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10 Best Garbage Disposals for a Farmhouse Sink

Best Garbage Disposal For Farmhouse Sink: Full Buyers Guide

Invented in 1927 by John Hammes, the usage and the design of garbage disposal has remained relatively consistent. However, it’s become a workhorse of the kitchen, and many have become dependent on it. The size of a farmhouse sink may mean that a specific garbage disposal may be more suited.

When choosing the best garbage disposal for a farmhouse sink, you will need to take into account several factors, including the depth and space of the sink itself, and other factors such as motor size, level of noise produced, and specific features.

Garbage disposal, although an easy way to dispose of food waste, can be pretty daunting if you end up choosing the wrong one. It can mean wasted resources.

I’ve put together this complete buyer’s guide with factors that you’ll need to consider and some of the top picks and best value options available on the market today.

TOP PICK: If you’re curious which one ended up being my top pick, I chose the InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Compact, 3/4 HP. It’s super powerful, less noisy, and a very popular choice among farmhouse owners. But read on to discover which one might be best for you…

Types Of Garbage Disposals

There are two types of garbage disposals:

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  1. Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal System
  2. Batch Feed Garbage Disposal System

Let’s talk about the difference between the two…

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal System

If you’re looking for a garbage disposal that’s easy to operate, then the continuous feed garbage disposal system should be an option. It has an open mouth and is the most widely purchased garbage disposal system. With just the press of the switch, you can dispose of your waste.

This garbage disposal system disposes of leftover food by grinding the food and, with the help of running water, facilitates the disposal to the sewer. The name derives from the continuous garbage disposal process that sees the system run continuously until switched off.

# Best Value: Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal

# Best Overall: InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5

# Best Premium: InSinkErator 74028 Evolution Compact 3/4 hp

Pros Of The Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The continuous feed garbage disposal system has several advantages. Here are some of the main pros of owning one…

Eliminates Odors

The continuous feed garbage disposal system breaks down leftover food and disposes of it, and eliminates the odors related to leftover food. You can be confident in knowing that you will have a garbage-free kitchen, as well as an odorless one.


This garbage system is affordable. The unit makes use of horsepower that is more cost-effective in contrast to the usual grinding power that other garbage systems use. The design fits with a crushing slot that helps reduce clogging.

Easy To Use

The continuous feed garbage disposal system is straightforward to use. All you need to do is just put in the leftover food in the system and switch it on; it will continue to work until you switch it off. There are no lengthy manuals to follow when operating the system.

Easy Cleaning Of The Unit

Due to simplicity, cleaning the unit is fast, efficient, and less time-consuming.

System Runs Continuously

The continuous running of the garbage disposal system ensures that the system can handle large volumes of leftover food, and you can still add on food as the system is running.

Cons Of The Continuous Garbage Feed Disposal System

Increased Energy Consumption

The continuous running of the garbage disposal system leads to an increased power supply, increasing the cost of energy bills.

Increased Water Consumption

The system uses large volumes of water due to its continuous mode of mixing water with leftover food to dispose of directly to the sewer. This mode of operation can lead to increased water bills.

Safety Hazard

Due to the open feeder on the garbage disposal system, the food debris can come out of the unit, potentially becoming a safety hazard. It can especially be hazardous to small children if not properly managed.

Does Not Work Well In Old Farmhouses

Although the continuous feed garbage disposal system is ideal and easy to operate, it does not work well in old farmhouses. You would need to place the switch on the wall, which means rewiring the electricity, which is costly and time-consuming.

Batch Feed Garbage Disposal System

The batch feed garbage disposal system is an automated garbage disposal system that operates by placing the food into the chamber, closing the lid, and activating the food grinder inside. A stopper is placed around the neck of the unit to start the garbage disposal process.

# Best Value: Waste King L-5000TC Batch Feed Garbage

# Best Overall: InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution 3/4 HP

# Best Premium: Moen GXB75C Batch Feed 3/4 HP

Pros Of The Batch Feed Garbage Disposal System

The batch feed garbage disposal system has many advantages; here are some pros of owning one;

Safe To Operate

Safety is of utmost importance; you do not have to worry about the risk of injury or food debris flying out and causing damage to the batch feed garbage disposal system. The system only operates once you firmly place the stopper, which means there is no risk of anything else going in unless you take the cover off, making it safe for children.

You also do not have to worry about utensils etc., randomly falling into the unit.

Can Be Easily Installed

You can easily install the batch feed garbage disposal system. Since the switch is on the cover, all you would need to do once you have put in your leftover food is open the faucet, close the lid, and turn on the grinder. There is no need for electrical work.

Minimum Noise

Garbage disposal systems can generally be quite noisy; however, all the batch feed units typically have a sound installation system. The use of the cover also helps minimize the sound.

High-Performance Rankings

Reports from consumers have proven that batch garbage disposal units rank as one of the top performers compared to the continuous garbage disposal system. They are high-ranking due to performance, safety, and sound insulation.

Cons Of The Batch Feed Garbage Disposal System

As with any farmhouse garbage disposal unit, there are some disadvantages; below is a list of the cons;

Disposing Of Leftover Foods Can Be Time Consuming

The unit does not accommodate large quantities of food waste; you would need to separate the food in batches before disposing of it; it can be time-consuming and quite tedious.

