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9 Reasons Garage Floor Coatings are Worth it

The most important aspect of having a garage floor coating is protecting the most expensive asset you own; your vehicle. The best way to do this is by saving it from any possible contamination/damage that can lead to rust and corrosion. These dangers are not only hazardous to your car’s well-being but also costly and unnecessary. 

The best way to protect against these damages is by covering your garage floor with a top-of-the-line commercial-grade garage floor coating. The most popular of the coatings are epoxy coatings. Epoxy has a variety of benefits that make it a perfect coating for your garage floor

 Not only will you be able to keep dust and dirt from accumulating on the floors, but it is also a good way of preventing scratches and damage caused by parking cars in the same spot every day.

Garage floor coatings will prevent a lot of wear and tear to your garage. It will protect the concrete from those nasty elements. And if you’re planning on selling your home in the next few years, it will also increase the resale value of your home. 

Why Garage Floor Coatings?

In the ever-evolving world of home improvement, few things can have as much of an impact on your garage or shop space as a good coating for protection and aesthetics. There is a wide range available, from epoxy coatings to rubber flooring, and each brings its unique qualities and capabilities.

If you’re considering a coating in your garage space, here are nine reasons why it is worth the money and effort:

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1. A Durable Surface   

Garage floor coatings are easy to install; you can do it yourself. They typically provide greater durability than paint or flooring alone.

They require less maintenance to keep them looking outstanding. The classic garage coatings are epoxy-based products that resemble paint, but they’re more durable than paint, with high tensile strength and low shrinkage. As a result, garage floor coatings typically last longer than paint.

 Many of these epoxy systems are specially designed to resist scratching and abrasion, so they sound great for garages with exposed metal surfaces. But they also provide resistance to heat and cold, making them ideal for garages with exposed concrete floors. For those applications, the system will probably outlast the garage floor itself.

2. Aesthetic Improvement 

No one wants to look at a room full of shiny, ugly tools and equipment every day. Garage floor coatings are available in a wide range of looks. From basic steel gray to the durability of epoxy color coats that transform your garage into a workshop you are proud of.

Garage floor coatings, or garage floor epoxy coating, are a great way to make a dramatic transformation to a garage. Whether you want a less industrial look for your workshop or a more vibrant space that’s easier on the eyes, epoxy coatings will transform the looks of your garage from dull and dark to modern and vibrant.

3. Traffic Reduction

Traffic reduction is a common problem that affects everyone. Living in a densely populated area, not only do you have to deal with traffic, but you also have to clean your garage floor often.

It’s a lot of work, and it may take the better part of the day. If you use paint, it will wear out pretty quickly.

A question that arises many times is how to reduce the daily wear and tear on the floor.

Some people opt for an expensive spray-on coating that they apply to their garage floor; some use tiled floors; some even use floating tiled floors. But all these options are expensive and require maintenance on top of hiring someone to install them.

The best solution lies in using one of the many types of floor coatings available in today’s market. These coatings are ideal for those who have a high volume of foot traffic in their garage.

They provide better traction than paint and reduce the daily wear and tear your floor is exposed to. It’s safe, easy to apply, non-flammable, and does not require maintenance after installation. It also holds up better than paint or tiled floors.

4. Wear Resistance 

Without a coating, the cost of repair or replacement of any flooring materials is directly proportional to the amount of damage caused by vehicular traffic: the more damage, the greater the cost.

The loss in value of any flooring materials is even greater with time. This is because of possible structural changes that may occur in the flooring.

Some types of flooring are especially susceptible to damage from vehicular traffic because of the harsh chemicals used in the production process. These types of floors include softwoods and some exotic hardwoods.

These types of floors are difficult to repair because of their fragile nature. 

The cost of repairing concrete slabs can be significantly higher than other types of floors. This is because they usually require more labor-intensive methods than wood, tile, or vinyl flooring materials.

These elements have some level of wear resistance built into them. Yet, they all have some limitations with preventing damage caused by vehicular traffic. With a coating, you can provide an extra layer of protection and prevent chips, cracks, and other damage from occurring in your flooring.

5. Brightens The Surrounding

 A garage floor coating will reflect more light into the garage, helping to make it feel warmer. This is helpful if you live in an area that has cold winters, like the northern United States. Garage floors that are coated with reflective coatings can help people to see inside your home.

If someone is walking along the driveway or walking down your sidewalk, they will glean a little insight into what’s going on inside your home. This can be helpful if you need to monitor young children.

6. A Cleaner Work Space

When you start each day with a clean, debris-free floor and equipment, you’ll find that it starts your day off right and keeps it productive. Garage floor coatings are an easy way to clean up your garage, both for activity and storage. Prevent oil spills from ruining the floor under your vehicle.

They’re also perfect for protecting your car’s rubber mats from grease stains.  We are all more productive when we have cleaner floors, cleaner tools, cleaner workspaces, and fewer places for dirt and dust to hide. The fewer distractions we have, the more we focus on what we want to do and what we need to do well.

7. Savings 

If you want to protect your concrete or traps mats and keep them looking good, why not get all the benefits in one with a protective coating?

Not only does this save you money on a meat replacement, but you’ll never have to worry about resurfacing, repairing, or re-coating your floor again.

You’ll also find that your mops, rags, or brooms will have a longer life with a protective coating. They won’t sit on top of the coating and deteriorate because of oxidation and discoloration. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars a year in new mop heads. 

Did you know? The best thing about coatings is that you can apply them to both new and old floor surfaces. They won’t affect the integrity of your floor or cause premature deterioration like paint or sealants can cause.

So when you choose a coating for your garage, make sure it’s compatible with your floor surface and budget in mind!

8. Increase Property Value

Coating your garage floor will increase its value to home buyers. Homebuyers will see that you took the time and expense to improve the area that everyone sees first when they enter your home. You’ll get that extra credit for investing in improving the finished space in your house. 

While it is unnecessary to pay an enormous amount of money to repair damaged garage floors, paying for quality coating products can ensure that your garage floor will always look great.

Quality products are not only more effective than cheap ones but also reliable. A few years of investment is well worth it when you consider all the benefits you’ll receive when you decide to sell your house in the future.

9. Safety

Wet and slippery floors can be a hazard for kids and older adults. Garage floor coating made from rubberized cement, epoxy resin, and polyurethane is durable and scratch-resistant and can work well. Here’s one you can find on Amazon that already comes in a 3-gallon kit.

These coatings are safe to walk on, but they can also help reduce the risk of injury in industrial settings such as school buses and hospital rooms.

In terms of safety, it’s not enough that you have a good quality coating on your garage floor. It also helps to check if it needs a rebar. Here’s an article I wrote on how to check if your garage floor needs a rebar.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to invest in a garage floor coating. It won’t cost you much, and it will provide the lasting protection your concrete floors need.

They’re also aesthetically pleasing, so they can make your garage look better than ever. Plus, there’s no need for constant upkeep like with oil or wax treatments. This means more time spent on other tasks that matter.

If you want an affordable way to improve the safety of all those hardworking people who use your space every day and keep everything looking great, then you should invest in your garage door.