check it out at Amazon here.

A Buyers Guide To The Best Shower Filter For Blond Hair

With so many shower filters on the market, deciding which one is best for blonde hair can be difficult. To assist you, I’ve created a buyer’s guide that will take the uncertainty out of selecting one! Continue reading to learn more about picking a shower filter for blonde hair and begin the process.

The Different Types Of Shower Filters And Universal Features

One of the first things to think about is what kind of filter you want to employ. Carbon and KDF filters are the two kinds. Carbon shower filters have a shorter lifespan than KDF filters, which might last for years depending on how unclean your water is.

Your blonde hair shower filter should be globally compatible. As a result, it may be used with any style of the showerhead. To reinstall it, just replace the old one and purchase a new one.

What Is A KDF Shower Filter?

The use of a KDF shower filter to eliminate dangerous chlorine from your water is quite effective. The unique technology, which employs copper and zinc in an alloy known as KDF 55, eliminates 95-99 percent of chlorine while avoiding bacteria and algae development.

The Lifespan Of The Filter

A buyer should be aware that a filter’s lifespan is limited to six months. On the other hand, keeping the filter clean is crucial for maintaining a healthy shower environment. As a result, you should double-check the longevity of the shower filter.

The Vitamin C In The Filter

Shower filters containing Vitamin C are beneficial not only to blonde hair but also to the skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that will nourish and mend split ends in your hair. It aids in the prevention of skin damage and the aging process.

Knowing The Difference Of The Chemicals

A buyer must be able to distinguish between chloramine and chlorine. Chloramines have been a relatively new invention in water treatment during the last several years. Because of its long-lasting capabilities and absence of odor or taste, it is more effective than chlorine. 

As a result, many firms are transitioning away from chlorine as their primary disinfection for public drinking water since it doesn’t last as long without ongoing maintenance as chloramine. It requires weekly chemical additions like most towns currently do with bleach water (chlorine).

It’s critical to understand what needs to be filtered out of the water before choosing the best shower filter for you. Tools like the Environmental Working Group’s online tap water database can assist you in detecting toxins in your area’s water system so you can pick the perfect shower filter for your requirements.

The Shower Filter Product Policy

Before buying a product, make sure you understand the shower filter’s product policy. The warranty and after-sales services covered by the policy include refunds, days of return, free home delivery, and plumbing services. The policy is generally available on the company’s website or upon request.


A shower filter will help you in more ways than one. Clean water can revitalize your skin, clothes, and even the air in your home or business. 

The AuquaBliss and AquaHome shower filters are the best options for blonde hair, as well as an easy-to-install option to filter out harsh chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals while also improving water circulation inside your pipes.

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