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10 Best Electric Wall Heaters for Bedrooms: Pros, Cons, & Top Picks

In places with cold climate, it is essential that every house has a good heater.

Heaters have been around for a long time and they have been powered through different means.

Today we are taking a look at electric wall heaters.

Electric wall heaters are eco-friendly; having them installed reduces your heating cost because you won’t have to heat all the spaces in your home when you are only occupying one.

They are easy to use and they will save you a lot of money.

However, there are so many electric wall heaters on the market today, and to make it easier for you to pick a good one, we have reviewed some of the best electric wall heaters.

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1. Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Wall Heater

best electric wall heater for bedroom

Your room needs an electric wall heater but you are bothered about space? This should be perfect for you.

The Heat Storm Deluxe takes less than 2 square feet of wall space and cozily heats your room with 1000 watts of power.

The heater is quite protected and there is little or no risk of electrical problems such as overheating or fire outbreak.

It features a thermostat with a large LED display which clearly shows the temperature and regulates it.

With the remote control, you can control the temperature easily. This heater stays cool to touch, so it is safe to use around kids.


  • Fits perfectly in small spaces
  • Safe to the touch
  • Thermostat with clear LED display
  • Battery-powered remote control


  • The fan makes some noise 

It’s available at Amazon here.

2. EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel

Wall Mount Space Heater Panel - with Thermostat - 400 Watt Convector Heater - 120V Electric Heat Reflector - Ideal for 150 Sq Ft Room best electric wall heater for bedroom

If you have been staying away from electric wall heater because the thought of a huge electric bill scares you, here is a solution.

The wall mount space heater panel runs at a very low cost.

Compared with conventional space heaters, it uses about 50 % less energy and it will have a great effect in reducing your energy consumption.

This panel works by providing heat through convection currents that rise from behind the panel, hence it is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.

You do not have to bother about the electric safety of this heater; it is triple-insulated, so the exterior casings only get warm while working.


  • Lowers energy bills
  • Features Heat-resistant technology
  • Features thermostat
  • 3-year warranty


  • Offensive smell for the first few weeks

You can check it out at Amazon here.

3. Cadet Com-Pak 1000W, 120V Electric Wall Heater

Cadet Com-Pak 1000W, 120V Most Popular Electric Wall Heater with Thermostat, White best electric wall heater for bedroom review

The Com-Pak is ideal for medium-sized rooms and it is fast, efficient and quiet.

The fan does a great job of spreading warmth all over your room. It is designed with a powder coating to conceal the sharp edges.

This heater features a high gloss finish which gives it an attractive look that adds life to your room.

It also features a thermostat which regulates the temperature of the heater.

The temperature range of the thermostat is 48 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If the operating temperature exceeds this range, the safety feature turns the heater off.


  • Easy to install
  • Compact design for medium-sized rooms
  • Features heater, grill, and thermostat
  • Fast-heating coil element


  • No manual shutoff switch

Check it out at Amazon here.

4. Stiebel Eltron 074058 Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

Stiebel Eltron 074058 120-Volt 1500-Watts Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater best electric wall heater for bedroom

This is another awesome electric wall heater. It is elegantly built with a surface-mount fan that quietly distributes heat all around the room where it is mounted.

It features an in-built thermostat that helps to regulate temperature.

This heater works by pulling in cool air from the top and blowing out warm air from the bottom of the heater.

Through this down-draft design, heat is evenly distributed.

It also features a frost protection setting and an on/off switch where you can completely shut the heater off when you do not need it. Shutting the heater off will also disable the frost protection setting.


  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Integral thermostat
  • Frost protection setting
  • 3-years warranty


  • Customers have complained that the power wire remains visible when mounted.

You can check it out on Amazon here.

5. Heat Storm Phoenix Gray HS-1500-PHX

Just like many of Heat Storm’s heater, this heater is portable and efficient.

It features two power modes – one of the modes uses 1500 watts power while the second mode uses 750 watts.

It can be hung on the wall or set on the ground as it only takes small space.

It is designed with an integral thermostat with LED display which shows you what the temperature is, making it possible to regulate the temperature as you like.

You can control this thermostat easily with the remote control. Though portable, this heater is nonetheless powerful and efficient as it can heat up to 400 square feet.


  • Portable and efficient
  • Features two power modes
  • Safe to the touch
  • Features an easy-to-control thermostat
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • It gives some “humming” sounds which some customers find irritating.

Check it out at Amazon here.