Not A Cost-Effective Solution

Since they come with higher horsepower, operating costs can be pretty costly. Due to the limited number of models available, manufacturers have standardized the horse feed power to three-quarter HP, which meets the needs of most consumers.

Since it is a high-end garbage disposal unit, it draws in lots of power, leading to higher electricity bills. All units need to have more components fitted to work effectively, which means the overheads are pretty high, and these costs filter in the end price that consumers have to pay.

Loss Or Damage Of Cover Can Be Inconvenient

The cover is the garbage disposal unit’s lifeline; the system will not operate without the cover closing. The loss or damage of the cover can mean a dormant garbage disposal system until you replace the cover. The cover can also cost, on average $30 to $40.

There Is A Potentially Higher Risks Of Clogs

Since the unit cannot handle high volumes of food at once, the unit will clog if they are not separated in suitable proportionate batches. Hence careful consideration needs to be taken not to overload the hopper. Farmhouse kitchens are also fitted with older pipes, which tend to be more constricted.

Utilizes More Space

Because of the hopper, these garbage disposal units tend to have longer necks, which takes up more space. It can be in the region of 14- 16 inches tall.

Differences Between Continuous & Batch Feed Garbage Disposal Units

When choosing a garbage disposal system for your farmhouse, you need to understand the differences between each unit to make the most informed decision based on your budget and functionality. Here’s a table summarizing the main differences between the continuous and batch feed garbage disposal units:

FactorsContinuous Garbage DisposalBatch Feed Disposal  
  Safety    The open feed system can be a safety hazard, especially for children.   Food particles can also fly out of the unit while in use.    The unit will only operate once the lid is closed.     There is no possibility of food debris flying around while in operation.  
  Sound  Due to the open feed system, the machine can be nosier.  All systems generally come standard with a sound insulation system, ensuring minimal noise.     The closure of the lid during the operation of the machine also minimizes the noise.  
  Cost  Much more affordable and a popular choice amongst many.    Considered the Rolls Royce of garbage disposal units, this type of garbage disposal unit can be pretty expensive.     The system cannot operate without a lid; a damaged cover means extra replacement costs.    
  Options  Due to its popularity, there is a wide range of options available.    Limited options are available due to minimum demand.   These units are targeted explicitly with high-end clients in mind; hence manufacturing costs are pretty high.    
  Convenience  Using these units is less time-consuming; all you need is to place the food waste in the feeder switch on, and once the process is complete, switch off.    Using these units is less time-consuming; all you need is to place the food waste in the feeder switch on, and once the process is complete, switch off.   Time-consuming as you will have to sort the leftover food in batches.    
  Installation  The unit depends on electrical wiring for its use. Installation costs can be costly.    Installation is easy as you do not need to stress about electric wiring.  

Factors When Choosing A Garbage Disposal For Farmhouse

Garbage disposal is a sophisticated waste management system that requires careful consideration when choosing the correct one for your farmhouse. With the array of garbage disposals on the market, it can be quite a mammoth task to decide on the right one. How do you go making sure you’ve picked the right one for your situation? Here are some factors that might help guide you…

Identify the Right Garbage Disposal With the Right Motor Size

A smaller motor would be suitable for disposing of small quantities of softer foods, while a large engine would be ideal for disposing large amounts of food waste with various textures.

For a single homeowner, the recommended horsepower would be one-third or one half HP motor. The recommended horsepower would be three-fourths or one HP motor for larger families.

Lower Sound Levels

The noise made by garbage disposal units is a substantial deciding factor. Although garbage disposal units are nosy, the more expensive systems have a better insulated grinding system. The Insinkerator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal System is perfect if you are bothered by noise.

The Dimension Of The Sink

It is essential to consider the dimension of the sink. Opt for garbage disposal with a larger capacity if you have a more oversized sink. For smaller spaces, you can choose a smaller garbage disposal unit.

The Space Under The Sink

Before settling on the garbage disposal unit, measuring the space under the sink might be advisable. You can use the horsepower to guide you on the more significant garbage disposal for your farmhouse kitchen.


Opting for an anti-rust and corrosion-free garbage disposal unit is a worthy investment.


With the variety of garbage disposal units available on the market, you want to opt for one that will offer value for money. Farmhouse garbage disposal systems can average from $85 to $200; this is for the unit without installation. Installation can cost on average $180 to $380.

These costs entirely depend on the motor size, the feed type, the brand, and the company installing the unit.

Extra Features

Take careful note of the garbage disposal system that offers extra features like anti-splash baffles that will help keep the sink cleaner, corrosion protection seals, and sound baffles that will help reduce the sound levels. If your farmhouse has a septic system, you might want to consider a garden disposal system with an enzyme reservoir, which will help break down food waste.

Top Picks Of Farmhouse Garbage Disposal Systems

Below are some of the top picks available on Amazon:

AMERICA’S #1 DISPOSER BRANDInSinkErator Garbage Disposal + Air Switch + Cord, Evolution Essential XTR, 3/4 HP Continuous Feed

Although that’s the one that I love, here are some others that are excellent choices on Amazon too:


By finding the proper garbage disposal system for your farmhouse sink, you will be able to handle your waste management effectively. Ensure that it suits your budget and your needs. Always take special note of factors that need consideration before making a choice. And take a look at the recommendations mentioned above for some extra guidance; there’s sure to be a suitable option from these popular choices.