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Are Garage Door Keypads Safe?

are garage door keypads safe house

A garage is one of those units in your apartment that house your most expensive properties.

For this reason, no amount of security is deemed overboard for such a place as this.

From using switches to remote controls and even buttons on the garage door, new ideas keep popping up on how to secure one’s garage without making it accessible to intruders.

Garage door keypads are generally considered to be safe, effective and secure. In addition to this, they can be programmed to be as safe as you would like them to be, with additional security features such as a fingerprint reader instead of a traditional code reader.

In Times Past

Quite a number of persons can attest to the fact that those means of securing a garage mentioned above are not actually the best.

So many have suffered the loss of valuable and expensive items because these locking means are vulnerable to tampering.

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As a result of this, manufacturers keep coming up with new innovations for making your garage secured.

Gone are the days when breaking into a garage is as easy as pressing a switch or a button.

The latest innovations today are remote controls and keypads.

With these two, you sure have your garage secured.

Remote controls are classy and considered safe since no one can reach your garage without first having access to the remote control in your car.

But there is the possibility of misplacing the remote control, thereby getting stranded.

This imperfection has made manufacturers come up with the very latest innovation – keypads.

Keypads -The Latest Garage Door Lock Innovation

Since the idea is to have a safe garage, most homeowners have opted for garage door keypads.

But how safe are they?

With them, can you plunge into your desired deep sleep with your mind at rest?

A garage door keypad is a kind of entry system that allows access into your garage without the use of a key.

It is referred to as a ‘keyless entry system.

It consists of a numbered button remote with which you will provide your 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) required for opening the garage door.

After providing your PIN, a dual-frequency radio sends the signal you sent to the garage door opener.

Why a Garage Door Keypad?

Bringing us back to the question that birthed this article, garage door keypads are super safe; if not for any reason, you should install one because of this.

Asides being safe, they are classy, reliable, and convenient to use than other garage door locks you might think of.

You wouldn’t want to remain in the league of those who still battle with opening garage doors and straining their backs in the process, would you?

The world is going ‘wireless’ as you can see, why lag behind?

Garage door keypads also make it easy for your family members to gain access to your garage without having to transfer your house key from one person to the other.

Having your kids handle your house keys is even risky because they might end up losing them and get you locked out of your home.

In situations like these, most people who use keypads use these keypads to open their garage door, regain access to their homes, and eventually find their keys.

Garage door keypads can be customized to match your house.

You can also equip it with accessories that help turn on the light in your garage, so you do not have to grope for the light switch in the dark.

Also, for optimum protection and security, you can connect your garage door keypads with your open door alert system.

With this, even if someone tries to break into your garage, you will receive an alert in your house.

How to Install a Garage Door Keypad

are garage door keypads safe

Garage door keypads are mounted on the inside of the garage doorjamb close to the entrance of the garage.

A garage door keypad requires a garage door opener before a successful installation.

Not all keypads come with garage door openers, even though it is expected that a keypad comes with a garage door opener.

However, if yours does not, you should purchase a universal garage door keypad.

It is of utmost importance that you purchase a keypad that will work with the garage door opener.

This is where the little challenge comes because not all keypads work with all door openers.

This is why it is better if your keypad is accompanied by a garage door opener or if you purchase both from the same company.

To be on a safer side, find the model number of the garage door opener, then look up the instruction manual for the appropriate wireless technology.

Having purchased the keypad and garage door opener, the first thing you do is to go through the manual for the manufacturer’s direction carefully; an understanding of the instruction manual will help make installation hassle-free and faster.

Insert the battery or batteries into your keypad and program it to the garage door opener.

Decide on your Personal Identification Number, which can be four or six as the case may be.

For programming, most openers request that you push a “learn” button close to the wiring end on the opener. After pushing the button, you then enter your code.

The next thing to do is to find a safe and convenient spot for you to mount your keypad.

Before mounting, do a test to see if the programmed code will open and close the door.

This is to avoid having to dismount after installation.

Your keypad should not be mounted so high such that one will have to stretch uncomfortably before gaining access to it.

Neither should it be mounted so low that your kids will make a toy out of it. You can mount your keypad at least five feet from the ground.

Having got a convenient spot, open keypad opener.

Fasten the upper and lower screws tightly to secure the keypad, and you’re good to go!


From the research above, it is obvious garage door keypads are safer than you think; only those with your PIN can gain access into your garage.

To prevent hackers from discovering your code, you can roll the code or program the keypad with your fingerprint instead of a code.

Here’s a good garage door keypad that is also has weather protection.