6. KING PAW2422-W Pic-A-Watt Wall Heater

KING PAW2422-W 2250-Watt 240-Volt Pic-A-Watt Wall Heater, White best electric wall heater for bedroom review

This is one heater that can perfectly cover large living areas.

Thanks to the pic-a-watt element, you can easily tailor the heater to the specific heating requirements of your room; that is, you can select a lower wattage for a smaller room and a higher wattage for larger rooms.

It features Parented Smart Limit Protection that keeps your home safer by automatically shutting off the heater in case of any danger.

Its plush design blends in with the decor of any room.

With this wall heater, you can easily and effectively customize your heating experience.


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Designed with steel finned element and a squirrel cage blower
  • 5-year warranty


  • Does not feature a thermostat

Here’s a link to it on Amazon.

7. DeLonghi HCX9115E Slim Style Convector Heater

DeLonghi HCX9115E Slim Style Convector Heater best electric wall heater for bedrooms

The DeLonghi HCX9115E is designed with a slim style that makes it perfect for small rooms, yet, it is powerful enough to heat large rooms.

It comes with safety features such as the thermal cutoff – which prevents it from overheating, and anti-freeze setting – which prevents freezing pipes.

Its key features are the adjustable thermostat, digital controls, timer, and multiple heat settings.

All these features allow you the luxury of customizing your heating experience.

Whether mounted on the wall or set on the floor, this heater efficiently adds warmth and coziness to your room.


  • Eco function automatically saves energy
  • Two-fan system for faster heat distribution.


  • Customers have complained about different electric faults.

Check it out on Amazon here.

8. QMark CZ2048T Electric Wall Heater

QMark CZ2048T Electric Wall Heater, Small, Northern White best electric wall heater for bedroom

The QMark CZ2048T has a fast-response element that makes it deliver warmth quicker than expected.

Its compact frame design makes it a solution for any space, regardless of how small.

The fact that it features patented clip-n-fit design which allows you to clip out unnecessary jumpers contributes to its uniqueness.

It heats with 2000 watts of power and features a thermostat which regulates the temperature.

It is protected against overheating and you are allowed to reduce the wattage. Here, you have a small


  • Easy to install
  • 1-year workmanship warranty and 5-year warranty on element


  • No remote control

It’s available at Amazon here.

9. Broan Wall Heater, White Grille Heater

Broan Wall Heater, White Grille Heater with Built-In Adjustable Thermostat, 750 1500W, 120 240V AC best electric wall heater for bedroom review

The Broan wall heater is best for heating small rooms for short periods, rather than heating the whole house; it is a supplemental heater.

It is designed with a heavy 20-gauge louvered grille made with steel and it works by directing air from the grille downward.

It features an in-built, front-mounted thermostat that helps to regulate temperature.

Operating it is easy because it features a lubricated motor, high-efficiency blower wheel, and a manual reset thermal overload.

You can always trust this heater to give additional warmth to low-heat areas.

The only problem with this heart is that the thermostat can shut it off before the room has been adequately warmed.


  • Durable and efficient
  • Features LED bulb
  • Easy to install and use.


  • Thermostat shuts the heater off too soon

Check it out at Amazon here.

10. Brightown Handy Wall-Outlet Space Heater

Brightown Handy Wall-Outlet Space Heater, Plug-in Ceramic Mini Heater Portable with Timer and LED Display for Office Home Dorm Room, 350-Watt ETL Listed Safe Use best electric wall heater for bedroom

Brightown Handy Wall-Outlet Space Heater is a specially-designed heater for offices, bedrooms, dorms and other small or medium-sized spaces.

It saves a lot of energy as it uses only 350 watts.

Amazingly, it is designed with an “overheat protection” feature which automatically shuts the heater off when it starts overheating.

With an in-built thermostat and a 12-hour programmable timer, you can set and adjust to your desired temperature and the heater will turn on and off automatically.

It plugs easily into any power outlet and can heat up to 250 square feet without causing a great increase in your energy consumption.


  • Quiet, handy, compact and efficient
  • Integral thermostat
  • Overheat protection and timer for safety


  • Some customers complained that the heater has a “weak fan that rarely blows”

Check it out on Amazon here.


These heaters have been carefully and critically selected to present you good options to choose from whenever you are ready to buy a wall heater.

It might also interest you to know that the electric wall heaters fit into any budget – high or low. It doesn’t mean if you have a lot or little to spend, you will be able to choose a good wall heart that will keep your interior space warm and cozy.

Apart from the price, you should consider the other features of each heater before you go ahead to pick one.